bonus on myth of Pharaoh there are the progressives you can get them with any two or more of the jackpot symbols which are on this Sphinx not the Sphinx on the ferrule and the bet is 250 let’s go oh those are wild it does random wilds huh I think it’s anyway pays now these are brand-new here at Pechanga that’s come on let’s get the Pharaohs I wonder if you get the progressive during the free games let’s find out oh that’s a lot oh that’s was one $160 Wow there we go this is huh you guys are not gonna believe this this is by a ruse a bruised sailor bruised not a rose but of roots look at this thing good choice on games I’d recommended that one but he sat down to this one in got the box right away max been on this game is $5 but it does not say that it does not say there’s a max bet required to win the progressives Wow I hope the remaining seven of my spins are justifying 50 or better I would just take this bike that’s fine let’s get more of those Pharaohs across there and those wild yeah let’s stack it all up so Paul it’s Queens you know there are five boroughs times eight $160 Wow look at that okay keep it going oh that’s just for the Barrows there’s still the Queen to spank okay keep it going no that’s a good one more fair oh oh $60 oh wow you just came over said that you were here wait a minute two minutes Wow very nice yeah I was playing these things earlier and they weren’t they just weren’t paying any game can admittedly I was playing them because of those progressives but still but did nothing they were just doing horribly other people came sat down paid for long caught up but apparently you arrived is just the right home and so on this one oh there’s more than 160 on this one there’s a barrel for 160 and then there’s the jacks at 30 and the tens at $1 right in that is yeah well if you keep doing that on every spin you have six minutes up that’ll be a handbag yeah Wow six wilds oh that’s one of the jackpot Pharaoh’s so if he gets two or more of those it’s two three or four with the jackpot and that’s what you win so you might as well get four the jackpot symbols this says that the Pharaoh can randomly turn into a jackpot Pharaoh on any spin come on do it again oh cats only four behind over $30 Wow one more cat it in there I don’t know what it would have paid because it doesn’t tell us but or Queens workouts that in four kings wow wow this is crazy very nice oh you got nines I didn’t have any good character so the Queen’s is 675 this got the 9 so it’s $15 and this is $36 yeah but imagine if I hope yeah or want a fifth one of these wow you still four games left so maybe maybe the bonus is really hard to get but once you get it really good Wow look at me credit to now I just spent three hundred something dollars on plumbing so this is kind of my plumbing back and I mind wilds everywhere fill it up oh no two dollars for the bird got it yep okay the last three fill it up in wild hunt team arrow baro baro baro know what do you have these guys is $10 the Queen just fifty cents is that it in the jacks are fifty cents come on fill it up with something good that’s weird okay come on one game then we good do it oh my gosh can’t say a word about that that was freaking amazing that I was amazing very nice yeah just got the pun Assange Ajith Ali golden wins dollar 76 bet let’s go we want a lot of those three triggers to be fine winning something might be nice there’s a little something okay so oh yeah okay so what I should says winning a big something Oh a retrigger come on let’s get those dragons full screen of dragons please by bonus symbols [Music] come on $10 three games left there’s a progressive come on fill it up two games left so we need a retrigger five dollars let’s return our fries no retourner another $5 definitely not my best bonus on this game let’s play a little longer and see what happens so a few minutes later I did it again this time with poor symbols come on makeup of that last bonus full screen of dragons my bonus and balls Oh every trigger yeah we did it all dragons that’s right just fill it I’m glad I stuck around for a few minutes literally just a few minutes later come on dragons dragon so that’s not nice dragon hey what’s going on here Game seven of 20 there’s a dragon home where we connect a little bit $12 so the difference between four of a kind of dragons x line bed is two dollars and ten dollars Oh another retrigger would’ve been amazing come on dragons well halfway through it Oh [Music] roll subpoena dragons please Pechanga Resort Casino Oh [Music] oh it’s teasing me come on dragons all right we need a Reacher do that Oh Turtles $12 turtle is the second best playing cymbal and is $5 for five of a kind and $1 for four of a kind times your line dead oh we trickered done it okay we have one game left possibly after this let’s read trigger oh there we go that’s what we wanted that made up for the last bonus I don’t know if we’re gonna hit 100x but it’s gonna be close and by the way the sound is that Matt is all the way up I checked it firsthand before I even started ya know just knock a few hundred x-fighters close oh wait is it no not quite close well that was fine we’re gonna pay a little more and see what happens I don’t know what it is but first bin bonus if you just sat down with the minion and we’re gonna say I think I saw this T guy he played this before let’s see what happens this came from another game sat down press the button max bet is a dollar sixty and this is what happened oh the ones in the wild stick but I did something at five of ten so I think they stick oh come on now it’s got to be good right now did they just stay there can I get a full screen a while any dollars what a coincidence it’s got all kinds of lights going and everything on this thing I have never played this before oh it does not stay oh they do not one spin left but retrigger possible note that there [Applause] [Music] that was really quick and fighting easy let’s see if there’s anything else in this thing Oh get it get it do it again yes three games again yeah let’s get it let’s get those wild everywhere Vicky whales everywhere no my baby he is fire crews come on wild back of us that’s nice Oh all right two spins left no it up in a while that’s what no that was not nice it could definitely done better hey just got the funnest on whatever in the hell this thing does oh boy there’s gonna be hard to record wow I don’t know what Justin oh I just got a bunch of dragons and the wild cymbal right there I’m guessing these are not wild big win it says this is max bet which is 250 there are progressives which you can see right now sorry about the viewing area I just don’t know how to record this Wow big win huh [Applause] those can turn in other symbols and they didn’t what you want is a screen full of them that thing [Applause] okay there’s those compasses and what they do is whichever way they turn and they turn everything while so I have almost over half the screen is wild of those green things which pay looks like 65 cents each I have no idea how many lines are are well let’s find out are we gonna hit a well if I hit 100 over 100 oh how many lines gonna be oh we know there’s over a hundred [Applause] come on Oh turn that into something good Oh Queens damn so the Queen space 60 cents a line those white tigers the turtle a bird come on fill it up that doesn’t look very promising let’s see what this Oh please turn into those oh those are all wilds I see [Applause] I once been the remaining [Applause] I guess it could hit a hundred ex I don’t know how but it’s possible it’s called see Shou sighs Xiao s I s Hou here we go screen fall screen oh ho ho please be something good Kings on the map wilds [Applause] I have no idea what I’ve got going on here yes too bad the compasses which are here didn’t really do anything for me so those kings are paying a whole 10 cents each [Music] [Applause] first time I played this game I had no idea what it was gonna do oh look at our dragon going up there [Applause] [Music] we get a coin show it thinks it’s a big win [Applause] and we’ll get those progressive to show you those progresses in a moment so max bet if you get three four five or six of those gold coins on the on the screen those are the dollar amounts that you get you bet less than max then you’ll get a smaller amount [Applause] and I’ll keep [Music]


  1. Great fun video and wins. Good for you and continued good luck my friend. I can't read Korean, so I will have my wife read it. LOL.

  2. I have never seen that Pharaoh game, I like that you said no one "was winning anything" I feel with Aruze that's the thing you win nothing for a long, long time lol! That was a great bonus, thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, awesome win on that Aruze game! My local doesn’t carry any from this company. Maybe when I visit Vegas I will be able to try it. Great video!!! 👍😄❤️

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