Tecmo Super Bowl III [SNES] Wild Card Edition | Gaming Off The Grid

Tecmo Super Bowl III [SNES] Wild Card Edition | Gaming Off The Grid

hey guys gaming off the grid here are
you ready for some football we are –
it’s about tumble you rip each other
apart and some Tecmo Super Bowl three
the final edition I’m so excited to jump
in and start playing some football and
speaking of excited today we’re drinking
by Oskar Blues it’s an imperial stout
aged in bourbon barrel and it’s very
hard to come by so in this episode we’re
gonna draw from a hat
what playoff teams are available and
then we’re gonna go head to head so you
know the drill make sure you hit that
subscribe button and ring that Bell icon
so you never miss an upload and sit back
relax pour yourself a beer if you care
to and stay tuned for this episode of
gaming off the grid
all right here we go 1v1 we’re gonna
play some Tecmo Super Bowl final edition
and we’re gonna draw our team’s every
team for a wildcard weekend is in here
that is in this game so that excludes
the Houston Texans yeah so uh you get to
go first here we go Cowboys America’s
Sweetheart let’s see what we got here
the San Diego super chargers I’m pretty
Oh kisses back when I think they had
Natron means as they’re running back and
he was a hammer Cheers
best of luck to you not mmm won the toss
you know why you don’t want to return it
you’re gonna kick off no fur to the
second half all right we’re playing this
on the original Super Nintendo original
Hardware on an old Zenith console CRT TV
come on baby better than this oh I
thought I was about to break free dude
so schema was the last version of this
game on the Super Nintendo hints is why
it’s called the final edition there’s a
little more offerings on plays and stuff
like this that’s kind of cool it is kind
of unique how you pick the plays and the
play book spine like button combinations
instead on defense basically you’re just
trying to guess the opponent’s play if
you do you blow it up like all-out blitz
style so that’s a pretty intense there’s
one the Cowboys are red-hot you got any
Matt Smith and Aikman and they don’t
look redhot to me they look blue come on
I thought I had it for a second yeah
what’s kind of annoying about this game
is once the play is started you can’t
change your character at least I don’t
allow yeah I’m pretty sure you’re right
you can change who you’re gonna throw to
yeah but what like on defense yeah I
think the guy that you’re gonna be which
is hard cuz you can guess a play and be
way wrong and then you’re screwed you
just kinda look hopefully the computer
can pick you up
oh I guess I didn’t know a play is a
baracy I’ll take it I’m so bad these
sports games pretty good at like arcade
sports games but this is this isn’t an
arcade I don’t think no it’s it was
their attempt I think it’s some sort of
simulation football I’m freakin went
right in your trap a dive tackle it’s
hard to miss back in college I used to
be really good techmo ball I don’t think
I’ve played much of take my boy I played
a lot of em toe
oh man you were wide open
oh man freakin I feel like the defense
is so much faster oh they are you gotta
do the weave this snake back and forth
across the field where do you our game
now I’ll take it come on Cowboys I
usually don’t cheer for you in real life
but I’m cheering for you today
oh is that for us
yeah this fourth down it’s gonna kick
the field goal you can back out of them
if you hit B absolutely I’m not a
yeah 31 yard t-d right down Broadway I
play it safe and I usually like to go
for it
which is scary take a little short on me
oh great
oh yeah come on take that to the Baja
let’s go oh there we go
Oh but I tried the onside kick and Hall
says he’s an offensive lineman that
beating really fast for a Weidman I
think I might have missed this Oh dad
how do you miss it I was gonna not that
your guy broke through the line so I was
like shit I gotta get get this off Wow I
might have guessed her play there I
don’t know but that was pretty quick
Heat yeah that was I did not have much
dang it oh I prefer well perform well
under pressure bum bum ba ba bum bum oh
no no come on come on get to the goal
line Troy Aikman destroy it we destroy
mate Minh all right down the freakin
bullet right of the zero oh yeah I ran
for your entire team okay that I read
that wide open
well maybe no no get him oh no whoa he’s
there 57 yard game you stay on the mail
Humphries don’t sleep on him folks what
the heck man oh and they found means
bass days ah man that guy was charging
elderly oh sorry sob oh it’s a battle
yeah it is 1414 right in the Rican Stars
and Stripes cowboys that’s not what I
why is it freaking doing that stuff do I
get the ball I think I got the ball
look man he did Widow open there’s still
two minutes left
don’t you have time come on tick tock
I shoulda concha Oh crabs wins I thought
there was a break and I was scared
oh oh oh no come on No stop him how did
I know you’re gonna do that how did I do
we’re doing the onside and I missed it I
was trying to walk with my defender from
bad there’s still some time left
yeah sure there is one Ziggy here we go
can he do it ladies and gentlemen can he
do it I think yes
you can play fast though
all right wild card round goes to you
Cowboys hopefully they advance in real
life I can keep playing as on next week
but this game is sweet there’s kind of a
learning curve button wise and sound
like that and it’s not as responsive as
the most modern football games but it’s
really fun yeah it’s definitely a pick
up and play one of those type of games
we love sports games you don’t have to
take too serious you know you just sit
down and have a good time with and this
falls right in that category and it’s
fun playing on old hardware I always
love doing that on the old school yeah
it just feels so cool and I love playing
retro games and talking about love what
do you think of this beer I love this
beer yes this is a fantastic Imperial
style that 1050 by Oskar Blues this is
the third or fourth year in a row I’ve
had this beer by Oskar Blues brewery
it’s a very spin D beer but I gotta say
it’s worth the spin this is a fantastic
beer yeah it’s really good there’s a lot
of flavor and it’s really
smooth and when I first saw the can I
did not know what to expect because it
comes in this and so I my hopes were not
high but this is really good yeah I
guess what else would you want from an
Imperial Stout
I think this checks all the box and
though it’s well balanced its barrel age
so it does have a little bit of a
whiskey kick there is a little bit of a
burn it’s 13 percent yeah but it’s one
of those beers that’s a delicacy it
really is and to be able to just give it
a few times a year or a couple cans of
it a year is something I look forward to
and I think we’ll continue to look
forward to moving forward so if you get
out and get your hands on some of this
you will not regret getting the 10 fitty
and in honor of the playoffs you should
just get out and play some old retro
football games like Tecmo Bowl or NFL
Blitz or something like that it’s just
so much fun and as always thank you for
continued support and subscriber to the
channel keep gaming keep drinking we’ll
see you next time on game it off the
yes very hard to come by as well so in
this we are to the UFO playoffs have
arrived and it’s about time we rip each
other apart in some but what’s the name
of the game yeah okay somewhat yeah
today we’re reading ten fitty by Oskar
Blues it’s an imperial stout that’s
something I though oh did you hear like

14 thoughts on “Tecmo Super Bowl III [SNES] Wild Card Edition | Gaming Off The Grid”

  1. My Seahawks lost yesterday. I hate being a sports fan……favorite sports game? NBA jam, NFL blitz and WWF No Mercy.

  2. I laughed at the 6 40's. Run Forrest run. And I'm going to need tree fidy lol and my favorite old sports game is Tecmo Bowl and as Raiders because Bo Jackson knows football

  3. The original tecmo bowl is still my favorite but the original super tecmo bowl is up there too. I love being able to drop back with Marino to the end zone and throwing to the other end zone lol

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