TF2 Gambling Websites Are Awful

TF2 Gambling Websites Are Awful

[Into music]
All right so recently I’ve been getting a few emails
From certain websites that will be left unnamed
Because I don’t want to give them any promotion
Have asked me to promote their Tf2 based gambling website
Now before I even get in to this let me just say
I am totally 100% down with selling out
when it comes to stuff that I use care about things like food, computer parts shi*t like that
What I wont sellout on are things that I don’t agree on or like ie gambling websites
Now if you don’t know my opinion on gambling websites its pretty simple
I don’t like them I think that gambling is really dumb
I understand that people like to do it and that’s cool do your thing
But I will not promote gambling ever
I will not claim that it is a good thing in our Tf2 community
Or any gaming community that has children in it
Because gambling and children do not mix well
As seen very evidently across the world
So I’m not gona say oh yeah go to this website
Here’s my referral link I found this cool new website come check it out
F*ck that I don’t do that sh*t
So this is basically my way of saying F*UCK GAMBLING WEBSITES
I do not like them they do not have a place in our community
In any gaming community really
Even the most M rated game in the world
Doesn’t need a gambling community inside of it
Why? Because there are still going to be kids who still play that game
And kids are gona see that gambling sh*t their gona get hooked on it
Because there young impressional kids that is how it works
I’m not saying that all kids are susceptible to gambling what ever the f*ck
I know plenty of young kid that will never gamble ever in their life
Because they know that it is not a good thing to do
But regardless it still is a factor
And I don’t like having it in our community
Now of course there’s also CS:GO gambling websites that exist still
And probably who knows there’s a Dota ones out there I’m sure
But I’m a Tf2 person mainly
My main interest vested inside of Tf2
So when I see these website popping up
And then coming at not just me but other content creators
That pisses me off
Now I believe I’v had a couple friends make videos about this website
I understand why they did it I think the majority already deleted their videos and what ever
And I’m proud of them for that
If you decide to make a video based on one of these ya know websites
They pay you to do it what ever
I don’t hate you I don’t think your a bad person
I think you need to self reflect look at what the f*ck you are doing
Realize that it is not for the better meant of the community
That the 100 bucks or what ever the f*ck they are giving you
To ya know use on what ever the f*ck you want
Not worth what you are doing to the community at all
It makes you look very bad
Very very very bad
Promoting these gambling websites is not a good thing
Gambling websites as a hole are not a good thing
Especially Oh especially in the Tf2 community
So knock that sh*t off don’t support it
If you guys even think about going this sh*t don’t
Just don’t bother
If you want to gamble for some reason don’t f*cking do it
The only way I have ever like promoted gambling on this channel
Is unboxing Ilke unboxing because at lest no matter what happends you get soming out of it
Ya know
Its gambling still don’t get me wrong your still 100% gambling
But its not quite the same as ya know
Putting in a rulet and then aw you lost everything is gone good bye ya know
I like unboxing I do not like these stand alone 3rd party gambling websites
Their not fun their not cool they don’t help anything
They are a purely purely selfish motive for the site creator
There is no way of guaranteeing that sh*ts not rigged
And it is not worth it is never ever worth
Gambling is so f*cking not worth ok
I don’t like spy crabbing I don’t like f*cking heavy boxing
So of course I don’t like a full on like gambling website
That sh*t just not good ya know
If your young don’t get in to this sh*t
If your old enough to make you own decisions ie your over the age of like 18 is what ever the f*ck it is
To like go ahead and start gambling legitimately in real life
Do your thing but I would defiantly suggest ya don’t
Because it is not a good play ya know
If you can make some money off of it f*cking go do you
But I don’t think you will I 100% suggest that you don’t even try ya know
Gambling website are just not a good thing ever
And for any more gambling people like website people
That think that they can get me or my fellow Tf2 you tubers
To make videos on their sh*t that wont be a good video
You better watch you f*cking a*s
because after awhile if you guys keep this sh*t up
I’m go ahead and start name shaming you f*ckers I don’t give a f*ck
Ok I’m all about selling out when it is something I personally agree with or that I use
If its not something I agree with I will do the exact opposite
I had half a mind to take you f*ckers up on your offer
And go oh yeah I’ll make a video
And then take your sh*t and then make sure you didn’t say
Oh you have to say something nice about us
Cause if you said oh just make a video about us ya know
I’d be like oh no problem
And then I’d make a f*cking video ripping you a new one
Because frankly you fu*kers deserve
You are preying off a small community a tite knit community
That has a lot of young children in it and that pisses me off
I do not like you
And if you are the owner or run one of these Tf2 gambling websites
F*ck you
I do not like you
I don’t care who you are
Maybe you are a great person out side of f*cking Tf2 gambling
Maybe you maybe you give back to charity every month and help out at the homeless shelter
And that’s f*cking sick man
but if you are in this community f*cking with it
Trying to pull out as much money as you can
Out of these young kids
Suck my d*ck you are a piece of f*cking dog sh*t
Thanks that’s all
I just wanted to get that off my chest man
I don’t I don’t like these people I don’t like them ya know
Its just how I am
Maybe that was a little bit over bored but f*ck it man
I don’t care I do not like gambling websites
Especially in Tf2 you are ruined a good thing for us here
If you keep on persisting and making this sh*t happen
We’re gona lose trading
I’m so sure of it because Valve will shut that sh*t off real quick
So please f*ck off
Anyways thank you all for watching and listen
I really do a appreciated
I uploaded a cool Halloween video on Monday
That no one f*cking watched
So please if you want to watch it for any reason at all
Maybe just to make me feel better
go ahead click this link
I’ll have it on the screen probably
Unless I’m stupid and I forget to do that
But anyways thank you guys again I appreciated
Sorry for b*ching and ranting I don’t mean to
GG peace the f*ck out
[Outro music]

