Testing Apple’s FORGOTTEN GAME CONSOLE from 1996!

Testing Apple’s FORGOTTEN GAME CONSOLE from 1996!

I have an internet gem for you today.
What you are about to watch is a real commercial.
It is for Apple’s only ever
gaming console,
the Pippin atmark.
(beep beep beep)
(music starts, phone sounds playing)
-Let’s watch internet on your TV!
-Changes your television with “Woah!”
-Pippin Atmark, released!
APPLE now games are real
like, what the F**k was that?
To say this was a dark time for Apple would be an understatement.
Apple, including this product was not
very successful under CEO Michael
But you can’t say the Pippin didn’t contain innovations that were
ahead of its time.
The NTSC/PAL switch on the back eliminated region locking.
It’s games could be run in a Mac desktop computer!
It’s included modem allowed
browsing in the living room,
its operating system could be upgraded
It could run a standard full-size
keyboard natively and it wasn’t just
about gaming, no.
It was a play to take over the big screen in the living room as a whole!
(-almost what commercial said)
And I got one and a game.
Time for a glorious retro tech video,
I need to go find Linus.
(ah, the old LTT intro)
The white-dark Base Pro 900 from be quiet! features a modular design to
support a variety of layouts and
configurations! Check it out at the link below.
To start the insanity off, and remember
while I say this: This was a real policy.
While marketing the Pippin, Apple stated
that they were not allowed to use the
term “computer.”
Even though the Pippin was
manufactured by Mitsubishi, yes that
Mitsubishi and licensed to Bandai, yes
that Bandai, under Apple’s Mac clone
initiative and yes, Mac like computer. And
being able to call it one might have
even helped overcome the astonishing
$600 price tag, because for the time it
was even a pretty bangin one featuring a
Motorola PowerPC 603 running at 63
megahertz, six megabytes of shared memory,
128 kilobytes of NVRAM, and an
expansion bay.
-To put this price into
context of a game console, instead of a
computer, a PlayStation one launched at
299 dollars. The PlayStation 2 launched
at, again, 299 dollars. Four years later, however.
That- to put that price into perspective
the Pippin was over 900 us today when
adjusted for inflation.
Yo dawg, wanna check this out?
(Linus) What’s that?
(Luke) This is the atmark:
a console by Apple.
(Linus) A console by Apple!
(Luke) Yeah.
(Linus) Cool? Ha!
(Luke) Where’s your CRT?
(Luke) I’m gonna hook it up.
(Linus) You know what year it is
bro, right?
(Luke) Don’t worry about it. Uhhh…
Jump on three.
(flash back noises)
(Luke) It works!
(Linus) Wow!
(Luke) Okay!
(Linus) We landed in a 90’s living room!
(Luke) So convenient!
(Linus) This is fantastic!
(Luke) I don’t think you’re gonna get much from that!
(Linus) No, no, I got this!
(Linus) “something-something-something CD-ROM something-something-64”
(you know community can help you like us)
(Linus) For sale/use in Japan only!
(Linus) Alright you sourced this thing, do the honors.
(Luke) Okay… I’m surprised you-
(linus) Have-have you even had this opened? -Hoooly cow..!
(luke) Literally never out, yeah
(linus) Who keeps such an old console..?
(luke) Theoretically it’s never been opened..
(linus) Really?
(luke) Yeah.
It just wasn’t in this wrapping
(linus) 20 year old seals!
I’m having the ultimate Canadian experience
destroying seals. (luke) (Laughs)
(linus) You know what, there’s some English here
not much..
(luke) I’m assuming this is for
extended warranty if there’s like some
forms you can fill out.
(linus) What if we sent it? Cuz like Bandai still exists..
(luke laughs)
(linus) Look at this, everything still sealed!
Here’s the modem… glorious.
(linus) There’s that nice long telephone cord because who would have a phone jack
right next to their TV.
(luke) That’s the apple jack..
(linus) the Apple Jack!
(luke) So, this controller is ridiculous.
(linus) The irony being that in the 1990s Applejack cereal did exist
(Commercial) Charles Applejack cereal is part of this
complete breakfast!
Create what you like!
(Linus)..so Apple Jacked The Name.
(luke) oooh (laughs)
(linus) It’s got a ball mouse.
(luke) yeah.
(linus) That’s… ballin’
(luke) So you have left and right click and a
Ball mouse.
(linus) How are they expecting you to
reach these buttons, like this middle one,
it’s like exactly out of reach for the
both of my thumbs. This is not very
ergonomic. (luke) No it’s a very weird
controller. So this is the six disc kit
that comes with it .”INTERNET KIT” In all
Frankie online and then “ATMARK TOWN” in
all caps it’s a dress on a game I’ve
even been lucky so we have two games to
play maybe yes a dope okay okay
consulate Jim okay
is heavy Oh – how much did we pay for
this um give it to me straight
I think including the game it was
probably about 500 bucks hey man not
ever be the most revolutionary anything
about inflation it is $900 so I got a
pretty good deal with like five four
hundred dollars all right okay let’s
just if you wanted it to be a desk
computer that’s not a bad feature to
have had fund out on the front oh so
this is cool so it’s actually a toggle
switch so you can go VGA ntsc via
composite or pal via s-video okay Oh
believe this is an expansion fort down
here so that when Apple believed in
