Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : When to Be Aggressive in Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : When to Be Aggressive in Texas Holdem Poker

Let’s look at something else in early optimal
play. What do you want to do? Actually early
or middle, is you want to base your amount
of aggressiveness on the structure of the
tournament. And you can read about how to
do this in books like Shneider’s Book, The
Poker Tournament Formula, or the afore mentioned
Kill Phil and Kill Everyone. You can get an
idea of how aggressively you should play based
on the tournament structure. You know tournament
poker has really taken off. If you go to Las
Vegas anytime of year, any day of week, you
can pretty much get in a number of poker tournaments
that are at whatever buy in level that you
want to do. There are poker tournaments that
are as cheap as sixty dollars buy in out in
Las Vegas. The thing about those is that they
have very fast structures. These are tournaments
that you will pretty much want to be aggressive
in from the get go. Now take the main event
of the world series of poker for example,
in that tournament, you actually start with
two hundred times the big blind, twenty thousand
chips. In that tournament, tight is right.
You better believe that. Let’s take for example,
these two hands. Action has folded around.
I know that the player on my left is pretty
solid. Let’s say that he’s a name player.
Someone like Joseph Hashimer, Greg Raimer,
Daniel Negrano, I’m gonna be careful about
how I approach them. If I’m in the main event,
and I look down and it’s level one, or two,
or three and I see king jack, I’m not even
gonna mess around. That’s what I’m gonna do.
I’m gonna fold it. Now, if I’m playing at
Imperial Palace, at one of their hundred dollar
or so tournaments, and the blinds are really
fast, instead of having two hundred times
the big blind, I’ve got twenty. I look down
and see this king jack. You know what I’m
gonna do? I’m gonna say raise and make my
total bet three times the big blind and put
it on this guy. Hopefully, I’ll take down
the pot.

39 thoughts on “Texas Holdem: Poker Tournament Strategy : When to Be Aggressive in Texas Holdem Poker”

  1. Is this guy for real?

    'I'm looking down, and I think "er, how do I play poker?", then I push all in like the fish I am'

    …or something 🙂

  2. lol total useless info – he fold just cause theres a name player to his rleft lol. not test his hand strength and have a little play crap video worse i seen on you tube

  3. waiting for KK is a winning strategy.

    I am a professional poker player, and I agree with this guy. I have even folded AA's pre flop, it's what the big dogs do- I would know

  4. I was being sarcastic, dumbass

    you're a fucking moron if you thought for a second that anything in that comment was true.

  5. then you dont know how to play AA

    You ISOLATE WITH AA preflop NOT fold them.

    EVEN IF you play lowball and allow 2 or three people in you still are just over a 50 percent favorite to win the hand!

    Keep an eye on your opponents and let them do the betting for you. Folding Aces preflop is fucking retarded… you do that if you are a scared little mouse and dont know how to play your big pairs.

  6. lol no… if you couldn't tell that I was joking, you're a fucking moron

    …look at the rest of this thread, where I've explained many times that I was joking

    Fold Aces?

    …you're very wrong and very stupid

  7. @CMLaneLV

    You can easily fold pocket aces preflop… if 3 or 4 people have shipped infront of you and your tournament is on the line ive folded, if its just one or 2 players that have shipped and your last or 2nd to last to act then its an easy call.

  8. @CMLaneLV
    You fold Aces preflop when your on or near satelite bubbles,
    And sometime money bubbles with low to mid stack

    But yeh nice quote

  9. i think im gona make a poker video and send it to this man cuz he sucks..and by the way, you can never fold aces preflop its the absolute nuts and folding is just not the right way..if you fold aces pre..wat hand are ya gona call wit?? kk??

  10. im gona make a poker video and send it to this guy cuz he sucks..and by the way you can never fold aces preflop..its the nuts. and if ya fold, wat hand are ya gona play wit then kk? its the wrong play 100% of the time

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  12. if u ever fold king jack because u think the guy next to u is a "name player" then u shouldnt be at the table EVER

  13. I lost last week with ace king suited against an king Jack off suite. So I wouldn't fold a king Jack lol thems some good cards. 🙂

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  15. If you think king jack off suit is a strong hand, you are retarded. K, J off is one of the hands that people loose the most on. Get it right you fucking donk's.

  16. 3 betting KJ offsuit in a turbo speed tournament with 20 big blinds heads up while having position on your opponent is an excellent play. with 10 big blinds, it would even be correct to shove

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