TCL 6-Series: The Best 4K HDR TV for Gaming in 2018!

TCL 6-Series: The Best 4K HDR TV for Gaming in 2018!

– Last year TCL caught
the TV world off-guard with the release of
the fantastic P-Series. Last week at CES, I was able to check out the follow-up to last year’s model, and it’s even more impressive
in a bunch of ways. In this episode, I give you
a look at the TCL 6-Series, and tell you why this is going to be the TV to watch here in 2018. What’s going on, tech squad? Andru Edwards here,
editor-in-chief of If this is your first time here, this channel’s all about
tech, gadgets and gaming, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the
subscribe button down below along with the Bell notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I said, today I’m
gonna be telling you about the follow-up to last year’s
outstanding P-Series from TCL. At CES they gave me a look
at the brand new 6-Series. By the way, big shout out to
TCL for sponsoring this video. But as I mentioned, last year in 2017, TCL pretty much surprised
everyone in the tech game with the release of the P-Series. The P-Series was a 55-inch 4K HDR LED TV with Dolby Vision and the Roku
TV operating system built-in that sold for just $650. A lot of people saw that price tag and wrote off the P-Series, saying if it’s that cheap
it can’t be that good. But all those people were very wrong. With a 72 zone full array
local dimming backlight system and expanded color gamut,
the P-Series performed as well as top tier TVs
from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony at a
much cheaper price tag. So let’s talk about what’s changed from last year’s P-Series over to this year’s 6-Series. First there is the design. One of the biggest complaints about last year’s P-Series was that while the actual picture
on the display was amazing, the body of the TV looked
kind of cheap and plasticky. The 6-Series does away with the plastic and trades it in for a
high-quality metal frame, which does a great job at
making the TV look like a premium product while keeping the bezels along the front of the
display to a minimum. Another change from last year, the 6-Series will be available in both a 55-inch and a 65-inch version. When the P-Series was
introduced last year, TCL announced those same two sizes and later scrapped the 65-inch version, which was going to be
released at the end of 2017. Instead they opted to go a few more months without a 65-inch version
so that they could launch it on the improved 6-Series instead. This is exactly what I was
hoping for from the P-Series, so to see it arrive
here with the 6 makes it all the more lust-worthy
for the average consumer. The 6-Series models also come with a new Roku voice remote, built-in ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi and three HDMI 2.0a ports. But enough about the design
and the size of the TV. What really matters here
again, is the picture quality and I am happy to say based on my limited time with the product, TCL has once again knocked it right out of the park. First, the 6-Series is also FALD, that’s full array backlighting, which is exactly what you want if you’re looking to buy an
LCD with an impressive picture. They’ve also added more backlight zones. The 55-inch version ships
with 96 backlight zones. That is up by 24 from last
year’s 55-inch P-Series, which had 72 zones, so
there’s an improvement there for picture quality and contrast. If you opt for the 65-inch
version of the 6-Series, you get 120 backlighting zones. Again this means you should
see improved contrast and less blooming when
compared to the previous model. Of course you still get that same support for high dynamic range in
Dolby Vision and HDR10 flavors, along with that higher color gamut. The panel support to DCI-P3 color space, thanks to the all-new IPQ engine, which is tailored to deliver
accurate and optimized color space coverage. There’s also TCL’s NBP Photon technology, which delivers even more realistic colors, targeting the DCI-P3 color space so that when you’re watching your content you’re seeing it the way Hollywood meant for it to be seen. TCL’s also making it
easier to place your TV. Whether you’re putting it in
a dark room or a sunlit room, the HDR Pro Gamma’s tone map will accurately reproduce every detail within both the darkest
and brightest scenes. Now the 6-Series wasn’t
all TCL had on display. There’s also the brand
new 5-Series as well. While the 5-Series doesn’t
have the metal design of the 6, you’ll still
find Dolby Vision support, HDR Pro Gamma, 240 hertz natural motion, and the same networking features
and ports as the 6-Series. In addition to that, the
5-Series will start at 43 inches and go up to 65 inches. Lastly, there was also the
TCL Roku Smart Sound Bar. The Smart Sound Bar can be paired to a TV or simply be used as
a stand-alone speaker, and supports voice control, but this one won’t be available
until the Fall of 2018. If you’re interested in the TCL 6-Series you will not have to wait too long. It will be available this Spring. The company has not announced pricing yet, but don’t be surprised if
we see the 55-inch 6-Series slide in to where the 55-inch P-Series was at $649, making it again, probably the best deal dollar for dollar in the TV space today. Of course, if you want a 65-inch version, no pricing there and nothing
to judge from last year since there was no 65-inch version, but obviously it will cost a little more than the 55-inch model. There you have it, guys. Let me know if you’re in
the market for a new TV, and what you think of TCL 6-Series. Drop your comments down below and I’ll meet you there
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watching as always, guys. I appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards, and I will
catch you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “TCL 6-Series: The Best 4K HDR TV for Gaming in 2018!”

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