Surviving Five Nights of FEAR! – Game Lab

Surviving Five Nights of FEAR! – Game Lab

[musical tune]
– Warning: This episode
contains bright flashing lights

in order to increase
the spoopiness levels.

Consider yourself warned.
[bright music]
I’m MatPat,
and this is “Game Lab.”
[typing, clicking]

For the last five years,
I’ve made a name for myself
overanalyzing video games
using real-world
science and math,

but now I’m taking it
to the next level

by throwing some of
the world’s most popular gamers

into the scenarios
we play through every day.

Will the games
stack up to reality?

And are gamers
as good in real life

as they are on-screen?
Welcome to “Game Lab.”
[rock music]

This is insane!

So you might be asking yourself
why am I sitting here
in this creepy
recreation of a restaurant.
It’s a good question.
Today we’re exploring the world
of fear
through animatronic survival
restaurant horror gaming.
Oh, yeah.
It’s a real thing.
Let’s talk about that, shall we?
Way, way back in 2014,
a new genre

of horror was born:
restaurant survival.

Games where you play as
an overnight security guard

trapped in a restaurant with
animal themed animatronics

that come to life
trying to kill you.

Seems crazy that this would be
a genre, right?

And yet, for all you
non-gamers watching,

first off, welcome to the show!
Thanks for checking out
the channel.

But secondly,
let me impress upon you

the scale of this thing.
The king of the genre,
Five Nights at Freddy’s,

in less than two years,
has five games,

a book, a merch line,
as well as a movie and sixth
installment in the works.

When I say that this was a big
deal online,

this was a big deal.
But enough about that game.
Today we’re recreating
the fanmade spinoff,

Five Nights at Candy’s.
Because, frankly, Franky’s has
a movie coming out,

and that means
no legal clearances for us.

Clearly the scariest part of
this episode is copyright law.

Anyway, Candy’s puts our
security guard

in a haunted burger joint
as homicidal robot
cats, penguins,

and whatever this guy is
come to hunt you down.

The restaurant’s generators
are running low on juice,

and the clock is ticking,
so I don’t know about you,

but I’m prepared to get spoopy.
So I’ve invited
three people who,
when it comes to horror
themed things,
I think are gonna be perfect
for today’s challenge.
So here we go.
Trisha is gonna pee her pants
when she sees what we have in
store for her.
Come on in, guys.
[creepy music]

– Hi.
– Thank you so much for
volunteering for this.
Vernon, king of pain.
– Hey, man.
– We have a different pain
in store for you.
And, sir, I couldn’t do a creepy
episode without you, my friend.
– I’m here for you.
– I appreciate it.
If we’re able to scare you
by the end of the day,
I think achievement unlocked.
– Right, yeah.
– Trisha, you don’t scare
easily, do you?
– Well, I don’t scare easily
I usually avoid horror
situations at all costs.
– Okay, how about you, man?
How do you feel about horror
– I think I’m medium spicy in
terms of you guys.
Like, I’m–
– Wait, am I the mild
or the spicy in this?
– Who knows?
– We do have a good range of
spiciness factor here.
We’ve got low spice,
medium spice, and high spice.
I was excited for today’s
I’ve told you guys this.
Let me tell these guys.
I was excited because
it’s Five Nights at Candy’s.
This is gonna be fun and cute
Oh, no.
‘Cause I found out that
our expert for the day
is the co-creator of the
Blackout series
of haunted houses,
which–are you guys–
For you guys who don’t know,
they are notorious for being
some of the most extreme,
brutally realistic haunted
houses on the market today.
And so that’s who designed
today’s challenge for us.
– Great.
– [laughs]
– I have no idea what
he has in store.
Hey, nice to meet you, man.
– Great to meet you as well.
– Thank you so much for joining
us today.
I don’t know if I should be
thanking you or not.
– We’ll find out soon.
– So, Josh,
as co-creator of Blackout,
can you tell me a little bit
about, like,
what happens inside of these
horror experiences?
– Sure. We’ve done many, many
shows over the last six years.
You might have read some stuff
about some waterboarding
all the way down to nudity.
You do have to be over 18
to go through the experience.
And also, like this,
you will have to
sign a waiver before as well.
– So do I have to be
worried about,
like, naked animatronics
– Wait, who’s been reading my
– No one’s been reading your
Tumblr. Calm down.
– Okay.
– It’s okay.
– All right. Okay.
– Any crazy physical impairments
we should know about?
– I’ve heard tell
of your weak ankles.
– I have weak ankles.
I fall down sometimes.
– They’re legendary.
– We do have a medic on site
today just in case.
– Just in case we need him
for anything?
– I’m prone to fear poops.
– We’ll keep that in mind.
I think we should just
get started.
And frankly,
I think you go first.
– Oh, lucky me.
– Oh, no, mild spice.
– Oh, lucky me.
– So how about you follow me?
– Yeah.
This–I’m not scurred at all.
– Oh, yeah, okay,
she’s got to say that.
– You’ll do great.
– And that was the last we ever
heard from Trisha.
[phone ringing]
– Hello.
– Oh, shit.
– Oh, [bleep].
– Uh, what else?
What else?

