TESTING VIRAL EYELINER STICKERS! does it really though???

TESTING VIRAL EYELINER STICKERS! does it really though???

Hey it’s Fei!
How you doin’
How’s it going?
Today, is another TT with Fei
It’s been awhile , I know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You know like Farrah from Teen Mom
How she cries.. I’ve been doing that so often lately
Well, not actually crying
but you know when how she’s talking and she’s like *crying face*
All teen, no shade
For today’s episode of “Testing Trends with Fei”,
I am bringing you guys this QuikKat eyeliner strips
and you guys have been requesting me like, crazy on Instagram
You guys been dm’ing me
Like, “Fei, try this, TRY THIS, LELELELELEH”
heh, I already got it
I had this for awhile in my room, I’ve just been really “busy”
by “busy”, I mean lazy (same)
what’s the difference??
But before I jump into today’s video,
I wanna give a quick shoutout to @kpopmeent
Because they are having a tour for Zion.T
I personally like saying “Zion”
He is going to be at six cities
and I’m gonna leave all the information down below
with the tickets and everything
So if you are a fan of his music, this is your chance
because he coming to ‘murica.. and Canada
click the link down below if you go or get information
DO IT, Ok?
I am going to be jumping into the review today
or the first impression, or the whatever you wanna call it
It comes in a very dainty little bag like this
So you know it’s home grown, okay?
There is a lot of strips and I’m talking a LOT
I mean like,
Hey there huhuhuh
There are 32 total strips
So, 16 left wings and 16 right wings
Oh! By the way, if you don’t know what these are,
These are called qui- *sigh* *whispers* dropped them again
They are ready to go eyeliner stickers
That you basically press onto your eyelid and then you peel it off
and then bam, you can go out
I’ve tried a lot of different like, eyeliner techniques and videos and tools,
Which I can link or whatever “cardit”
“cardit”? huhuhuh
credit card *slap noise*
It claims to give you a perfect cat-eye wing
It’s fast and easy to use
Universal design, I mean, *stammers*
For use with liquid eyeliner? What? Wait huh?
Oh, I mean like you can but you don’t have too
I’m not gonna do it
Only the ink is left behind
like, my ink for you because you left me behind
I’ll be honest with you, today has not been my best day,
I’ve been having a rough, rough time,
because there’s just somethings that are bothering me
Um, not sure why I’m venting right now
I’m really trying guys
Just talking to you guys as if I have no worries
So, if I’m a little off today, I apologize
and I know some of you guys are gonna be like,
“What? Fei you’re off?”
Anyways, as you can tell this sticker has four total steps
One, two, three and four
Not sure why the order is that way
but, don’t worry because your homegrown bag
Okay, it’s not homegrown.. I’m sorry
It gives you the directions right at the back
So, for number one,
“Slowly remove backing shade in zone two off the-“
*major confusion*
So were supposed to use liquid eyeliner?
*reading* “Peel zone 3”
Okay, this is like “confyuuujing”
“wha-aah whaaa?”
Guess I needed liquid eyeliner
which, I don’t think I have..
Do I?
Found one!
I know you’re like “Aren’t you supposed to have one anyways?”,
“cause you’re like a beauty guru”
This thing is a bit confusing, I’m like,
Lemme just read you the directions, okay?
That’s too much math for me, like, I’m not a scientist
I guess it’s not that hard
Zone one
Was I supposed to do the whole thing?
Peel… Yeah
Eyeliner wing shape you see right there
You’re basically coloring in the lines right now
*reading* “Peel zone 3 away”
So you, peel that
Am I supposed to peel this part off?
Am I supposed to have this whole thing on my eye?
I don’t know how to take ’em off
But I did everything you told me to do
I was doing it wrong
Now we’re gonna shade it in again
This is how it looks like
And what you’re gonna do is now peel off that 3
like, heeere
Ok, ready?
1, 2, 3
*whispers* I think it’s my eyeliner
Check that out!
Fight me now
Blotchy af but hey
I’m so blessed to have two eyes
because I can always try again *laughs*
Extremely dark so it should work right?
Wanna place it right here
I’m pressing on it and I tried to get as close as I could to my lash line
Which is preventing me to blink
My eyes are watery and my contact might just fall out
like this?
Wait, let’s peel the other way
That was not my fault, I did it the right way,
I didn’t do anything wrong, it was not my fault
I just wanna put that out there before the universe says it’s my fault that you did it wrong
I did not do it wrong
You know what? I’m so committed to make this work,
I went to the drugstore
and yes, I went to the store like this
so, maybe it was my eyeliner?
I’m gonna try this one more time on my eye
And I’m gonna try this one more time on my eye
and if it doesn’t work
It’s most likely because I have makeup on already
oh gosh
‘kay, no makeup whatsoever
I’m pressing it, hella pressing it
ow, ow, ow
Ok, I’m givin- I’m done, I’m done
Ummm, I mean..
The good thing is that you can totally just like, fill it in, clean it up
I though it was my eyeliner,
went to go buy a brand new eyeliner
I thought it was maybe because I had eyeshadow,
and makeup on my eye already
So I took it off
No hate towards the product at all
There are a lot of stickers so you can keep trying
If this had worked well for me,
I probably can like, stick a few of these in my bag, with my eyeliner
The colors are cute
If you’re gonna try these make sure you practice
I’m not saying it’s a bad product, I think practice makes perfect
That is it for this “TT with Fei”, for those who were curious about this product,
well here you go
Like this video if youuuuu…
I don’t know, if you want to?
Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already ^3^
and until next time, I’m sending love, bye!

100 thoughts on “TESTING VIRAL EYELINER STICKERS! does it really though???”

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