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and surf center this is south dropping
in on a new season of surf excitement and stir big things happening at the
bottom of the world as we join surf scout Mike Abramowitz in shiverpool
Antarctica as he looks for new talent to join the Reggie Belafonte big sea
memorial surf-off Mike let me ask you what are you looking for in shiverpool
I’m looking for a coach it’s freezing down here I mean and a surfer oh I need
the next big thing someone with skills to make a serious splash in the world of
surfing and if I can’t find that I’m leaving immediately you heard it
straight from the birds beak this is Sal on SP en and the surfers are about to jump in
no iceberg will stop these surfers from trying to make it on the tour Oh is there anything not broken welcome back to shiverpool some say
surfing is a crazy sport well they don’t know just how crazy it gets for summer
has come to this part of the Antarctic and women have arrived
massive rough hard icebergs you think surfing among icebergs is crazy how
about ripping at night here’s what talent scout Mikey Abramowitz had to say
on the notion look it’s my job to weed through the competition separate the
good from the bad icebergs help me do that it’s hard to
surf if you break a leg right way to show concern there Mikey icebergs are
they the end of surfing or just the beginning this is Sal from SP en I haven’t seen waves like these since 88
will these surfers make it through or will the icebergs claim their lives I’ll get it next time winning the Reggie Belafonte Big Z
memorial surf-off is the most coveted prize on the professional circuit a
slate of up and comers seeking to challenge the undisputed champion tank
the shredder Evans going for his tenth consecutive World Championship seeking
to be the first to tie the all-time master and namesake of the tour
the legendary Big C can he do it or will an upstart upset his quest
stay tuned for wave by wave coverage of the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial
surf-off here on SVN has this on me the whole time people you’re supposed to
tell me these things and the surf is up we couldn’t ask for a
more beautiful day to kick off the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial surf-off exotic form going I hope no one saw that welcome back this is Sal SP en News
experts have discovered a giant hurricane headed straight but first more
important things let’s talk about surfing
the Reggie Belafonte there’s a memorial surf-off starts today in beautiful
Pangu South Beach I have with me Australian surfer Rory Nevins what’s the
word Rory well I was back in the nest putting a hot coat on my plank my
broseph frosh dialed me in and we scored a ball my frame seriously – how bones or
it makes me want to hook in my baggies I’ve been covering surfing for 10 years
and have no idea what this Aussie just said nevertheless surfers from around
the globe have arrived to show their stuff who will become surfing’s next
icon stay tuned for wave by wave coverage
here on SP en here it is our surfers have dropped in
and are ready to strut their stuff fiddle that was bastard they don’t no one saw that this is Sal with the news avoid the main
footpath this morning we have a 20 penguin pileup causing all sorts of
traffic problems also five surfboards were stolen from North Beach in Pangu
yesterday the suspect is described as a black-and-white penguin with the yellow
beak in World News a group of orcas yesterday protested the nickname killer
whale claiming they’re not all killers demonstration ended abruptly when
reporters covering the event were eaten for dinner what do you mean we’re out of
time what today’s surf center or lack thereof was brought to you by heck muff
keep your eggs warm in the chilly season with egg muff available in five
fashionable colors this is Sal from SP en and gentle penguins we have surfing will
these brave surfers survive the waves or be left in its wake
let’s watch and see welcome back to SPE n the otter who
started it all Reggie any advice for our young surfers
out there yes yes bye Reggie surf wax and hair gel they’ll both take you to
new heights okay but product plugs aside anything else yes
surfing is about getting aggressive and rolling the waves you want to choke on
someone else’s spray or do you want to own the ocean I didn’t know that the
ocean was for sale bottom line is I want to see these surfers use their speed
boost to break objects and get rid of opponents okay that kind of winning
spirit means big crowds well we hope your dreams come true Reggie this is Sal
on SP en here it is our surfers have dropped in
and are ready to strut their stuff I’ll get it done that’s how a true legend sir this just in
giant hurricane still headed for Penghu Island but surfers have enough to worry
about penguin scientists have picked up
volcanic activity in the vicinity of today’s competition with me is
all-around surfing expert geek Topanga geek
have you ever surfed during a volcanic eruption oh yeah once in Bora Bora it’s
pretty nasty see the thing is the volcano could blow at any moment with
the explosion comes ash small canned flying rock whoa gnarly
oh no man that’s that’s not the gnarly part after it blows comes the lava they
use lava boulders now that’s gnarly when the geek says it’s gnarly it’s good
gnarly good luck to our surfers today stay tuned for further coverage here on
SP en you I can’t believe it I’ve never seen
surfers take on a volcano until now this is going to be crazier than an O wall on
a plankton buzz chicken in The Cove we’re surfers make it so easy welcome to SP en SERP Center I’m Sal
here on beautiful Penghu Island and with me today is surf impresario Reggie
Belafonte can I get connected off your please okay
this is exciting just in time for its 10th anniversary the Reggie Belafonte
