Teej Kitty Special Card Games | English Subtitles |

Teej Kitty Special Card Games | English Subtitles |

Hello Friends, Here is a funny game for you
which you will enjoy to the core
This can be played by anyone in any manner
You only require a chart paper for playing this game.
Make divisions on chart paper
This game will be played using playing cards
and this chart paper
Print numbers of playing cards
1 -A to 10
11 for J and 12 for Q
Just remember one thing

There will be NO column for 13-K
Only 12 columns from A to Q
Now shuffle the pack of cards
Host will give the pack to playing member
I have to divide the complete pack in these 12 columns
And no column will remain empty
You an put as many cards in acolumn as you wish
Please see the demo

There is no time limit.
Now see how to score
We open the first column
Any A in this hand will be counted
If there are even 3 or 4 As, they will be counted

Similary, we go ahead for each column

How many 3s. NIL

4s on 4. NIL
5s on 5. NIL
6 on 6. One
7 on 7. NIL
8 on 8. NIL.
9 on 9.
10s on 10th column.
Js on 11. Nay.
One Q on 12th column.

Now value of cards remaining on chart will be totaled
Total is 19
Keep the score on a paper.
Highest scorer will be the winner.

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18 thoughts on “Teej Kitty Special Card Games | English Subtitles |”

  1. Please don't title your video in English if you're using a different language.
    Having said that I think I understood how to play !

  2. I kept this game in my kitty such easy n super quick 😍 liked n loved by all thanks for sharing looking forward for such game's

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