Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy

before you watch this video
make sure you’re familiar with how to
play Texas Hold’em bonus poker
the first thing you need to know about
the Texas Hold’em bonus table game
is it’s nothing like playing regular
poker against other players
since you’re only playing the dealer and
you only have to place one bet to play
the hand all the way to showdown
you can play almost any two cards. Before
the flop your only decision is to fold or
surrender your ante wager or make a
bet thats twice your ante to see the
before the flop the only hands you should
be folding
our duece 3 to duece seven off suit. Once the flop comes out you have the choice
of either
checking or betting you never get any
information about the dealer’s hand so
all you’re betting on is the strength of
your own two cards
here the most important things to
remember on the flop
bet if you make a pair or better on the
flop unless its bottom pair
and the board is all one suit. Bet all
combo draws
bet with the fifth nut flush draw or
bet with an open-ended straight draw if
both your hole cards are higher than a 7
bet the nut kicker on a paired board for and
the second nut kicker or better
on a tripped board. Check with all other
after the turn comes out you have one
final chance to either bet or check
on the turn you should bet all 2 pairs or better hands
and bet with any pair as long as the turn
didn’t put forward to a flush
or a straight on the board you should also bet the nut kicker
if the board is double paired and if you
have a straight and flush combo draw
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3 thoughts on “Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Strategy”

  1. So I started to go to Casinos and enjoy holdem bonus poker so looked this up, but the language was really throwing me off. Like nut-kicker and stuff. I can easily just google it, but as a comment would have been nice to kinda explained these terms for newbies.

  2. Who made this video? The casino? The strategy presented seems terrible. Are they trying to get people to lose money to the casino?

    After the initial strategy of folding 2-3 to 2-7 or betting to continue, you have decisions after flop, turn, and river.

    Just count outs.

    Does the dealer have 14 or more outs to beat what you have? If so, then check. Otherwise, bet.

    Suppose you hold J9o. You did not fold because this is better than 27o. Thus, you see the flop.

    Suppose it is AAK.

    What cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQ. That's 9 outs. That's less than 14, so raise.

    The turn comes T. So, the board looks like:

    Now, which cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQTTT. That's 12 outs. So raise.

    River comes 8. Board reads AAKT8.

    Which cards beat you? AAKKKQQQQTTT888. That's 15 outs, more than 14. So, check the river.

    What if the river comes A. Your board reads AAAKT.

    Which cards beat you? AKKKQQQQTTT. That's 11 outs. So, you can bet the river.

    The cards which beat you are the cards the dealer may have in hand which may beat you.
    You can count a pocket pair as 1.5 outs for this purpose. Any of the above listed cards in the dealer's hand will beat you. You win all the others, barring a straight or a flush which are much less than a single out in most cases, so we don't worry about that.

    Just count outs. Does the dealer have 14 or more? If so, check. Otherwise, you're ahead, even marginally. That's all there is to it.

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