Oh, yeah.
– Okay, cameras
I’m gonna need you
to freaking work right now,
– Okay.
– [laughs]
– Oh, what the hell is that?
[buttons clicking]
Oh, shoot.
Okay, okay, okay.
– Oh, and the last thing
before I let you go.

They’ve already started moving.
Hopefully you’re watching the
cameras and knew that already.

– You’re still there.
I see you.
– But if not–
– You are so not there.
Oh, you’re right there.
– All this time
listening to me.

Oh, and watch out for–
– Okay, I see you.
– And keep checking the–
– I hate that there’s two
– Stay safe.
– Why can’t there just be one?
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
in the party room.
Damn it.
Oh, my god.
Okay, I see you over there.
I see you over there.
Creepy, creepy.
Oh, you’re both gonna come at me
at the same time, aren’t you?
Oh, that’s not okay.
You’re still there.
That’s great.
You, go away.
I like how you’re over there
just, like, tricking me, cat.
My light is gonna be gone
so fast.
All right.
It’s almost 3:00.
Hey, there.
Oh, there goes all my light.
[creature snarls]
No, no!
Get away!
Oh, my god!
[power winding down]
Oh, no.
This is terrible.
Now my lights are out
’cause my power’s almost gone.
[creepy music]
This is really bad.
[creature snarls]
Go away! No!
You can’t do anything to me!
[eerie music]
– No, this is bad.
[funky synth music]
I don’t like this at all.

Oh, my god.
[pounding at door]
I hear you out there!
Oh, my god!
I don’t like this.
I don’t like scary things.
Okay, cool.
There we go.
Hey, there…
All right.
And come on.
Oh, my god.
Oh, I saw him.
That almost scared me.
But it didn’t.
Oh, god, I’m in, like, a power
stance right now.
But I don’t have a lot of
battery left.
Can I get a video–oh, my god!
Someone get a cat–
Nice try.
real nice try.
Hold up.
I got an idea.
I’m gonna save a little bit of
Try using this guy.
Yeah, get out of here.
Okay, we’re past the halfway
All right, then that’s great.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god!
Destroy my anime collection!
[eerie music]
[phone ringing]
– 1:00 a.m.’s a good time.
1:00 a.m.’s a good time.
Okay, what’s up?
Still in your sexy little
All right.
[loud bang]
Oh, what’s up?
Leave now, please.
Oh, the light went out.
I’m just gonna leave that
All right, you–
yeah, you robot on out of here.
Battery’s almost dead.
I’ll help.
[power winding down]
[door sliding]
Yeah, yeah.
[creepy suspenseful music]

[creatures snarling]
[eerie music]
– What have I got myself into?
– You’re not staying here
for six hours.