surfboard corporation has teamed up with Reggie Belafonte productions and Reggie
Belafonte international to bring you the greatest most sensational surfing
tournament in the world the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial surf-off as we
watch Hank Evans go for his tenth consecutive title we should all remember
that no one is to thank for this more than me Reggie Belafonte you’re welcome
well what about take Evans no no no no listen without Reggie Belafonte there is
no tank Evans there’s no big Z heck there’s practically not even a planet
Earth and you know why you know why enlighten
me hutzpah because I’m the Dream Maker I mean it all happened but that’s an
inside Wow thank you don’t mention it stay tuned
for continuing coverage this has been Sal on SP en holy ocean they’re going out there
they’re really going to do it this may be the greatest moment in surf history trust me mr. bucket the truth I’m like yeah
Oh that we support yeah well start meet up is sushi welcome back to spe n in local news a
penguin from Penghu south beach was rushed to the hospital after trying to
surf the web with a real surfboard experts say he’s expected to recover in
other news the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial surf-off continues this morning
with wait oh I have some terrible news fans
it looks like the competition will be canceled this morning apparently sharks
have been spotted in the water once again there will be no surfing what this
just in they’re gonna surf anyway even with
sharks hungry sharks waiting the feed someone call me a whale I gotta see this
in person they’re actually about to surf circling
sharks are no match for our surfers out there stay tuned fans this could get
ugly welcome to s be en
Penghu Island natives are threatening violence if surfers take to the waves
today native leader chief ping gotta was quoted as saying boom gotta walkin I got
Olaf noble fools on my way this translates roughly to penguins standing
on wooden water are an affront to our gods
they must be eaten yeah I guess the surf tour will have to wait this just in
Reggie Belafonte has declared that the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial surf-off
will not be stopped by quote a bunch of filthy bone wearing troglodytes oh man
really bad this is Sal looks like they’re ready to go but how
can they see in this weather let alone surf even if I could see it I wouldn’t
believe it looks like they’re ready to go but how can they see in this weather
let alone surf even if I could see it I wouldn’t believe it done I’m exhausted from just watching
that race welcome back to s be en let’s be honest
folks the only thing we like better than someone pulling a serious trick on a big
wave is someone wiping out let’s surf down memory lane and revisit some
personal favorites Roger Collins he couldn’t talk for a month we’ll never
forget legendary surfer Nick Liberato our prayers are with you Nick that’s why
you gotta check all your surroundings poor Eric Willy ah French surfer Towson
law investigators never figured out how that one happened and there you have it
folks remember to be safe out there this is sell-on SP en ladies and gentle penguins we have
surfing will these brave surfers survive the wave or be left in its wake let’s
watch and see good luck what did you see that there’s a true legend
in the making hey there get the names geek I’ve been
watching you surf and I’ve got a little unsolicited advice for you
surfing yeah it’s a lot like life if you’re in a rush all the time you’re
gonna get stressed out and bad things are gonna happen but if you hang loose
and you go with the flow I guarantee you’re positive things are gonna come
your way so chill out becoming a legendary surfer is not about winning
trophies and knocking into people it’s about riding great waves catching and
flippin spinning showing you stuff so the next time you go out practice your
moves and trust me I’m the expert here hang on tight this is going to get
completely crazy Oh I think we got surfer fabula the other competitors never had a chance
against surfing like that welcome the SPE ends coverage of the
finals of the Reggie Belafonte Big Z memorial surf-off on Penghu Island I’m
Sal broadcasting from the legendary boneyard and I have to tell you
conditions could not be worse our huge electrical storm has entered
the area and while it has brought a gigantic swell with it it has also
brought extreme hazards add to that the boneyards unstable yet razor-sharp rock
formations and this is a nightmare add to that the only competitor left to
our challenger the most consummate surfer alive and a penguin who will stop
at nothing to defend his title pink the shredder Evans put all of these things
together and it adds up to a deathtrap let’s go live here it is the moment we’ve all been
waiting for whoever wins this competition will be crowned this year’s
Tour champion is broken
ego me I just rode the volcano I’m lucky I
made it out of there alive wow what a rush I’m telling you now that this is
the ultimate slide I found it and I made it out alive you decided to go in there
you watch out it is gnarly don’t mean that in a good
way I gotta give the props tell my friends who I’m exciting cool
keep the faith y’all oh man I gotta go do that again hang on tight this is going to get
completely crazy I was I’m gonna prepare
I was born for this I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot
more of this lighting in the near future they’re getting ready these guys are
gonna rock the slags dude is sick check this out Wow I saw it with my own two eyes but I
still don’t believe it I’ve never heard of anyone making it to
the end of this slide this may be the end of our competitors I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot
more of this sliding in the near future

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