Teens Talk Back – Gaming

I spend two hours or more a day.
An hour or two,
an hour and a half everyday.
I spend like 3 hours on there so…
– Like, all day.
I personally do not
spend much time gaming.
I’m playing right
after school. Who’s in?
I do it before I do my homework.
Well it depends. Some online games
you can just go on. There’s going
to be a lot of people on there,
and you can meet some new people.
Like, I have a MySpace page,
so people send me app invites
to be my friend so
I can play against them.
It’s harder to find people
that you know in real life,
um, on all the games
that you want to play.
What’s that?
Do I smell a n00b?
Betcha didn’t know that
I control this land.
I joined a guild
and met other people.
At least 80% of the time it’s
people I don’t really know.
I try not to interact with
strangers when I game online.
I crush ’em in the game.
– Sometimes I try to get ’em banned.
I can’t deal with this girl
anymore. You’re finished B-Rock.
I just wouldn’t respond.
I guess I was winning and then they
started talking trash.
And then I was like: You shouldn’t
get mad. It’s just a game.
One day another player started
sending him threats online.
He ended up actually having to
contact the local police department.
You always encounter trash talk
and bullying in a game.
You just kind of have to ignore it.
– Just block him.
Man, people like that just
ruin the game for everyone else.

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