Stop Gambling pls

Stop Gambling pls

Gambling businesses are there to make money,
Not to be a charity.
They’ll always ensure that they win more
often than you do.
That’s why, if you crave a particular weapon
skin, you’ll always be better off going
out and buying them than you are, trying to
get them from case drops or gambling sites.
But that being said, making money isn’t
enough for some people and in a shock reveal,
yet another gambling site has been exposed
of being further rigged against you and is
At your expense.
The site claimed to be provably fair, but
of course the owner knew the outcomes in advance
and ensured that he and his bot army won the
majority of the time.
But stealing your weapon skins won’t make
these gambling sites a profit!
The guys behind the gambling sites, they don’t
care about skins.
They want to make real money from them, as
quickly as they can.
So although it’s very hard to prove this
happens, if I was them, I’d also set up
a skin site to sell these skins straight back
to you.
Ready to start the whole circle again!
It’s not rocket science.
Even 2kliksphilip figured this out ages ago.
Of course, to ensure these skins sell quickly,
these sites will set their prices slightly
below the Steam market value to attract people
to the sites.
It’s very hard to predict what impact this
will have on skin prices in the long-run.
I first thought the prices would plummet but
I guess there are enough people buying them
back again to maintain some element of value.
Regardless, this sort of stuff is NOT good
for the skin economy, or for CS:GO as a whole,
and only benefits the few rich, immoral people
behind the gambling sites any way.
In short: if you don’t like the idea of
this happening, don’t gamble on their sites.
But also, don’t use third party skin selling
sites because I believe this is where the
gambling sites actually make their money.
But of course, I can say this, but if you
haven’t stopped gambling already then you
probably won’t, and for as long as there’s
market arbitrage then people will flock to
the cheapest sellers.
I am going to say that I’m doing my part,
not just by refusing to promote gambling sites,
but also to steer clear of skin selling sites
as I do believe they’re all part of the
If there are gambling ads before my videos,
I’m very sorry but I don’t have a lot
of control over what Youtube shows there.
I’d rather they showed ads for spell checkers.
Or chocolate bars.
Or anything else, really.
As always, I suggest that if you want your
skin winning fix then you use this site here,
because it’s all a simulation.
It’ll explain more about how much money
you’ll lose from case opening than any video
I make ever could.
And so ends 2017.

100 thoughts on “Stop Gambling pls”

  1. Well.. We could explain gambling pretty easily: Slot machine – you can see how many odds. Gambling in the virtual world: You can´t, since it´s a dev given % per item, so don´t even try it.

  2. Hey Philip thought you might wanna check this bug in the game:
    The smoke falls inbetween the hallway and gets stuck and sunken into ground causing the smoke to go down…

  3. 3kliksphilip, you don't make as many Hammer tutorials as you used to. But, I'm having trouble making my map because I can always make it for the gameplay with Dev textures, xcetera. Cuz you always say there's a detailing face but you never actually went over it and I'm kind of stuck because I don't know how to turn it into a map that looks good, please help! If you could link me to one or if you already have one and I missed it linkit or please make one that would be nice.

  4. gambling clearly isn't the problem, the real problem is gloves.

    The new stock gloves were changed to look more HD, be with that, the whole model was reworked.
    The new models make the knuckles of the character pop way out, making your weapon look tiny, giving a terrible feeling when looking at your ViewModel.
    Now, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to have gloves that don't flex your knuckles annoyingly.

    In my opinion, you should be able to have the older stock gloves with lowering the texture detail.
    I feel pistols now feel tiny and hard to have in your hand, rather than giving a nice perfect weight to the pistol you're holding.

    Valve, please fix

  5. Can this be interpreted as harming animals for making the video? I mean the dog is not even close to amused by your singing 😀

  6. Never understood why steam doesnt just limit the number of available trades per day, week month to ensure there arent any trade bots

  7. Breaking news: gambling is rigged in the house's favor. Everyone is shocked.

    I know hardly anything about skin gambling sites, but isn't it kind of a given that sites like these are going to be, in some way, unfair? How could you hope to make a substantial profit in random-chance gambling if the process isn't rigged in your favor?

  8. Gambling for skins is dumb and buying skins is a waste of money unless it's money you've received from selling drops

  9. I've never understood these case opening sites. You're basically putting your trust in a shady 3rd party website to open up cases for you when you could do the same in the normal game that the skins are for.

    I will say, i have spent… Too much money in CS:GO cases, but i would never put my money where shady gambling is involved. If i wantedto gamble, i'd go to approved organizations and not some shit website run by Jerry in the middle of Missouri.

  10. As a massive raging noob at CS, what's the actual point of this? People are spending real money to make the game look more silly, or is there a practical benefit?

    I got a couple of these after playing for a while, presumably as a reward for shooting a certain number of people, but they look like a way people would plausibly paint a firearm for actual use.

  11. #respected for not making a video that will piss off every gambler :))
    Well I'm not a trader or a gambler so here's my 2 cents: I love this update and I want all gambling sites DOWN FOR GOOD.
    Haters say they killed the game. Right. Like they ever played cs for reasons other than boosting their ego with skins (that literally not a single person cares about). Except silvers >:D cuz they are new to the game.
    The game will not die, the game will remain the same. It will be the true number of players, not the inflated number created by Billy who opened cs, joined comp to show off his skins and turned toxic when he realized that nobody cares about his skins and he gets rekt by everyone.

  12. Aren't the cases just valve endorsed gambling? most of the other gambling sights you gambling on now you gamble againts other people, not bots.

  13. umm i know some sites that are like cherities! u can get 2 cents for free and u can withdraw the skins u gambled with them. if u loose ur 2 cents than u need to wait around 20 hours till u get a refil. Philip ur not that right…


  15. Cs looks like a god damn candy store I dunno when they were added quit long before but its gay for preteen girls or boys who circle jerk with dad and friends

  16. I don't see why people bother with weapon skins. Especially since they have no meaning and make it easier for people to spot you hiding in a corner. Nope it's default blandness for me I'm afraid.

  17. "Even 2kliksphilip figured this out ages ago."
    (sneaks up around corner with evil smile)

    oh philip i love you

  18. You are so much right on point I’m surprised that other youtubers that I personally like promotes these sites man there is no such a perfect human kliksphilip: ehhmmmm me: oh yeah except philip he’s fantastic

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