100 thoughts on “TF2 Gambling Websites Are Awful”

  1. Oh he's probably talking about the web site cinnabar talked about unfortunately cinnabar named them but still gambling is wrong and it will tear apart this community. Look what happened with tmartn. I don't want that to happen to the tf2 community glassy name shame the mother fuckers if they contact you at all

  2. +GlassyGaming
    Dude. Thank you for doing this for the community. It truly means a lot. I have tried to profit from gambling and I got bored of it.

  3. That gambling website in the thumbnail approached me too. Through their IP I found that their website is hosted in Panama, super sketchy xD

  4. Hey Jimmy, Good to see you laying out on these gambling websites…they're all trash.
    Never used em, and never will as to me it seems like a waste.

    Meanwhile I've got 20 Mann Co. keys…erm…guess this comment is redundant now.

  5. I personally like how open you are.
    Plus you aren't shady and you are so open.

    PS: I spycrab for like one scrap once in awhile… is that bad?

  6. My uncle gambled at a casino once and came home with $750, he gave me 75 bucks to spend on Steam. He doesn't have an addiction and he's a good guy, personally I don't have too much of a problem with gambling.

  7. ClassyGaming, I respect your opinion on a lot of stuff, and I think you're a pretty awesome guy, but I disagree entirely with your opening claim that TF2 shouldn't have gambling sites just because underage children play TF2. TF2 is an M-rated game, and regardless of how it and other M-rated games are promoted to kids, it doesn't change the fact that it is a game targeted at older teens and adults. That said, I think online game item gambling is illegal, and it's past time the U.S. updates its laws to further illegalize online gambling, to include virtual item gambling.

  8. but what about us poor cunts who want to play Russian roulette or shit with some ref, sure most if not all gamble websites r their to line their pockets with cash but its still fun for us above the age of 18 😀

  9. I agree so much FUCK gambling sites I know myself that I could get so addicted to thats shit and thats the problem its like a drug you keep wasting more and more money throwing your life away fuck those scums thank you for making this video Jimmie

  10. Glassy you made some really great points in this video that needed to be addressed. I just want you to know that I really appreciate it 🙂

  11. I agree so much man, i myself fell for this scheme… I lost my unu which took me 3 months to trade up to… I regret ever going on these sites. If you thinking about it listen to my dude Glassy he knows whats best.. I hope the creator of these sites get sued honestly…

  12. I really don't understand why people gamble shit on csgo or tf2 it's just stupid. Opening crates is a different thing but gambling your items away is stupid.

