Supercharged Snowmobile Engine First Start! Triumph Spitfire.

Supercharged Snowmobile Engine First Start! Triumph Spitfire.

we are back in the garage back on the triumph and today we’re gonna try to get power to the wheels we got Sam on wiring harness duty how’s it going it’s going [Music] I’m just turning down the the output on the drive shaft I got it laid down so that this fits on it [Music] was that half North Idaho lathe half real lathe right there something like that yeah this is a easy way to cut it off that it’s straight and then I’ll just somebody can keep it in the lathe and then just turn it down real quick did it nice and flat man made a new little pipe for the intercooler and deleted one of the flanges off of it so we’re all set there as well this is roughly where it will sit when there’s a new mount currently held up by this ratchet [Music] [Music] [Music] this bracket for this carrier bearings almost done we just need to remove it that’s why I have the clutch off we need to remove that bracket and weld it up add a gusset to it and then that’ll be all done and then the whole drivetrain will be supported I got the driveline output from the chain case machined down and the flange on there it’s not welded yet just sitting there but it’s all connected so as soon as welded it’ll spin the rear wheels Wow so we are gonna get power to the wheels today on Wow assuming that we get the engine started like the handlebars sitting in the engine bay there there’s just a bunch of wires they go to them they’re all related to the grip heaters and headlights but I figured we were having trouble finding all the connections so we just plugged all of this in just to eliminate all that and then you know we’ll even plugged in for now and then later on we’ll start unplugging stuff and deleting things we don’t mean like obviously we’re not gonna have heaters on the triumph so the cooling system here we needed a tee fitting that’s also a reducer so I got a piece of inch and a quarter pipe and we got our one inch coming out this end and then this piece of one inch will come out that end it’s a little loose and I didn’t like that so I put it on this ball peen hammer it on there and it’s nice and flared it’s snug there’s have to get it off the hammer now we got the coolant system figured out which way everything needs to be routed and here’s that fancy T reducer that I was building so that’s the that goes on there and then now the cooling system is pretty much complete we’re not going to be able to start it today because it turns out the oil for the supercharger which in the process of taking it apart we lost most of it out of this tank turns out that’s liquid gold it’s a very special oil that’s made by the company that makes the supercharger and it’s like a hundred dollars a quart so we got to get some of that first shouldn’t let it drain out but you know you live in LA [Music] we’re calling the snowmobile gas tank good enough for now because it already has the premix race fuel on it which we don’t have any race fuel yet and it has all the attachments and we’ll have a fuel gauge and everything all ready to go [Music] chopping up more of the rmk so we’ll cut strips out of it and we’ll Bend out tabs so that these can be slide it on super professional style it’s gonna be like a whole host of [Music] oh yeah perfect looks like a real firewall now everything is starting to look like it belongs in here it’s not gonna grab the hood and see where to make the next bracket for the intercooler [Music] so Sam and I’ve been working on the triumph this morning and we got all the last-minute things tied up we filled it with oil we fill the supercharger with oil we’ve got the wiring all hooked up we’ve got a battery on there and right now I have oils detached on the fuel pump detached and I’ve been giving it a few cranks to circulate the oil everywhere so it should start and put power to the rear wheels that’s super exciting check everything that’s exciting it’s a literal Spitfire I don’t know if you saw that flames out the exhaust oh yeah Wow so we don’t have any seats which is a good thing because otherwise we could take it for a test drive you’re running the throttle with our hands success dude yes what the heck this is the only Spitfire that sounds like that that’s a guarantee here goes a liquid gold i spilt one drop that’s 50 cents [Music] now that we have the whole drivetrain connected I’m going to spin the clutch around and see how many rotations of the clutch it takes to get one rotation of the tires and they’ll give us our final drive ratio because it looked like it wasn’t so good I looked really really slow which is fine we can change it but it would be somewhere around 50 miles an hour top speed at 10,000 rpms so that’s not good but that’s not an issue because we can just order gears for this gearbox change the gearing and be good to go it’s time to mount the intercooler so we just cut the old mount off and modified it slightly and I’m gonna move on [Music] [Music] all right she ran yeah yeah fighting oh yeah it’s not running a hundred percent perfect yet but I don’t know maybe it’s just you know not something dumbed up or whatever right it’s not a major concern at this point cuz it runs great is just heck it might not even run right because the exhaust not being you know properly on there anyway so now we have a lot of little things to do or not so little like building the exhaust is going to be a big one order up some tubing for that and then another big one is a clutch guard we need a big shield inside the car that makes it so that anything explodes it doesn’t kill the passenger or the driver that’s an important one the hood we got the hood done so it closes properly now cooler air cooler is mounted so we’ve got a lot of little things done we definitely need a new radiator a better probably bigger radiator with some big electric cooling fans on it and most importantly before we can test drive it we need seats we could bolt those ones back in there but they don’t even have seat belts and that seems like a bad idea so we’re gonna get some proper racing harnesses and racing seats bolt those in there and then some time soon but we don’t actually take it for a drive and then we’ll call me build a roll cage may be removable maybe not I don’t really see a lot of point making it removable it’s not like this things are going to go back to stock yeah I could not need a roll cage yeah I guess every time we drive it it will be like a hundred percent need a roll cage oh and then obviously we need to build a throttle because currently it’s just so we need a gas pedal assembly take some time but the important thing is it runs and it’s bent the rear tire so we got to excited not to do anything you know how I said we weren’t gonna test drive it until those guards and everything I lied it’s not actually really gonna drive it we’re just gonna like you know go out there and turn around I’m not gonna like go anywhere with no seats and no brakes and a hand throttle and all the good things that’s how we do it all right start it up [Applause] sounds terrible all the moving parts move so that’s good I should have been having brakes and having to like squat down to drive and having the clutches just right there Emily stuck my foot in it once you did get your foot in the club I just stuck my toe into it you can see the polished part of my boot do you don’t tell and you gotta watch out for them clutches I’m still limping from behind it’s not running perfect but we’ll figure that out you know later on yep until next time drives next time where you get a ripping nice and good [Music]

