SUPER SMASH BROS. (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

SUPER SMASH BROS. (N64) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

(Teens React: Gaming intro)
Fine Brothers: So today, you are playing this.
Rumor: Oh! I love Super Smash Bros. but this is like the original one.
Alix: I’ve actually never seen one of these these in a long time.
“1996”. That was when I was even born.
Josh: I’ve no idea. Super Smash Bros. is this old. I’ve only played the Wii.
Ethan James: “Super Smash Bros.”. On the Nintendo 64. Oh my god, I haven’t played this in years.
Troy: I have played Super Smash Bros.. I’ve actually played this on the Nintendo 64 before though.
Mikaela: Ok, there’s a thing that goes in here.
Isn’t there like a thing that goes in there or something? I don’t know!
Wait, no! This is the game thing, this the game thing.
Fine Brothers: So we’re gonna do something different today, you’ll actually be playing against another reactor.
Ethan James: Yes! Oh my god!
This is gonna be awesome because I’m gonna win.
Josh: This is gonna be fun.
Rumor: I’ve never played the original, so this is will really be exciting.
Fine Brothers: You’ll be going one against one first, then the winner of those matches will move to a Three-Person free for all as the final battle.
Troy: Ooh! That’s sick!
Someone is dying today like, if I don’t win.
Mikaela: Video Games aren’t exactly straight but, I can try you know, it’s the effort that counts, right?
Alix: I’m pretty competetive, I like to beat people.
Rumor: This is gonna be so fun.
I think I’ll go against Alix, she seems to be that kind of girl that knows what is going on with video games.
Alix: Have you played this?
Rumor: I have played on the Wii.
Alix: Ok, I have played on this one though, so I…
Rumor: *groaning*
Alix: Am I “1”?
Rumor: I guess I’ll get Kirby.
Alix: Ok.
Rumor: Let me my time to figure out what I can do.
Alix: Ok, I’ll give you, your time.
Rumor: Yes.
Alix: Ok.
Ok, you’re ready?
Rumor: How do I…? *gasping*
Bop, bop.
Alix: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.
Rumor: Why are you beating me up? It wasn’t our ? !
That was not nice!
You broke girl code!
Come here, be mine.
Alix: Oh no, stop.
Rumor: How do I get the sword?
I want to pick it up.
Alix: You got it, you got it.
Rumor: Yeah!
I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to win by killing people.
No, I don’t care.
Alix: Ooh! I got you!
What’s up?
Rumor: Aah! Aah! I don’t know what I’m doing!
I want that.
Alix: Oh no, you threw it.
Rumor: Aah!
Alix: That was not me, that was all you!
Rumor: You just got me twice!
Alix: Ok, how come I have the silly sword?
How do I get rid of it?
Aah! No!
Rumor: I don’t like that I’m red, I get that I have your powers now, but I like Kirby when he’s pink.
What is going?
Alix: There, I got you! Finally!
I’m trying to use this thing, I don’t know how to use it.
Rumor: Ha! ha-ha!
Alix: I’m not going to you. No! NO!
Oh my god, I swear ?, Rumor.
Rumor: *laughing*
Alix: I’m really nervous right now.
Rumor: Mash and mash and mash!
Alix & Rumor: No, no, no!
Rumor: I win!
Alix: Oh my god!
I can’t believe what just happen’d right now.
Rumor: Good job, everybody!
Josh: Whoa! There’s a button right here? What?
Mikaela: Wait, what? Oh, I see it. Ok.
Josh: Oh, they got my boy, Ness!
Mikaela: Ok.
Josh & Mikaela: Spaceship?
Josh: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.
Mikaela: Ok!
Josh: Wait, how do you move?
Ooh! That’s how you move!
Get out of my house!
Mikaela: I’mma kick you, come back here.
Josh: How did I do that?
I don’t know what I’m doing.
But it’s awesome.
Run, Ness. With your stubby legs.
Oh! Yeah! Oh! Got ya!
Oh, yeah.
Mikaela: Ok, there I am.
That’s stupid!
Josh: Get out of my house!
Oh! Aah!
Mikaela: How does this works? Oh my god!
Josh: Run with your stub… Whoa!
Oh, I didn’t die.
Where am I?
Mikaela: Oh my god!
Josh: Get out of here!
Pick it up! How do I pick stuff up?
Mikaela: Oh my god! No, no, no, no, no, no, no,no. Come back here, friend!
Josh: Lightsaber for the win!
Josh: You don’t cuz, I’m hitting you with the lightsaber.
Mikaela: So rude right now.
Josh: Come on, Ness, run!
Oh my god!
Oh! Don’t jump off!
Yeah! Woo! Threw’d away with the lightsaber!
Oh man, just call me: Obi-Wan Kenobi. For now on cuz, I got those moves.
Mikaela: You’re gonna fight in real life?
Josh: Let’s go!
As long as I get a lightsaber in real life, too.
Troy: “Handicap”. I might need the handicaps.
Ethan James: You’re the handicap, here.
I’m Kirby, by the way.
You know who you should totally be?
Troy: Who?
Ethan James: Pikachu.
Troy: Well, maybe. I do what I want.
Let’s play “Random”, that’s more fair.
Ethan James: Alright, fine.
Troy: Wait, where’s my guy?
Ethan James: You’re up there.
Troy: I want to… Wait, how do you get that? How do you jump?
Wait, wait, come down here.
Ethan James: You come up here?
Troy: How do you jump?
Ooh! Kill’em.
What? Wait, you can’t stand on clouds! That’s not fair.
Ethan James: I just did. Come here!
Oh no!
Troy: I want this thingy.
Ethan James: I just got it.
Troy: You’re at 100%, what does that mean?
Ethan James: It means: I’m 101% better than you.
Oh no! Yeah buddy!
Oh no.
Troy: Oh DARN!
Ethan James: That was bad.
Troy: Get riggity wrecked.
Why are you wearin’ me?
Ethan James: YEAAAAAAH! LET’S GO!, let’s go!
It means I won, it means I won boy!
The greatest of all time is back in action!
Ooh! Get out of here!
I’m excited. You know what? I’m gonna put some money down right now.
Josh: Right now?
Fine Brothers: No Gambling!
Josh: Ness, my boy wear pink, he wear pink!
Rumor: *laughing*
Ethan James: “Who is Ethan James?”
Josh: Captain Falcon against Ness? That’s child abuse.
Ethan James: Pay attention!
Rumor & Josh: Not!
Josh: Oh! I got eaten already!
What was that? I got hit by a thingy!
Rumor: Aw… I already died once.
Ethan James: Yeah cuz, Ethan James is in the lead.
Rumor: Ethan James need to stop talking in third-person.
Josh: I’m just chillin’ up here.
Rumor: I was really hoping that…
Ethan James: No, no, no, no, no. *bleep*
Rumor: Come at me bro!
Ethan James: I just did.
Rumor: Yeah, you’re like put your bu…
Josh: Where did I go?
Josh: It was a Pokemon.
It exploded on us.
Rumor: Well I’m already gonna die.
Josh: Oh! Run!
Rumor: Kirby’s dead.
I’m out!
Josh: Just ? Fire you all night.
Ethan James: Dude.
Josh: Get out of here!
Rumor: My favorite is when you play the Wii.
Josh: Did I win?
What? No! You’ve got another life?
Josh: What is this Jump button that dosen’t makes sense?!
Ethan James: Honestly, I thought that you’re gonna win.
Josh: I was gonna win.
Ethan James: No you weren’t because, I came through.
Rumor: I never thought I was gonna win from the beginning.
Ethan James: He comitted suicide. He dosen’t want to play anymore. He was like: “You know what? I might not make it through this one so I’m just gonna jump off.”