expandability for their devices PCI slot
so we’ll tag-team this I’ll find cable
do you plug them in socially all right I
can feel the static from this TV just
like attacking my head
yep oh no just kidding it literally oh
yeah okay I tried another life good yes
oh yes okay cool
Oh scary it’s like funny you told me the
double-edged sword of buying things that
are still sealed yeah oh oh it’s
delightful go for it man all right at
large town uh
you disaster nope okay we have to like
fully boot the computer every time that
we try to change something oh my
goodness oh my goodness
there we go Oh No what uh-oh it’s
probably like a social network so Apple
again years ahead of the game
always on online activation
okay yeah done
tactics mobility fleet zero zero seven
nine there it is
I’m pretty excited oh it is in perfect
condition this game saw very little you
so this is the game also cost almost as
much as the console what the total was
like five hundred
I think the console is like three
hundred and this was like two hundred
it’s okay the game will load in a few
you know I’ve explained this to the
viewers but maybe it’s worth explaining
to you expensing purchases is not magic
you still have to earn the money
all right this little promising
okay okay turn oh man look at the
graphic okay the audio so good you have
to sit through this no okay
it’s in English Wow laughing I’m elect
with the mouth you don’t use the
controller at all yeah look at that and
it makes sense because a lot of these
were just ports so start new game yeah
oh hey what am i doing interaction I’m
going with the world okay so any hopes
that I had about the game being in
English – no no subtitles either okay
I’m going to come up with something for
it the universe is in peril and only the
Gundam tactics mobility fleet zero zero
seven nine can save them it’s going to
totally wreck that city but those
graphics are too difficult to render so
wow I don’t know what I’m rooting for
right now Luke you’re up brah okay dude
Oh what I think I’m gonna try ms I’m
gonna carry the middle one I think you
already have all of them you know that’s
probably confirmed perfect okay let’s
just move our way over then this one
crew crew crap this is probably like a
mission explanation ah here’s a big rock
okay yeah that’s exhales it hey big
problem so we’re being deployed against
this ship and those three platform
things we’ll just go for a solid start
Oh timers going up okay wait you click
didn’t stop yeah if I do anything it
stops oh there’s more menus you probably
like let the game sort of happen and
then go in here and like manage your
ship great game this is not another
kinda game so far
okay I’m deploying pilot now
different pilot yeah done so now we’ve
deployed three seas
hey select them now nope
I mean oh the timer stops when the
things on screen move maybe try losing
them with that just out no just move the
screen I’m so bored right now the system
cost us $900 you have to enjoy it mmm
did he move now yeah no just button this
is a really tedious game very let me
give new orders to this guy you’re
actually playing now aren’t you yeah the
best game it’s ever made for the tippet
should we move up towards their Gundam
one of those buttons will be moved and
one of them will be attached we’re
getting better okay now I’m playing
Georgia dang it Garuda hmm all right
pretty sure he’s better than us no I
think any time anything gets close they
engaged one oh geez tell my family I
never liked them okay so the dudes are
starting to die well he’s starting to
oughta move away I think that’s what he
said I’m retreating I’m tired
no ty go home now I am very sleepy and
out of oxygen I must read didn’t plug
honey okay only one more shot yeah we
don’t gotta hurry up this is it yeah
hello my goodness notice I think we need
a bridge crew is what we need that’s got
to be how you move the big ship I think
when we get there it’s actually going to
go wait what Oh our Gundam is attacking
the big ship it put a fair amount of
damage I love that the the weight icon
is the little apple watch I feel like
I’ve been playing this game for a
literary we’re probably supposed to
intercept and destroy the platforms or
see there’s only two ones gone like are
we both here Oh
leading up on oh oh okay oh whoa whoa
accelerate to ramming speed
Oh maybe we’re going too fast nope we’re
going to use this one maybe this is like
combat sure try it they were different
oh oh I have no idea we did it though
why did you damage to a completely
different bar – probably shield
he’s one hole shot away from death and
one shield shot away from I don’t know
done I think that night I just wanted
yeah something I am a dad died and I
brought dishonor to my family that’s
probably not far and the others will get
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thanks guys for watching this video on
the at mark Tiffin yeah this floor is
Luke’s brainchild project yeah so let
them know and the likes and dislikes and
comments below what you thought also
down there you’ll find a link to our
merch store as well as our community
forum which you should totally joint but
you won’t find down below is a link to
time for a glorious retro tech video I need

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