Teaching Chemistry – Periodic Table I Have…Who Has…(Overview)

This is James, of Bond with James, and this
is the Periodic Table of Elements, I Have…Who
Has… card sort activity.
There are a total of 20 cards in this set.
This is a looping activity.
So this means, basically, it doesn’t matter
where you start in the set…I can start with
this card; or any other card.
The game will come back full-circle to the
card that started it off because the way this
works is students would read their word.
Then they would read their clue, they would
have to pay attention to the clues that are
being read.
So for example, I have nonmetal, who has…and
then they read the clue.
The next card would be this one.
And eventually all the clues would link back
to the original card, so the game would end
once it comes back original card.
So there are again 20 cards in this set.
So let’s say, for example, if you wanted to
play as a whole class and you had the magic
number of 20 students – each student would
receive a card and they would play until they
came back to the original card.
Now let’s say, for example, you didn’t want
to play as whole class or you didn’t have
20 students, you could always play in small
Since there are 20 cards, let’s say you put
the students into groups of 4, you can give
each student 5 cards.
And again, they would play the same way.
They would just start wherever.
I have alkali metals…who has…and they
would continue going around until they came
back to the card that started it off.
That is the Period Table of Elements I Have…Who
Has…card sort activity.
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