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  1. Is it just me or do we all know that u can use every single players attack or defense moves to survive from death

  2. Elders react to inFAMOUS(The first one).It is just too much going on,i am at the end and i need to fly,have a shield on and release lightning at the same time.How am i supposed to do that?And protect helicopters and fences?Man it is hard to protect yourself.

  3. Bruh, back in MY day you were grateful for 3d games. Like- Conker bfd, Sm 64, Banjo-Koozie 1-2, GoldenEye 007, Zelda Oct and Majoras mask.

  4. im 21 now and seeing this makes me old lol. I was playing when i was like 3. me and and my best friend would destroy these teens.

  5. I beat 3 boys at my friend christians house for a b-day party and I still talk about to this day from last year!!! Also u guys are great

  6. Here for the "fighting game elitist" autistic comments

    Try hard logic:  "Let's get competitive at a party game"

  7. Just going to say this right now, I could defeat all of you just by grappling you with Samas and then tossing you off the ledge. lol

  8. I don't know why but I always found it entertaining to see the younger generation play Retro games.

  9. I would a whooped all these kids with a blindfold on and my hands tied behind my back playing only with my nose while being underwater.

  10. I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door

  11. I started with smash 64 i am 20 and feel old watching these kids do taribaly i want to clalinge u all to smash 64

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