[man continues talking
– Okay.
Switch, switch.
You there.
[man continues talking
It is.
– Stay safe.
– Oh, my god.
Okay, okay.
I see him.
Stay with me, camera.
Stay with me.
So they can enter through this
way and through that way.
This is the only way
through this door.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, he’s coming up.
He’s coming up.
Hey, friend.
Hey, friend.
Oh, that is terrifying.
I see you coming up to me.
It’s fine.
Come on.
Yeah, I see you.
Oh, look at your nasty
open head.
Come on.
Come on, baby!
Get up in my face!
I know this game.
This game is “ruin my life.”
We got this.
You are gonna get a big door
shut in your face, friend.
[window clattering]
Oh, Jeez.
They are aggressive.
Holy cow.
Oh, no.
This has gotten serious now.
So you’re there.
Uh, please leave.
Please leave.
Please leave.
Okay, that one–
that one is now gone.
Good, good, good.
Two, one, two.
god, you are the worst!
You’re still there.
Hey, friend.
Oh, boy.
Hey, hey.
Ooh, who’s this?
Okay, that’s him.
Okay, fine, I’m gonna flash you.
There we go.
Get out there.
Still got one door drop left.
I have a sliver.
Just–I exist in darkness.
Here we go.
I see you coming.
I see you coming.
All right.
All right.
And he–and–And he’s gone.
Oh, great.
[taps flashlight]
[power winding down]
Got this!
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
You’re only helping me, guys.
You’re only helping me!
My night vision is only getting
I’m gonna earn my overtime.
Security guard of the year!
Okay, okay, okay.
We’re all good.
We’re all good.
Is there anything bad in this
room with me?
Oh, no, no, no, you don’t.
No, no, no, no.
Power–do I have to–
Good-bye. Good-bye.
[creature snarls]
Stop it!
Stop it!
No, no, no!
I will barricade you in!
I survive!
I survive!
[eerie music]
– Was it what you guys expected?
– Yeah.
– No.
I expected to win.
Damn it.
I was so close!
– So close.
– So close.
– Eight minutes.
– Are you kidding?
– I had eight minutes left.
But it’s really interesting.
Had I actually decided to run
out of the room
in the opposite direction
of the animatronics,
I would have survived.
Because I was so fixated–I’m
like, “This is my safe space;
this is my area,”
I didn’t actually do it.
all: Hey!
– How did everybody do?
– Well…
– Did you have fun?
– Yeah, we had fun.
– Were you watching us?
– I was watching.
I was actually taking
some notes.
– Oh!
– Oh, my goodness.
– You actually stayed in
the longest.
You made it till 5:52…
– Nice.
– Yeah!
– Which is pretty good.
Vernon made it–
– Second place!
– [laughs]
– You…
made it–you–
you died at 3:40.
– Oh!
– 3:40.
– It was a big stretch, yeah,
between the two.
– Oh, my god.
– Followed by Trish.
– Yeah!
– Who stayed–
You died at 3:18.
– Thank you.
– Yeah, cheers.
Bring it in.
– 3:18.
– And unfortunately, at the end
we got Rob.
And you died at 3:08.
– No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no.
I chose to die at 3:00 a.m.
– Oh.
– [laughs]
I find it seriously strange–
– No one else here
chose to die.
It was my decision.
Battery’s almost dead.
I’ll help.
– Why?
– Because I was completely
out of control.
I knew that the end was near,
and I said “If I’m gonna go out,
it’s gonna be by my doing,
not theirs.”
– Wow.
– I like it.
– That’s it.
Come on.
Oh. Oh.
– Does that make it less
mentally terrifying?
for you to think, like, “I have
some control over this”?
– Ah, no.
– So I’m curious.
Since we didn’t get to
see each other go,
like, what were your
strategies for coping?
Were you scared?
How did you handle, like–
– I had a real
good dance going.
I was, like–I was sort of,
like, um…
Like, checking things,
booty out.
I was like, “What’s over there?
What’s over there?
What’s over there?
Over there? Cool.”
And then, like, just–
– So you were hoping to scare
the animatronics away
using the butt?
– I was actually hoping to
turn them on.
That was my strategy.
Didn’t work.
– [laughs]
– My entire long-term strategy
for this
was to teach the robots
how to love.
– I think it’s good.
– Trisha, what about you?
– My strategy, because when I’m
playing horror games,
especially, or any kind of
haunted house situation,
I tend to freak out, buckle
under pressure, and just either,
like, button mash or somehow
cause my own demise.
And so I was determined
not to do that today,
and so I went in thinking,
“If I just focus on the game.”
Like, on the strategy points
of the game:
check my cameras, check my
cameras, use my lights.
Check my cameras, use my lights.
Like, if I can focus on that,
I can try to temporarily
forget that these things are
coming to get me.
When power dropped and I only
had the flashlight,
that was the one moment
where I was like,
“This is it.
I’m terrified.”
I couldn’t even find the button
to turn on the flashlight.
Like, I was freaking out.
– Yeah.
– No, no, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no! I can’t do anything!
Turn on!
– I want you to know that we
were all
sitting in a room where
we could only hear you scream.
There was, like, a moment when
you just lost it.
– [screaming]
Damn it.
– And we all just looked at each
other like,
– Okay, this is serious.
– This is serious.
Vernon, I would like you to know
that we were kept in a room
where all we could do
was hear you scream.