    Also you used one of my favorite songs from tomppabeats, nice.

  13. (Sorry for My Bad English) MediExcalibur… Has done a Video parody on you! Go watch it! Is so fucking Funny xD

  14. no idea why you would like gambling in tf2, there's this legit way to make profit from this thing called trading. and it works. so stop gambling dammit. insert Lenny here (I'm too lazy to copy a Lenny on mobile)

  15. Finally someone has some really important and smart points about gambling and these gambling sites. You really don't need to apologize for ranting, your just saying the right things, but still it is kinda chill.

  16. 100% agree the only gambling I do is unboxing crates because it says in the Gable that "thy lord gabe is fully ok with unboxing".

  17. I agree with this completely. I haven't been contacted yet, so thank god, but I'm not gonna accept dirty money to get kids and others to do illegal things even though it would be free stuff for me. These things need to be directed right to Valve so they can disconnect from these sites, sue them if needed, or even implement a system into the trading system that will track how goods are traveling. This is pretty much a good way for Scammers to trade stolen items through fake bets on trivial things with others. It has so many ways it can be abused as well to prey on people who don't know better.

  18. Your TF2 talks have really filled the hole STAR_ left. However, you got pretty heated in this one. Like, you talked about how gambling is bad because it can rope in children but then the second half of the video you said "fuck" and "shit" almost every sentence lol.

  19. I can't tell you how many steam friend requests I get that are people with no hours in any game saying they're a csgo website admin trying to get you to rig bets or some shit. Really annoying as I've got a tf2 things to sell and I have to waste time with these admin bullshit scams.

  20. This is what I've been waiting for in the tf2 and the GAMING community, someone standing up to selling out to gambling websites

  21. I dont agree with "If you promote this shit you are ruining the community"
    Nobody who watches the video has to go to that website most people will just call you a sellout.
    If they are paying decent money I recond just take it but hey different opinions it's human

  22. Why do people even need gambling sites anyways? We have Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spycrabbing, and other ways to "gamble" in-game if you so please, so the existence of the websites is essentially irrelevant and unhelpful to our community.

  23. This video needs to be spread all over the Team Fortress 2 community. And even the CS:GO community, but that's getting taken care of. Well sort of.

  24. since gambling is like unboxing, I think they should make unboxing only work for players with mobile Auth, that way it limits the young kids that can play

  25. Idk guys it seems like the TF2 community is trying to get caught up in what the CSGO and other communities are doing rn like drama (which yeah has mostly died already) and gambling. Let's just  go back to being a meme-machine :3

  26. It pisses me off that people are still promoting gambling in the shrivelled prune that is the TF2 community, like that GT2KING bloke.

    The sooner we drive the bastards back to their hole in the dirt, the better.

  27. I can see your points and I totally agree with you. I'm being a hypocrite, because I Spycrab, but I see your points and they are some really damn good points. Thank you for making this video.

  28. The only time I go on those websites is to see if I can get keys from giving untradable items to the website. I never bet on it.

  29. I completely agree. Valve will most definitely shut down trading if its necessary to stop gambling so these gambling websites really are fucking it up for us. Also the fact that they mess with kids is just absolutely beyond fucked

  30. I despise gambling websites. BUT I love spy crabbing because it's some nice 50/50 odds. I crab about a key a day and has built a decent bp with it. You can make better crab arrangements. I don't crab little kids I don't trust them and it's taking advantage imo.

  31. I wasn't going to gamble in the first place but with that soothing music and your voice saying not to gamble i will try to stay 20 feet away from any gambling.

  32. I remember about a year ago me and my friend were super into CS:GO, and when we found out about gambling sites we bought a bunch of skins (We shared an account) and not gonna lie, we made some profit, like, a lot of profit. But then one day it all came crumbling down when we lost $150. I never gambled again.

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