Tembak-Tembakan Mobile tapi Bukan PUBG | Free Fire Pertama Kali (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 65)

Tembak-Tembakan Mobile tapi Bukan PUBG | Free Fire Pertama Kali (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 65)

Halo! my name is Maya Putri. let’s play Free Flame! people said “don’t play with fire” BUT Virtual fire is okay right? hehe yo guys! because “Ayayam” nickname is not available, I change my nickname into “Ayayam-fire” why does “Ayayam” nickname always used? who use that? if the person who use it are a Pro player, I will forgive you! let’s try on Free Fire this is how you choose your character not making our own character like PUBG or PUBG lol let’s get starting! this is Classic, which classic? solo? let’s try the solo! it’s starting so fast we can rotate the camera when punching this is jumping this is sleeping? it’s starting guys the drop is so funky, the music too only 50 players on Freefire? lets check a bit, let me check the map first I don’t understand where are we? where is the ship? WHERE IS THE SHI- ah this one I see so small lol let’s go to the Peak! automatically parachute forward I am skateboarding on the sky? so dangerous! don’t imitate that guys, don’t skateboarding on the sky! let’s go to the house, house! HOUSE! HOUSE! yeah there you go a little bit more, yeah almost land on it suddenly become so silent so calm take this HAHA! SEE? I am so pro! who is the one that shoot me from behind? WAW MP40? what? where is the one that shoot me? hooo~ there is it! is there auto-aim? is there auto shoot at this game? it feels like, it’s automatically aim at there ah there is it no, you can’t do that my brother who is the one that shoot me from behind? I must flee! NO NO NONO, DON’T! COME IF YOU WANT! he’s gonna come AW, THE CONTROLLER! okay, a good start isn’t it? the thing that I must know is how to restore health and looks like I shouldn’t go and chase people like that aw it’s discoing again, always discoing wait, I want to speak so many people lol I can’t just go and chase people, I must find my own loot first so my bullets will not run out isn’t it guys? is it passing Peak again? oh no it’s so far let’s go to this one, Clock Tower! ah I can do this Open? what does this do? how to close it again? 100% people already land, I will go there then I hope there are no one at there THERE ARE! there are people that can’t land like me! NO, he land at there DEAD, I’M DEAD! only one house right? I see someone let’s punch them hey, don’t be like that the character run so slow, so relax like not running from happine- I mean “danger” what are you doing? so many people how can I reload? this game can’t reload? I don’t know oh he’s gone medkit, please give me medkit! how to use medkit? medkit, AAAAAA CLOSE! so mischievous! okay, I’m starting to understand this game little little can la~ little little understand la~ I see, that’s how you reload I am so smart! I see SCAR! SCAR! equip the SCAR I don’t know but I heard it before people that play PUBG huh? what is this? POLICE? POLICE! wrong press I have heard that PUBG player they said SCAR is strong! that’s why if there’s SCAR, I want to use it with this Ms.SCAR, everything will be alright isn’t I right Ms.SCAR? Ms.SCAR : “yes” if I fall from here will I take damage? I can’t fall down lol I don’t know where should I go so I can got a kill but, the one I want the most is “Medkit” because I’m currently hurt Medkit, are you in here? found medkit! yeah! ah I already got 2 lol I’m healthy! my healthiness is around 98% where should I go? I am ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! medkit! YEY! let’s find a big city sleep for a bit isn’t this a big city too? Pochinok? it sounds like Pochinki lol wake up! don’t sleep! I already at Pochinok XD lol am I the one that shoot? what? UV radar? what is that? what is that? so scary what is that sound? ah the safezone, the sound of the ring closing sounds like police chasing robber lol I don’t know, I just randomly think about that I never see police chasing robber is there anyone that have see it? forward, yes forward~ it’s so similiar with PUBG isn’t it? maybe they are influencing each other? I don’t know~ they are killing each other, where is it? what is this? use? what is this? what? I see, Upgrade! who is who who? there’s someone coming! the map also let us know where they fire from but it looks like I will be found out first by them because I don’t know how to play lol BUT WE WILL GO! because we Undaunted forward troops! where are you?! ah there it is! with the power of auto aim! why I can’t hit her? aw I’m so weak what? the remaining player are me and her? shut up, shut up shut up, shhhhh I got number 2! stylish~ okay, that’s “FreeFire” ladies and gentleman guys~ mister, misses, grandpa, grandma the game is is like neighbor battle royale it’s very similiar with PUBG it’s just I can’t say much, because I only play it twice, 2 match it’s just good for trainingg they got the auto-aim feature so you can, practice for how can I say that? increase your awareness? our understanding of our surrounding and can practice on how to deal with different situation for example wow so many people, where should I go? should I hide first or just go, yeah something like that~ isn’t it right? isn’t it? it’s very fun! don’t care what they say about it the most important thing is, do you happy playing it? isn’t it? if you are happy with it then it’s okay I’m happy, I play it~ don’t think about it too much~ if other people said something like that~ because each person have their own opinion, isn’t it? the most important thing is, we play it and we happy~ okay, let’s end it here today~ I hope you guys enjoyed it~ bye bye~

100 thoughts on “Tembak-Tembakan Mobile tapi Bukan PUBG | Free Fire Pertama Kali (Vtuber Indonesia/Episode 65)”

  1. Kak Maya, please.tambahin temen free fire dong!!.please saya gak ada temen mainnya,kalo mau nambahin temen nama saya

  2. Minecraft Player Be Like : …
    Free Fire Player Be Like : Gini Cara Itu…Gini Cara Ini….

    Player FF Jangan Tersinggung Ya 😅

  3. Cara reloed, pencet pistolnya, cara lari pencet tombol gambar lari, cara pake metkit, pencet gambar metkitnya disebelah diri tu

  4. Kak maya kalok shotgun itu kuat banget dengan cara jumpshoot atau lompat tembak shotgun itu lebih kuat dari pada smg nggak kayak di pubg 🙂

  5. Ciyaaaaa masih bronze..saya udh diamond dunkkkkkkkk….oya may klw mau naekin perangkat main rank..tp klw bsa jan coba coba main solo nti cpet mati yg ada perangkat nya turun..mau main sama akun kecil ku ga..nama nya KuroKancingS..aku jago ny main rank..add aja klw mau mabar..itu akun kecil ya bru bikin lagi ..akun yg pertama dh dm 4

  6. Oya may klw bsa jan turun di peak..rame..klw bsa turun di mars electrik klw ga di kota tua klw ga di sentosa aja..cari yg aman..klw udh merasa jauh baru ke peak may..

    Recommended senjata

    Jarak jauh:Famas Scar Groza AWM M60 AK MP41 MP14 SVD
    Tapi kalo SVD dpt dri airdrop

    Jarak deket:Shootgun SPASI MP10

    Rc Pistol Jarak deket
    G18 USPM500 Seperti maya pake wktu pertama itu yg paling sakit sama G18 klw jarak dkt Oya lupa dan MP40 yg maya pake warna merah itu buat jarak deket.tp boros peluru

    Dah itu aja..Anak epep mana suara nya

  7. Oya pake croosbow may kena pala auto headshoot damage nya gede..klw kena pala 509 damage nah ..wktu tu w cba soal nya eh beneran

  8. Kak kapan kapan Mabar ya ^^
    Teman teman yang mau Mabar juga boleh kok ^^

    Idn : Djumini
    Rank : Platinum
    Guild : •Kalimantan ( ketua )
    (Bagi yang mau join langsung aja )

    Dan tolong ya 😁
    Yang mau pertemanan tolong komen
    Soal kadang kalo gak kenal
    Ku hapus 😅

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