TESLA MODEL S ROAD TRIP: 5000 Miles (PART 2) | Camper Mode at Joshua Tree National Park

TESLA MODEL S ROAD TRIP: 5000 Miles (PART 2) | Camper Mode at Joshua Tree National Park

Alright it is official you guys, we are leaving
We just bid farewell to my sister and the
The next stop is Joshua Tree National Park.
We are going to camp out there tonight.
Super excited about that.
Ok so we’re officially on our way back to
Atlanta and we are able to see exactly how
many miles we’re going to rack up on the
drive back simply by going to controls and
you see here we have our New Year’s Great
American road trip.
So far since we’ve left my sister’s house,
we’ve driven 44 miles.
By the time we get to Atlanta, we’ll know
exactly how many miles we’ve driven on our
way back home.
So one thing we’ve realized that might need
to be updated is with the autopilot feature
it doesn’t really do well with wide lanes,
so I’m going to show you how when you look
at the image on the dash, it’ll show you
how it’s only picking up the line on the
left side but not the right side because the
lane is just too wide for autopilot to be
able to recognize the lines on both sides
so it’s only picking up one side.
So autopilot is still functional, it’s still
working, it’s using the line it sees as
its point of reference to keep a straight
line going forward, so although it doesn’t
see the line on the right, it’s using the
line on the left to keep a point of reference
just like right now if we took it off autopilot
and we went further to the right and put it
on autopilot then it would use that line on
the right as it’s point for a reference.
So a little pingy here and there but not so
much to make you not want to use it.
And now the lane has actually gotten to a
normal size so now as you can see it has picked
it up so now it’s using both lines on either
side as a reference point.
So we just had to pull over and take in this
beautiful wind farm.
It’s probably one of the most beautiful
wind farms I’ve ever seen on a road trip.
It’s becoming a very increasingly popular
alternative source of energy.
Wind turbine generators use the power of the
wind to generate electricity.
And although this is way less harmful to the
environment than burning fossil fuels, in
order for this to actually work, it’s required
to have a minimum if 13 miles per hour wind
Alright time to get back on the road and head
to Joshua Tree National Park.
You know it’s about 80 degrees out here
but once we get to Joshua Tree National Park,
the temperature is going to dip significantly.
We are approaching our destination at Joshua
Tree National Park and it’s really convenient
because there is supercharger located right
outside of Joshua Tree National Park and there’s
also a Wal-Mart near the visitor’s center
so we’re going to stop in Wal-Mart, get
a few things that we need for camping tonight,
and then we’re going to head to the supercharger
station and then head into Joshua Tree National
Yeah we’re just trying to figure out what
we need, we’ve literally never been camping
before in our lives so we don’t know what
we’re doing so we’re just uh, we’re
winging it.
It’s going to be an adventure.
Alright so I think we got everything we need.
We’ve got ice, we’ve got a lighter to
light the campfire, we do need to go get firewood,
other than that we’ve got food, I think
we got enough stuff for camping for one night.
So we’re headed to the supercharger stop
that’s right beside Joshua Tree National
Park and it looks like it’s at a casino
or something.
I don’t know.
I think it’s a casino.
Tortoise Rock?
And completely empty.
So to get into the park at Joshua Tree National
Park, there’s actually 3 entrances, so there’s
the north entrance, the south entrance, and
then there’s the west entrance, and we actually
passed the west entrance coming up here, but
in order to get to the supercharger, we had
to, you know, pass by it.
Conveniently there’s an entrance that is
located not too far from away from this Tesla
supercharger station.
So it’s the Twenty-Nine Palms entrance which
is right next to the Twenty-Nine Palms Tesla
supercharger, so we are just charging up our
car and then we are going to head over to
that entrance and go ahead and enter the park.
So we are up bright and early to catch the
I think the best place to catch the sunrise
in Joshua Tree National Park is actually the
Cholla Cactus Garden just because, I mean,
check this out, it’s like this great beautiful
open space, you’ve got beautiful scenery
and you can see the sun rising just above
the mountain tops.
It’s gorgeous.
There are just so many beautiful places here.
Joshua Tree National Park is humongous.
So no matter where you go while you’re driving,
you’re going to be able to pull over and
see something extraordinarily beautiful.
Karl and I are trying to find a campground.
We saw one with some open spaces where we
could camp out but we didn’t really like.
It was really crowded and we really want a
camp ground where we can pull our Tesla into
the actual space where we’ll be camping
But the other one we were at is like you’re
just parking your car on the side.
So we’re hoping we find a campground we
can camp out that’s a little more spacious.
So these are little more like the campgrounds
we were looking for but we’re having trouble
finding one that’s actually open.
It’s really really busy this week for some
Even the park ranger said it’s kind of not
normal how busy it is this week.
So no luck at Ryan campsite, which is the
one we really wanted because it was so spacious
so we just got back on the road and we’re
going to keep driving and we’re going to
