Tesla has HIDDEN VIDEO GAMES Built in!

(beeping) (upbeat music) – We have our friends, Ky
and River in town right now and we are going to do a
fun little video because last night the version
nine of the Tesla software update just happened. – It’s here! – It’s here. And one of the coolest things. – That’s what we’re doing! – [Daniel] That’s what
we’re doing, Lincoln. – Yes! – [Daniel] Lincoln didn’t
know why we rode our bikes all the way up here to this beautiful spot with all the rocks and everything, by the airport, which
a plane just took off, by the way it was pretty cool. Lincoln, what do you
know about version nine? Why are you so excited? – It’s like complete auto pilot. It’s almost complete autopilot. – [Daniel] Not almost complete
but it is a better autopilot, that is true. Do you know about the new Easter egg? – No. – [Daniel] Yeah, let’s go find out! Let’s go find it, bud, hop in. – Have you seen it yet? – Yeah, I’ve seen it. Let’s shut all doors real quick. – Oh they changed it, right here too. – Oh yeah, the whole thing is different. Like this whole section
looks different like even the air conditioning,
look how different that is. – [Lincoln] Wow. – And then like the music is even set up a little bit different. – [Lincoln] Oh I like it though. – [Daniel] Go to Easter
eggs and find this thing. See if you see anything new on it. – Atari? – [Daniel] Atari? Do you know Atari is? Do you know what Atari is? – No but I’m thinking it’s a game. – Lincoln, do you know? So when I was young, like in the eighties, Atari was like the Nintendo
and they did video games. – Oh Ky was right. – [Ky] So what is this gonna be then? – Should I tap on it? – [Daniel] Tap on it. – I see a vitrous. – Oh, no way. – We got all the video
games from the eighties or the seventies. – [Lincoln] Oh, that’s awesome. (beeping) I think I’m the redded bot. (beeping) Do I shoot these guys? – [Daniel] This game is called
Centipede, you’re supposed to destroy the Centipede before
it gets to you and eats you or the spider gets you. – [Boy] Oh, you died! – You didn’t tell me that! Okay. – [Boy] Kill em, Lincoln! (beeping) Get em! (beeping) – [Lincoln] This game’s hard. – [Daniel] Not every games
as easy as Fortnite, Lincoln. – Yeah, that game’s easier. Ah, spider! What is this? – [Daniel] Game over, you lost. (laughing) – [Boy] Oh my God, that is so cool. (beeping) You got that. (beeping) – [Lincoln] One more! – [Boy] Kill it, no! – [Lincoln] I did it! – [Boy] Yay! – Okay so there are a few
games that are on this. One of them is Centipede. Lincoln’s learning, you got better, you went to like level three. That was pretty good. We’ve got a couple of games. – [Lincoln] No way. We have Asteroids? – [Daniel] Asteroids. – [Lincoln] Missile Command, Lunar Lander. Let’s try Asteroides. – [Daniel] K, move out of the
way, let’s let Ky do this one. Hop in the back. – [Lincoln] Did you play
with this last night? – [Daniel] Just this morning. – You have to kill all the asteroids that are coming at you. – Oh shoot, no! – That was pretty good. We have Asteroids, which
is a little bit difficult, we’re still figuring that one out. Centipede, that one’s pretty
easy to get the hang of. – [Lincoln] I like Centipede. – The next one, let’s try another one, Ky. Ky’s set on being a pro at this. – Ah! (laughing) – [Lincoln] Ah you drew
right into that one. – The next one. – [Lincoln] Missile Command. – [Boy] Try Missile Command. – [Daniel] K, Missile Command it is. Oh, look at those graphics. – [Lincoln] Pixelated. – [Ky] K. – [Daniel] 1980 see, it says Atari 1980, that’s when I was born. – [Lincoln] Kill it all, kill
it all, just kill it all. Nothing coming in this. – [Daniel] We need more
sound effects for this one. – [Boy] I know, right? – [Daniel] Oh no, one base gone. – [Boy] Two base down. – [Daniel] Oh they’re coming
for that base, get that guy. – [Lincoln] Go, go, go, go! – [Daniel] Oh! – [Ky] Yeah, that is hard. Oh what the heck. – [Lincoln] They got cool
graphics though, look at that. – [Daniel] Yeah. The end. (laughing) – Man, that was big time. 1980. Okay the last one we’re gonna try is. – Lunar Lander. – Lunar Lander. K Ky, go for it, buddy. This is the Lunar Lander so you’re that guy flying in the sky. – [Ky] Do I have to try and like? – [Daniel] And you need to
land down below and by the way, our screen is so nasty, fingerprints. – [Boy] Go the other way,
the other way, no, no, no! (screaming) Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. – [Ky] I’m gonna land
it, right down there. Thrusters, thrusters, thrusters. Oh no. (screaming) – [Boy] You were so close! You were so close. – We had that. Oh my gosh. – No! – Oh man. – Keep going? – [Boy] Land it, land it, land it now. – Straight. – Okay, let it go, let it go. No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh! – [Daniel] You just destroyed a hundred mega block lander and points. – Let’s go. – I just got 10 points somehow. No! Ah, but we created a two mile crater. – [Ky] Oh wow. – Go, go, go. – Oh no. No! How did that not work? When we land, we want it to be zero. – Start dropping, start dropping it. – Now go. – [Ky] Let go? – [Daniel] Gotta get to the air bags. – [Boy] No you gotta
leave it up to like 10. – [Lincoln] You wanna hit it lower. (cheering) – [Daniel] Oh he did it. Yes, 100 points! – Whoa! – OH wow, it is possible. You gotta come in slow, you
have to look at your vertical speed and really make sure so if you guys have a Tesla, try this out and let us know what your record is, like
how well you’ve landed. That’s the best we’ve done so far. We’re gonna be playing
around with this a bit more but anyway, you can’t do
this while you’re driving. This is only for something
when you’re parked. – Really? Ah, I wanted to do it
while you were driving like on a road trip. – I know, that would be fun. Or maybe while you’re super charging, why not drop in a video
game, a few video games into your car. That’s how cool Elon Musk is. That’s how cool Tesla is
when your car is basically an electric computer, you can just drop in these software update. Pretty fun, guys? – Yeah, that’s awesome. – [Daniel] Alright. Good luck with all your lunar missions. – Thank you. – [Daniel] Looks like we’re
already on Mars out here. Look at this place. (upbeat music)

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