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  1. Hopefully not sounding too naive here but since you all have some machine tools why not connect snowmobile engine to the clutch and manual transmission that came with the car?

  2. I had a similar idea, but for a smaller 2-stroke in the back of a Fiat 850 convertible. I have the imagination, but not the talent. Perhaps YOU guys could!!!!

  3. 13 on the plate. The spitfire must of came from the bitterroot valley in Montana. Crazy! That's where I live

  4. having built a 166bhp spitfire w/ mx5 engine and oversized turbo it's was stupid fast. g00gle tsmod spitfire i reckon yours will be more stupid fast lol

  5. If this was my project and I lost the super chargers oil then found out it cost a hundred bucks a quart… First thing I'd do was shit … Then go ape shit… invent about 3 dozen new four letter words…. then completely abandon the project…

  6. Appreciate you guys talents and abilities, want to keep
    track of your progress with this project. Congrats on getting it to this point!!!

  7. I had a '72 MK IV 1300 and I was tempted to drop a DOHC Fiat 124 Sport Spider 1608 with the Fiat 5 speed in it. I thought that would be a lot of work. Compared to this, it would have been a 1 or 2 afternoon drop in. Wish I would have done just to be able to tell about it. Oh, and that was back in '78 or '79. Don't know if I could even try to do it now, but the memory is a good one.

  8. This would be cool with a Maserati style silencer on the exhaust so you can sleep up to a traffic light and then scare some casuals.

  9. Rx-1 engine with a supercharger will be in a rich jetted condition in the warm weather .. jet to temp and it will run much better . I think you guys know that but just saying

  10. Y'all own a british sportscar now, you gotta get with the program… no longer is called a hood, you have to call it a bonnet!

  11. Great post. Nothing like the first start on a project. I don't know what the horse power of that engine is, but gear it right and I figure it will be BAAAAD. I love semi, "Seat of the pants" engineering and fabrication. Making gaskets brings back many memories.

  12. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, a stolen Triumph Spitfire is being taken apart in a chop shop. The parts boxed up and shipped to buyers in Brazil.

  13. Long shot: I actually have one 1965 spitfire seat if you want it. It needs reupholstering. Let me know! I also have a Flex Plate Shield and planetary shield for a power glide tranny which might help in building your guards in the cockpit. Shield looks like this, but not a TCI.

  14. 4 into 1 (muffler?) back into 4 exhaust out the passenger fender or under the pass door would be pretty cool.

    4 little chrome slash cut pipes shooting flames over that right wheel 😁

    Id like to add some seat advise, rewrap the factory seats and weld on seatbelt brackets. The classic look with a single roll hoop under the soft top would look nice

  15. Very cool, maybe its just a cringe thing, but you Machine something down, not Lathe it… I know its semantics…… Cool, once gearing is sorted thats gonna be fun. Nice job!

  16. There's more than just fabrication talent involved to do a job like this. It's just plain guts to even take it on in the first place and a shipload of troubleshooting skills.

  17. NHRA's top fuel cars use 2-stroke oil in their blower gearboxes. Ill betcha you dont need $100 quart oil for this haha. Im curious now

  18. Hey there's a new off-brand power wheels at Walmart that's an old Bronco. You should use that body for the next power wheels build or the Ram 3500 one

  19. Just found this…I put a Buick V6 in a Spitfire back in the 80's it was a frame twister… The little car is fun to drive !

  20. Im planning on making a tricycle build and i have almost everything planned out but i need help figuring out how to mount the engine so if you know reply please 😅

  21. I feel like that sound naturally shouldn’t belong in that car but… once you thrash it about I bet you guys will feel it should have always been there.

  22. Please paint the body of the jeep hot pink and the grille black as long with the and the "roll bar" its giving me OCD I dont like it

  23. Just seen you guys are number 3 on donut media, you guys are amazing. This is hands down my favorite channel!

  24. For a rad to keep things super cool and lots of fluid running would be a aluminum 4 core big block Chevy rad !

  25. Those early MkII Spitfires are so rare now. In the northern hemisphere, most rusted away years ago. I'm sorry, but this is such a waste of a pretty car which looks original and rot free. It would fetch about £8k in the UK – but not now.

  26. Do something cool.since u live in a. Country setting…send a EV message…not more planet killing combustion projects taking the world for granted..u SEEEEM like u hve a the future tech propulsion guy

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