check out Hidden Valley so that’s even deeper
into the park, so I don’t know hopefully
maybe we’ll get lucky.
Ok there’s Hidden Valley campground right
up there.
Ugh it says it’s full.
Oh we’ll check anyway just in case.
Hidden Valley looks perfect too if we could
just find an open camp spot.
It’s nice and spacious.
It’s more secluded.
You can actually back you car in versus parking
on the side.
The Hidden Valley campground is like literally
perfect, you’ve got the Joshua trees, you’ve
got the rocks, it’s just beautiful and we
literally just missed a spot, like just missed
Some lady got it before we did.
We got one!
We couldn’t find one at Hidden Valley, so
we circled back around to try Ryan, the Ryan
campsite again, and we were passing by this
lady and she was like hey we’re pulling
out of this one if you want it so we took
it, yes, we got it!
So Karl is
filling out the information for our campsite.
So we have literally been driving around all
morning trying to get a coveted camping campsite
and we finally got one so I’m doing the
I am basically attaching this to this to let
people know this spot is taken.
It is official.
We have a campsite.
Done, this spot is taken!
So before we actually put this thing in camper
mode I want to show you guys what the battery
percentage is at because we’re going to
lose some battery over night obviously while
we’re in camper mode, but it’s not going
to be that much.
But I want to prove to you guys exactly where
it is before we start camping and then we’ll
show you tomorrow morning what it ends up
being at.
So right now it’s at 202 miles, now last
time we put this thing in camper mode, we
lost about 30 miles over night, so it’ll
be interesting to see what it ends up being
So just remember that.
It’s at 202 miles.
And it is 4:37 PM.
So by the time we leave tomorrow morning it
will be interesting to see just how much battery
was use overnight.
Alright so I’m not going to lie, we are
new to this.
You know one day I would actually like to
learn how to camp but this is a good start,
you gotta start somewhere.
This is cool though, I am so happy to be camping.
I’ve always wanted to do something like
Alright let’s begin.
First we are going to take out our blowup
This is our queen sized air mattress, it fits
conveniently in the trunk underneath this
compartment right here.
It’s where we put a lot of stuff.
Like I said, the trunk is super spacious you
A lot of people don’t believe me when I
tell them that.
And then of course you’ve got the pump and
we got blankets and stuff just to keep us
warm tonight and we even have a heated blanket.
So that actually might come in handy.
So of course because it’s a road trip, we’ve
got a lot of extra stuff but because there
are so many compartments and different things
like the frunk, that extra compartment space
in the trunk.
There’s so many different places we can
put our luggage and just extra things that
we brought for our road trip so that we have
enough space.
Alright so we just let the seats down.
That is the first step and you see, once you
let the seats down you see how much space
we have?
That’s a lot of space.
Yeah that’s a lot of room for two people
to lay down.
Step 2.
You can inflate just about any airbed in your
vehicle with a 12 volt pump.
And finally step 3, to put your Tesla in camper
mode, thanks to Tesla’s new software update,
all you have to do is select auto and under
“keep climate on”, turn it on.
Okay so that’s it, that’s pretty much
how we set up our Tesla so that we can camp
out in it.
And we literally just blew up an air mattress,
we out the seats down, and we just set up
the car that it only uses a little bit of
battery overnight and it’ll be perfectly
spacious and comfortable.
Alright we got it going.
Karl got in some good swings.
And now the fire’s going, our first fire
We did it.
Well Karl did it.
Karl you did it, so proud of you.
Babe, don’t, babe don’t drop it in.
It’s cool.
It’s cool.
So I’m really really proud of us, we tried
something completely new and different that
we’ve never done before.
Cheers to camper mode and the start of new
Well good morning, we just had a really great
night’s sleep so it is now 6:26 in the morning
and check that out, the mileage is down to
132, so yesterday it was at 202 so that means
we used 70 miles.
And it only took up about 30 miles the first
time we camped out on our way TO California
from Atlanta, but guess what, that’s because
we didn’t start putting it into camper mode
until, I don’t know, maybe 8:00 at night,
and then we woke up at 4 in the morning.
So that was way less time.
But it makes sense, because we put this in
camper mode at 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday
and now it’s 6:30 in the morning, so that’s
14 hours that we kept it in camper mode, and
it only lost 70 miles, I think that’s pretty
Seriously sad to say goodbye to this place
you guys, this is the most beautiful place
we’ve ever stopped at during a road trip
and I am really kind of sad to say goodbye
to it today.
But onto newer things, we’re going to go
to the Grand Canyon, so we will officially
say farewell to Joshua Tree National Park.
So we’ll catch you at the next stop.
On the final episode of our California road
trip series, we leave Joshua Tree National
Park and head off to explore the natural beauty
of Arizona and we suffer from our first real
case of range anxiety.
If you liked this video, give it a thumbs
up and make sure to hit the subscribe button
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Until next week, I hope to see you at a supercharger

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