Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!

Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!

Hello everyone, I’m Jonathan Little. I’m here today with episode
263 of Weekly Poker Hand. I want to thank you for being here with me today. I hope life is treating you amazingly well.
Today, we are again reviewing hands from The Sunday million that
one of my members played. If you are not a member of PokerCoaching,
make sure you go there and get your completely free trial. Today,
he has KT offsuit under the gun and elects to raise it. Something this
player did wrong pretty consistently was open big
like high offsuit hands like KT offsuit QJ offsuit etc from early position
and this may not feel like much of a leak because you know KTo looks reasonable
but think about what you’re actually doing here. You are essentially
volunteering to play out a position with a hand that’s going to make mostly top pair, bad kicker and
you’re taking your hand against everyone else at the table.
This is not a good situation to be in and you
would much prefer to just fold. If we are going to raise this deep-stacked by the way
I’m a much bigger fan of making it about three big blinds in general. As you get shallower
that’s when you can consider min-raising. Alright flop comes great for hero
He has KT. It comes [K-T-4] two hearts hero even as the king of hearts.
This hand is fantastic. If you think about the opponent’s calling range in the lojack seat
actually, this is under the gun +2, very early position
The opponent should have connected pretty well with this board
because either the opponent has an under pair that’s not going to give you much action at all or some sort of a
middle pair or better which is gonna call any reasonable bet or a
draw like QJ or AQ or AJ or maybe even a flush draw because they’re two hearts on board
So this is a spot where hero needs to be betting very frequently just in general because this should connect decently well in this range.
It really does depend a lot on the opponents calling tendencies. This particular opponent seems to be a little bit loose
they’re playing 33% of hands, which is a lot.
So maybe this board doesn’t connect quite as well with the opponent as it normally would
But in general you’re gonna want to be betting with your best made hands.
And this is certainly one of our best made hands, top two pair. So we want to bet the question is how much and
in scenarios like this I much prefer a large bet because it’s very easy for the opponent to have connected right if the opponent
will have a very difficult time connecting like say the board is king
three two
There a smaller bet makes a lot more sense because the opponent’s gonna have a lot of unpaired hands. Here though on
King ten, the 4 is obviously a bit of a blank
But on King ten
blank the opponents gonna have a lot of draws or pairs that will call any reasonable bet so I would bet something like seven hundred
in this spot and
our hero makes the
classic mistake of just half potting it and this is something else hero did, in my opinion, wrong throughout the whole tournament is he did
not use all of the various bet sizes. Remember we are playing no limit Hold’em not half pot bet hold them and
using half pot bets across the board almost certainly leaves money on the table because right here right if the opponent does have
Something like a king
He would have called more more right II would call seven hundred so he would have gotten to two hundred more chips in the pot
with our opponent drawing thin if he had a ten same story. If he has a hand like QJ he’d also call and he’s just putting
in more money worse. If he has a hand like pocket fives though pocket fives
is not gonna call five hundred and it’s not going to call seven hundred. Now it may call three hundred, right?
So if you’re trying to get called by a lot of marginal stuff a small bet makes more sense
Which is why if the board was less coordinated you’re trying to get call by marginal stuff.
That’s why you often want to use a small size but here it’s pretty easy for the opponent to connect with this board.
So, we want to bet a little bit bigger.
That’s just gonna make the pot large you’re going to the turn in the river which will allow us to make bigger
Turn and River bets.
So the turn is a five and hero does the exact same thing he bets half pot.
And I think this is a leak. These types of things just don’t feel that
costly because look hero’s gonna win this hand almost every time and
he’s happy as can be right because he made top two pair. He didn’t get out drawn,
he’s gonna win the pot. But in reality, he should have won an additional two hundred chips on the flop.
So that’s two hundred chips and then also
If he bet 200 larger on the flop the pot would have four hundred
more going into it on the turn so then here could then bet something like, pot would be 2400, so something like
1700 and
just continue extracting additional values
so in this scenario
I would have definitely bet bigger on the flop and the turn and
this is something I think a lot of people just don’t consider often enough. They think should I bet or should I check but
there’s another important aspect of this right is how much should I bet. And in general,
there are a few things you should consider. As you have the range advantage, which we probably do here,
you want to be betting more often. As
you have the nut advantage
you have more nut hands, you want to be betting more often as well. As
The board connects better with your opponent’s range
you typically want to be betting bigger which again leads to big bets all of these things are happening, right?
We have the range advantage, probably depending on the opponent strategy.
We probably have the nut advantage because the opponent will three bet kings preflop and maybe ace king preflop
whereas we clearly have those in our range… and
When you’re out of position
You typically want to bet less often and as you bet less often, when you do bet, you usually want to be betting bigger. So
in this scenario, everything is leaning towards hero betting big with his best hands and
This is one of hero’s best hands. So he did not play this one well, in my opinion, even though
he bet the flop as I would have done. I would have bet the flop,
but I would have bet a different size and same thing on the turn.
I would have bet the turn but what I made a different size and these are the kind of things that
people will pick up if they are reviewing their hands and they understand proper best sizing because
quite often you just don’t see these mistakes right? Like yeah, I’m supposed to bet here,
so you do and then you just bet some amount, but you really really really need to make sure you are betting the proper amounts.
So, that’s gonna be it for today
If you want to learn more about proper bet sizing head over to!
We have lots and lots of homework challenges that are
In-depth scenarios where we would review a situation like this and ask you, not
how do you play King 10, but how do you play every single hand in your range. And
you’re gonna find that very often in this spot, you do just want to be betting big.
Also, one more thing I forgot to reiterate, King 10 off suit under the gun
you must fold. If you raise King 10 off suit from early position,
you are lighting money on fire in essentially all games. Some people think oh
my opponents are really bad so I can play more hands
It’s like yeah,
but you don’t really wanna be playing more hands from early position. Over at
PokerCoaching we have hand range charts that will show you which hands to raise from each position.
Tell you what, I’ll pull it up right now since we’re here
from early position,
Let me scroll on up,
you should be raising not even Ace-Jack off suit, right, so we’re folding King Queen off suit we’re folding ace-jack offsuit.
Which, you know if you want to be a little bit loose those are the hands you can raise.
But raising Ace-Ten offsuit, King-Jack offsuit, Queen-Jack offsuit is almost certainly mistake from early position. Notice
you’re also not even raising the pairs from early position and not all the suited aces.
So really you’re just raising the absolute best hands from early position, only 10 percent of hands and
that’s because it’s so easy for someone yet to act to actually have something. So when you’re taking your hand out of position against everyone
you want to start off with a pretty nice advantage. So, that’s gonna be it for today. Good luck in your games,
have fun, go get your free range charts over at and I will talk to you next week

