Super Smash Bros. Ultimate TOURNAMENT! | React: Gaming

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate TOURNAMENT! | React: Gaming

– YEEES! YES! (laughs)
– Okay. All right.
– Hey, stop, stop,
stop, stop.
There you go.
– Oh, no!
– Oh, there’s two of ’em?
– Yeah, that’s the fake smash.
– Oh my god.
This is nuts.
♪ (8-bit intro) ♪
– (FBE) Today, you’ll be
playing this.
– OHH! Hype!
– Yes.
– It’s [bleep] Super Smash Bros
The most anticipated
Nintendo Switch game of the year.
– The only reason why I want
a Nintendo Switch.
– I’m a giant Smash Bros fan.
Since the day it came out to today,
I’ve been
playing it nonstop.
– (FBE) Since you’re fans
of Super Smash Bros,
we brought both of you in
to face off
in a Super Smash Bros tournament.
– Mm!
– I scared!
– He should be!
– I don’t wanna be overconfident
and say that I’m gonna kill it,
because this is Smash.
Anything could happen.
But I’m so excited
to do this right now.
– (FBE) So, you guys are
playing one match
with three lives each.
The winner will move on
to the final three-person match.
– Gotcha.
– Got it.
– We’re choosing
the Final Destination version
of the Wii Fit Studio.
No platforms, no walls.
– Just him, me,
and the battlefield.
– I’m gonna pick Cloud
just because he’s my boy.
– I’m picking Snake,
because the one time I played
as Snake, I literally stood up
against people
who should’ve beaten me.
– Woo! Smash Ultimate, yeah!
– Woo!
Look at Snake in his
little cheetah suit, looking so cute.
– (voice-over) Go!
– No, you can’t do that.
– Says who?
– Yes!
– NO!
No, you can’t just duck it!
– ♪ Wa, na, na ♪
♪ Na, na, na, na ♪
– Woo! Woo!
– No, I missed! Oh!
– Wait, no, no, NO!
Get out of that!
– Oh, no!
I almost up aired him.
There we go. Got him. Got him.
– Oh my god!
– Oh, no. Oh, no! Get up!
And just…
I just knocked the smash ball
off the edge.
– No, let’s not use it.
Let’s not use it.
– Okay.
Oh, crap.
– Can you just kick this off?
– I have no recovery.
– Ah, how did I miss?!
– Oh, crap.
– Just don’t use it.
– I can’t NOT use it.
– Okay, then use it,
and don’t use it on me.
– Should I?
– You know what? Fine.
– Thank you.
– I wasted it for you.
– Thank you. How nice
and kind you are.
– There.
– Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop.
There you go.
– Oh, no!
– Woo!
– No!
– (cheers) Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
– Oh, crap.
– Let’s go!
Woo! Woo! Woo!
Oh, [bleep]!
– (FBE) Alicia, you’re going
to the finals.
– Yeah!
– I’ve never been this mad
on a–!
– Really, Jaxon deserves to be there,
but hey, I’ll be there,
win it for both of us.
A win for me
is a win for him.
– So many options.
– Hmm. You need–
– Can be anyone
I wanna be.
– I’m just gonna go
with my safety net,
which is Luigi.
– Luigi?
Olimar is who I played
with in Brawl.
– We just met.
Y’all are tearing up–
we weren’t able
to start this friendship.
– Let’s do it.
– Ooh. All right.
– (voice-over) Go!
– So, get the items
if you can.
– I know, seriously.
– Ah, come on.
There we go.
– (both laugh)
– Great start.
– (screams and laughs)
– Okay. All right.
Stay on the platform.
You don’t wanna do that.
– Okay.
– Try and come back to the stage.
Oh, you did it too early.
– No! (laughs)
I killed myself someh–
I don’t know what I did.
I did it too early.
– That was you! (laughs)
– (voice-over) Game!
– (laughs)
I panicked.
And he’s intimidating!
– You did great.
– Last time I played this
was not even too long ago.
I was good at it.
But also, I’m playing
against my little cousins.
I thought I was okay at this game.
I need you to win, though.
– Yeah, okay.
– Now, I want you to win.
I’m rooting for you.
I’m rooting for you!
– I’m gonna do it for her, guys!
– (laughs)
♪ (thrilling music) ♪
– I wanna do Big Battlefield,
but I wanna make it, like,
BIG Big Battlefield,
so it lessens the platforms,
but it makes the area bigger.
– I’m obviously gonna go with Ness.
He’s my main boy.
– I’m gonna do Young Link.
I’m so nervous, Danny!
– Here we go!
– Please, be nice!
– We’re just little kids
playing games.
– Here we go.
– (voice-over) Go!
– Nice.
– (FBE) What’s happening, guys?
– Oh, sorry.
– Oh.
– So competitive!
– You can’t really talk
in Smash, brother.
