Ted Leonsis on the future of sports gambling | What’s Next?

Ted Leonsis on the future of sports gambling | What’s Next?

-I liken sports betting
to Wall Street. You can get a little bit of data
or a ton of data. You can be a day trader
or you can be Goldman Sachs, making billion-dollar bets. I believe the gamification
of all sporting events is a very,
very positive development, especially for the fans,
in that it will take an industry in an unregulated,
untaxed dark space and bring it into the light. Gaming and gambling right now
is on games of chance — you’re playing cards,
you’re rolling the dice, you’re pulling a slot machine. Sports betting is very,
very different. I don’t believe it will be
considered a game of chance. I think it will be a game
of skill. You’ll see a three-story,
most technologically-advanced, all glass-encased studio,
as well as a, like, sports bar, with screens at your table,
built into your table, screens everywhere
that’s streaming data, streaming games that you can bet
online in the building, that you can pull
your phone out and be able to make those bets
as you become mobile. Someone comes to you
in your seat and is asking, “Do you want a soda? Do you want a hot dog?” My belief is that people
will be coming to your seat and saying, “Do you want to bet
on the next period? The next half? You want to bet on this game that’s going on at the same time
in another city? Who’s taking the shot? Who’s gonna make the shot? Is it going to go into overtime? I bet you $5 that he misses
the foul shot. And that all gets done
in real time. And so you’ll see sports teams
now becoming more and more, and leagues becoming more
and more like technology, big-data companies. As an entrepreneur,
I’ve always been shocked at how long it takes for some
of these things to take off, and then, once they hit, how
fast and how big they become. We’re all in this age of
deconstruction and innovation, and that you have to stay
in front of things, and whenever you do that, and you can have institutions
feeding it and innovating
and investing in the space, you’ll get
higher quality output, and there will be more fun and
more engagement for the fans.

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  1. I already did sports Gambling not the greatest experience I ever had the house had way too much of an edge. the bets are to lean for the HOUSE. I won't be spending my money at Sports Gambling it was fun but everything is Planned you don't know if the Game your playing is FIXED or LEGIT.

  2. About that it just hit me when a guy said you have to really study every aspect of the game person health etc before you can ace it he said this can take yrs to ace it 99% of the time

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