– Yes.
– Yeah, okay.
– And you screamed
louder than Trisha.
– Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
– [laughs]
– Thank you. Thank you.
I would like all women watching
this to know
that I’m a very
sensitive man,
but I feel like I
was tough enough to do this.
– [laughs]
– He’s a tender guy.
– Tough but tender is
how I like to–
– If you want poor resource
this is the guy for you.
– Oh, no.
– So, Rob, clearly as holding up
a solid fourth place…
– Yeah, taking up
the tail here.
– Where did it go wrong?
– It didn’t.
Uh, I don’t know why you would
assume such a thing.
– That was your intent the whole
– Well, there’s a little thing
called analysis paralysis,
where if you try to focus on too
many things at once,
it screws you up
more than anything.
So I tried to focus on the two
primary things
I had to focus
on, which were the hallways.
And see, as long as you just
keep going like this,
you’ll see them.
The cameras are helpful when you
close a door
and you can see if
they’re still out there,
but looking at them
any other way
is just kind of a waste of time,
and you’re kind of taking your
attention off,
and that’s kind
of what they’re waiting for.
– Yeah.
So fourth place.
– And then–
and fourth place came in
where I just said,
“Okay, I’ve made my point.
Everyone’s smarter now because
I’m here,
and now it’s time for
me to go.
And just pass it on.
– Well, to me, knowing that
battery power was
the big limiting factor
in a lot of this–
– A little bit.
– So my strategy ended up being
wait for them
to get as close to the door
as possible
before you slam it shut.
Here we go.
Get close. Get close.
So it was a lot about, like,
facing the fear head-on.
– I mean, it was amazing
to watch you guys
all go through it.
Everybody sort of deals with it
in their own way,
and it’s so symbolic of how,
you know,
when you’re watching people go
through a haunted house,
everybody brings something else
to the table.
Fear is subjective.
Everybody responds differently
to fear.
Some people laugh,
some people cry,
some people piss their pants,
some people faint.
Some people have a seizure.
– What about, uh…
all: Fear poops.
– Fear pooping we’ll throw in to
the mix there
without a doubt.
– So why are so many people
scared of,
like, Chuck E. Cheese
and animatronics?
Why are people scared of the
things that they’re scared of?
– It’s–it’s such a good
I don’t entirely have an answer.
I mean, I have a thought as to–
– One might say
you might have a theory.
– I have a theory.
– A theory.
– The biggest fear is the fear
of the unknown.
It sort of taps into what we
were afraid of as children,
and we didn’t understand
animatronics probably as kids
and we probably couldn’t
understand why this giant animal
was alive and talking to us
and trying to play with us.
And so maybe that fear
of the unknown–
– Get your mind out of the
gutter, Trisha.
– [laughing]
– Trisha.
– In my experience, specifically
with Blackout,
it’s all psychological.
– Nothing I could put in the
room is gonna scare you
as much as whatever you’re
thinking in your head.
– So let’s wrap things up here.
When it comes to FNAC and
actual real life fear responses,
I think this was really
Because first off, everyone
makes fun of these games
because, oh, you’re a security
who’s trapped in a single
room and can’t leave,
but what I myself
experienced was,
hey, that was my safe spot.
And I was scared
to leave that room
even when I knew that
all the other animatronics
were coming in.
My fight or flight response was
hide in a corner…
– [laughs]
– Mm-hmm.
– Hide in a corner in the room
where they’re attacking you.
It’s like the biggest horror
movie cliché,
and yet it proved
to be true
when I was faced with that
situation in real life.
One of the things
that you don’t really
experience in the game
but you do in real life
is that the animatronics,
you see them coming at you.
Sure, there are certain corners
that are tighter than others,
but for the most part, you have
enough reaction time
to shut a door or flash a light
or run the heck
in the other direction.
On one hand,
it works in your favor
because you see the horror
coming at you.
And like we’ve been discussing,
once you see the monster,
you know kind of
what the danger is.
You know how fast it’s coming
towards you.
You know what sort of harm it
might present you.
So you become better prepared
as a result.
But on the other side, as you
see it approaching you,
you feel the pressure
and all the sudden, it’s “Okay,
I got to flick it right now,”
which is a really interesting
So there you go.
That’s something that, because
of the nature of these games,
you don’t experience,
but in real life,
it’s a mechanic that exists.
I think it’s time–hey!
There we go.
– Oh!
– There we go.
– I think it’s time we celebrate
this birthday party.
There it is.
I have never used one of these
things before, so I–
I’m terrified of the unknown!
Oh, god, it’s in my mouth.
Oh, my god.
I think that–
I think the biggest lesson
of today
is that the true horror…
is silly string.
[muttering indistinctly]
– [muttering indistinctly]
– It won’t open!
Like–like in the game, there–
you can’t open the effing box.
– Who did that?
– Thanks.

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