Tails.. not in public.. | Sonic Mania Gameplay (Stardust Speedway Zone)

Tails.. not in public.. | Sonic Mania Gameplay (Stardust Speedway Zone)

Hey guys welcome back to Sonic mania so in the last episode we have the very anticlimactic ending
Do you remember that as weird and we ended up adding a crazy emerald tour our collection here?
Three more are we gonna get in this next stage. I don’t know let’s see. I love this music my goodness
Yeah, normally. I can’t your music, but I got like headphones on finally so I can listen to the lovely jams so good
What’s this?
Alright worst enemy in existence. Oh
But if I’m running yeah, okay that that could probably get annoying I can see that
all that sound
The sounds oh man. I love them so cool. Oh
This is this cooler when you do it on top. No, I used to go punk. Oh it still does
Good job good job creators. Oh, whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa hold on. I am so confused ah
seizure warning
Something up there. I saw something it looked like the end of the stage fusion time buddy. Let’s do this
Oh, what is this? Oh?
That’s what’s been spawning these dummies. Oh, this is so cute. I look oh, no never mind
You just ruined it for me buddy
Ouch okay Pac-Man plan hurts who is this?
This is not this is not donkey Kong hold on there’s a there’s a ring around here
I can I can smell it. No, okay just this
No, it’s just me that weird smell. Oh
I did not know what to expect from that
No, actually I knew what I could expect death but but you know I’m glad I was wrong for once for once you know it
happens occasionally
Am I going to be able to circle back around and get the other stuff?
Hopefully this takes me ah you would shade he gave you all right?
The music like instantly makes me feel better in this stage
Hey tailspin you are you you’re you just you just something is what you are
If you thought that you were nothing well let me tell you you are definitely something
I’m not gonna. Tell you what I’m just gonna. Leave it as something because
Something is is the same as anything if you think about it and if you try in life, you can be anything ow
Except for a Pac-man plant do not be one of those bad boys
Why did I just jump into your face again tails? Can you come here buddy fly up okay? I?
Can’t control you at me at the same time fusion
All right, we’re party oh
Yes, please all right. I’m liking this so far
Pretty simple, what’s that? Do these birds do anything are they decoration?
I feel like I’m getting into getting myself killed if I try to even attempt to
To touch them or something all right. There’s a lot of
Bombs there’s a lot of bombs
Oh, no, aah
Tardis, I’ll just edit that out that never happened
Stop it. I don’t know what you’re gonna do but you had a bad look on your face. Come here now. Come here
It’s okay. It’s okay. Oh
He’s shy, what’s down here anything interesting a bone all right?
Yeah, I’ll just run right by you make your whole job pointless speaking of pointless. What was that?
No, nope. Oh, there’s another path
All right, let’s do that then
Tricky game all right welcome to donkey Kong Country guys
Today, we’re gonna be playing through the sonic theme stage where where’s the other? Oh there it is okay?
Good nope. Let’s try that again
I didn’t get scared nope. Yeah, we’re we’re some blue. Oh there we go
And then there was six. I almost didn’t make that jump aha here. We are
All right, 120 coins close almost
Whenever the camera changes like that. I think it’s about to be a bow-wow. I wanna go this way
This looks like a cool way the cool kids
Go this way right poor song I can feel kind of bad when he’s like bouncing around like that as a ball
Savas is deaf right no samus goes into a ball, too
But it looks like samus actually wants to turn into a ball this will just forces them into a ball get in there
Where you belong?
It’s the mother
He’s angry about me killing all the children wait. Come a little bit lower there you go. Oh
All right sub to sashBG he give you this subtitles guys!
All right
Oh yeah, there’s another pro strat. You can like charge up to spit out. Yeah, probably not the best way to show you guys
We have you hold the thing I finally figured out how to do it. You just hold jump alright. Just not messing around
I’m gonna Die good job tails. We got the
Then yeah good job good job side good job. You did good to the hole spinning and falling thing
Did this just reference what I think it referenced?
I’m not sure what’s happening? I feel like there’s so much plot involved right now
But there’s also so much good music. It just doesn’t matter
but-but-but-but of that
It makes my bad gameplay a little bit better. Can we stop this this stage is very punishing?
Okay, you see it. You can’t have it
There’s nothing down there. That’s good
Okay, maybe I just got go straight up, then I
Think the game would like to reward me for that. Oh, yes, it will
Tonight can I stop doing that that’d be nice?
All right fine. I didn’t want to go to a special stage anyways. Oh rocket lunch. Oh, he’s talking it
Oh, wow the firework – that’s cool
Tails tails we talked about this not in public
Are you guys confused? I’m confused right now. I don’t know what’s happening I
Just know there’s a lot of movement going on
Okay, we stopped good. Haha
Just what I was looking for this is like the mother lode of coins right here
One more of those bad bat boy puppy yep, and then we’re golden
no, I
Dodged it, and then I’m like did you see that red ball? Oh?
Yeah, I know. I I don’t know sonic I’m starting to wonder too. This is very eerily quiet. Oh
Shoot oh
No, it’s Metal sonic
All right, we run
That’s how we whoa. Okay, all right. We can fly too. That works yep
I better just run because I think he knows everything. I’m gonna do and I know everything. He’s gonna do
Reference isn’t it
Relax guys, it’s just a Jojo reference. Oh
Well, what is this now tails this doesn’t really work? Oh, oh, I gotta smack it back into him. Yeah
again, oh
No, no
No next come on
Just love going tails. Come on. He was our friend
Hey, that was three hits come on. What kind of techno game is this oh
I can’t tell if this is endless or not
Okay, all right won’t go that way oh what?
Um all right. I just ran away from you then
Come back here
Well, I want to enjoy myself a little bit man. We sped through this act
We also missed a lot that doesn’t matter oh
oh, no, oh
I am so sorry
Did I tell you guys that flying Zone is the best stage never mind never mind?
This is the best stage
Except for the whole drowning bit. It’s just that you know the water stages are really good
Yeah, I know you probably oh, shoot, okay, alright
Thank you for watching guys. I hope you liked the next episode. That’s gonna come out tomorrow
I don’t know what we’re gonna do but we’re gonna do it really quickly

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  2. i hate hydrocity vian i cant get thour it it sucks vian do you think the same and im stuck on this stage

  3. I will keep watching every single video that comes out from you,I find them fun and they help you,so expect me commenting a lot on your videos


    Hey do you know that this game was made by fans being hired by sega to make an official sonic game, and the one who made the music is a YouTuber called tee lopes

  4. Is it wrong that the exact same thing happened to me on the fifth special stage only I was at mach 3 when it happened? Hit by spikes, fall off the track, repeat!

  5. I never knew Tails thought the way he does until you played Sonic Mania. Thank you for showing the true colors of that two-tailed fox Vian.

    This is seriously my favorite stage, love the boss fight. Hydrocity is a close second tho.

  7. How do you know what he is doing when you're still getting hurt?

    your next line is, "It's all about the references"

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