– Intervju med Bob Casino på LAC 2018 – Intervju med Bob Casino på LAC 2018

hello everyone LEC 2018 we’re here with Michael who’s the marketing manager of pop casino hi everybody jobless and Michael from Bob casino I hope you having a good time like we and I’m happy to see this last time you spoke to Alisha at Sigma what’s change with Bob casino what’s you who finish our Christmas campaign which was very successful it made some player is really happy we got more campaigns some personal dedicated stuff for all players so now when you go on the website you can check the promotion page and also talk directly with a bob on a chat as well as we run Bob TV which is in Russian language at the moment but we’re gonna add more languages very soon so you can chat and talk with Bob and see how he is swimming and playing online casino games with our website at the moment when you go on the website you just log in you see all your bonuses in your bonuses tab so you can just choose and what’s more special for you and just play and enjoy so these these features that you’re talking about they’re already available right yes there’s a brush available thing this is fresh thing yeah I mean we got announcements when the Bob TV is life and also there are some draws every time I think it was ps4 to give away our last time and we make our play since it’s LHC 2018 is there anything upcoming that’s not out yet anything wanna announce you wanna talk about you wanna a tease let’s say so now we’re gonna add more value to casino break races so it will be bigger and more massive as well as we might shop tour website very soon so include cavity shirt or others this is on progress also we did add a VP managers to the players so now you get special dedicated bonuses every time you play pizanno’s which is more fun to the people who are having been above casino yet you want to tell them like why they should go to your website like yeah guys I mean like it’s not only about Bob casino but about their services we do like when you go there you just have a ton free spins no deposit required as I said in motor so this campaign stays lifetime mm-hmm and then you get some welcome package which can you enjoy also all campaigns which are on the website are available to you anytime 24/7 great all right okay follow the law guys okay is there anything else you want to mention to the organs you guys bless you I wish you a lot of winnings and wonderful comic book casino you’re very welcome and we’ll wait for you lovely talk to your minds very much and we show the best thank you see you next time

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