– Get off the map!
– Oh, you got it! Whoa!
– Here we go. Here we go.
– I’ve never…
– No!
– …known how to use that tool.
– Pokeball. I don’t know
what Pokeball that is, so…
– It’s Deoxys.
– Is that what it is?
I love that you know the name.
Way more fun. Oh, get ’em.
Get ’em, laser beam!
– Oh my goodness.
– Okay.
– You’re no joke, my boy.
– No, I’m going after ya.
Oh, there’s two of ’em?
– Yeah, that’s the fake smash.
– Oh my god. This is nuts.
What does that mean?
– Ha!
What is that?!
– Oh, I missed you!
– Oh, I was invincible!
Ah. I’m getting nervous actually.
– Yeah. We’re now–
– Boom!
– All right.
– Oh, cool.
– Nice.
– Oh, man.
– Ah.
– Yes, here we go.
Let’s get him.
Target him.
Target him.
Where is he at?
Did I get him?!
– Nope.
– (voice-over) Game!
– Ah.
– Game!
– Heart is beating!
– Let’s play again.
– (both laugh)
– I want to.
I just wanna keep going.
– (FBE) You made it
to the final match.
– Woo!
– Yeah! Congrats, everyone.
– Yes! Congrats!
– I feel like my heart
is still beating
from playing against Brandon.
It was really intense.
– Hyrule Castle?
– Yeah. You guys okay with that?
– I’d be down for that one.
– Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it.
– Me and Ness go all the way back
to N64 when he was
an unlockable character.
He’s a kid with psychic powers.
He will always be my favorite.
– If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it.
– I won with Snake,
and I will win against as Snake.
– May the best fighter win.
– (Danny and Alicia) Here we go.
– Oh my god, guys.
– Good luck, everyone.
Also, I’m just excited we’re playing.
I love this game.
– My stomach has dropped.
– All right. Ah.
– (voice-over) …one. Go!
– Woo!
– Oh, I’m so sorry.
– Off to a good start.
– Can you not touch me
with your people, please?
– Oh, nice!
– Oh, fudge.
– (groans)
Okay, we gotta pay attention
to the items.
– Oh.
– Yes!
– Oh, dang it!
– Oh, [bleep].
No. No!
Oh, okay.
I’m still here. Hello.
– Oh, there you go.
No? No!
– Oh, yes.
– Woo!
– OH!
– Woo!
– Oh, man.
– Oh my god!
– Bye!
– [Bleep].
I mean, [bleep].
– (laughs)
– I mean…
– Oh!
– No matter how good you are,
this is scary.
– Oh my god!
Please stop touching me.
– Oh, what is this
frickin’ item?
– NO!
– Oh, no, no, no, no!
– Ah, [bleep] frick.
– That is news.
– Oh my god.
I almost DIED!
– Get out of the way!
– Oh, no! No!
– How do you stay away
from these dang items?
– Woo!
– Oh, there you go.
Oh, I didn’t die.
– Woo!
– How did you not die
from that?
– I don’t know.
– I know.
– Nice. Nice.
– Oh, there I go! [Bleep].
– Yeah.
– Yeah, we’re all tied right now.
– But that’s not fair,
’cause I have [bleep]
on my– ugh!
I have [bleep] to my name!
– Okay, look, look,
I already have stuff on my name.
Can we put some
respect on it, please?
– There it is.
– Oh, man, the chickens.
– Can I get that, please?
– There it is.
– Oh man, the chickens!
– Woo!
– Chickens!
– Oh my god!
– Oh my god.
– Oh!
Oh, no!
– I got it!
There it is!
– NOO!
NO! You’re not
gonna get me, bro!
You’re not gonna
get me, bro!
– I beg to differ.
– No!
Oh my goddd!
– Oh, oh, oh!
Good game. (claps)
– That is NO FAIR!
– We all got to one at the end.
– Woo!
– That was awesome.
– Oh god, that was so good.
– Wow, that was good.
– Nice job.
– That was so good.
– I’m feeling really good.
Really, really good!
– That was close all the way around.
– Yeah, it was.
– Yeah!
– [inaudible] any point,
and we could be gone
at any point.
– Yeah, any point.
– (FBE) How did you feel
about this iteration
of Ultimate overall?
– I really liked it.
I’m really excited.
I might go get it today
if I can to keep playing.
– I love it so much.
I think this one really
picks up the pace.
I just think it’s
a much better Super Smash Bros
than the ones before.
– I love it so much.
I think it’s way better
than Smash 4.
I think it combines
the best of Melee and Brawl.
I love winning,
so in this–
you know, I needed
this little boost.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
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– Thanks for watching.
– Hi, guys. JC here,
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Bye, guys!

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