15 thoughts on “Stop Mindlessly Betting Half Pot!”

  1. Morning Jon, gee you are up late, it must be 3 or 4 AM in New York, perpetual motion you obv. Last week i watched PNIAmerica and Todd Brunson and Deeb were playing, i noticed when Todd had the nuts and wanted a thin call he would bet just over 1/4 pot and got some ridiculously thin calls, ….as planned. This wasnt always the case, only when he say had a Nut hand like Aces full or quads, he got value where a normal value bet gets folds. So insightful watching those two and knowing their hole cards, NOT quite Jonathon Little-Poker Coaching, but nonetheless useful.

  2. Glad to hear about ranges in EP. I've been watching and comparing my ranges with Ed Millers 1% and I consider myself tight therefore having a hard time opening some of the hands suggested. Great content and glad to hear SPP are good folds from UTG. I thought I was being nitty.

  3. A little worried if you bet bigger with your stronger hands it can be a tell as I wouldn't want to always have to bet 3/4 pot with a C bet when I whiff (and I decide I want to C bet). Isn't there something to be said to have a consistent bet size for your entire range?

  4. Saying to bet large with top 2 it’s easy. But is it the best way to approach all your range? I mean, I block kings, tens and good flush draws. And then, I would have to be super selective with the bluff I’m using while betting that size. Jh9h, JhQH, AHJH and not much more. Also by betting big he pretty much have to fold his aq aj, he can’t continue much

  5. Definitely mistake #1 opening K10 off from UTG….sure here got lucky this time, but most of the time this won't do anything for you but lose money.

    That being said I see people do this alllll the time online. I never use the bet size buttons. I always type in what size I wanted my bet to be. This logic and this video are spot on. Take notes from one of the best tournament players of all time, you cannot go wrong.

  6. Congratulations on your win! Yesterday By the way is there an email I can get so I can send you some HH in the future for review and feedbacks Thanks 🙏

  7. He must b new at he did everything wrong. Thanks Jon 4 great video & website and most importantly making beatiful boys lol

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