The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning Network Gambling, Jack Dorsey, Ethereum fork, Dash

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning Network Gambling, Jack Dorsey, Ethereum fork, Dash

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
March the 20th 2019 strong hand offended
by selling value your wealth in Bitcoin
be a unique beast uncomplicated holder
of last resort bitcoin is the next
bitcoin ok people happy poram poram just
started tonight it’ll be going wild
tomorrow on the 21st it’s already 21st
back on the East Coast I’m in Los
Angeles so have a safe poram for all of
you people don’t get too inebriated or
whatever I don’t drink on poor him okay
so this Jack Dorsey drink called poram
no he probably doesn’t even know that
it’s poram but we we’ve got something
about Jack Dorsey here it’s linked to
below everything I talked about in this
video is linked to below Tresor
all sorts of affiliate links t-shirts
and he says are you currently
contributing to the Bitcoin core or
other crypto ecosystem projects for free
in your off time we’d like to pay you to
do it full-time if interested DM act sq
crypto and follow for updates on our
progress thank you well and that’s Jack
Dorsey tweeted that out now of course
all the fuzz stirs are gonna be like
Jack Dorsey is buying Bitcoin he’s
buying Bitcoin core it’s all a
conspiracy okay you can say that I’m
sure people will say that but no this
this is interesting news
he’s obviously expanding his interest
into Bitcoin through his square project
not through Twitter but still he’s
advertising it through Twitter he wants
to hire people he wants to compensate
people that
good so three to four engineers and one
designer to work full-time open-source
contributors okay I mean who knows what
he’s exactly up to here but uh Marty
bent comments on he says Carl dog set it
on his podcast this week the people who
use Bitcoin and wanted to succeed will
make sure it succeeds succeeds by
funding its infrastructure shout out to
block stream chain code labs and now
Square SQ crypto for leading the way and
giving back okay so he’s implying that
you know Jack Dorsey wants it to him
once Bitcoin to succeed he’s got a lot
riding on it so he’s going to pay people
to make it succeed and do research and
develop on top of it and this that
entire premise that there will be people
with financial interest in making
Bitcoin succeed and paying developers
that goes into the future when the black
reward keeps getting cut in half who
will mine who who aligned when the
mining is not profitable well people
like Jack Dorsey will mine your
corporations like his will mine because
it will be in their best interest to
mine to keep Bitcoin going to keep it
successful so little initiatives like
this what he’s doing over Twitter what
he’s advertising over Twitter or
foreshadows to the future of you know
private individuals private entities
paying for the success of a Bitcoin
because it is in their best interests so
very good and he goes on get courts he
goes on to say for all you people who
like to put Jack Dorsey on a pedestal I
am NOT one of them but this is a story
people are talking about I love this
technology and community I found it to
be deeply principled purpose-driven edgy
and really weird just like the early
internet I’m excited to get in to get to
learn more
directly okay very good yes I like how
you say it’s like the early internet
Jack Dorsey you know keep on putting
your money where your mouth is and uh
that’s great and I’m glad you feel you
have a it’s in your best interest to
support Bitcoin there there are a lot of
people that think that way and now
you’re throwing some money to employ
people because of Bitcoin very good
found that like button yes Jack Dorsey
will own Bitcoin oh the food that’s
future fun of America right there Jack
Dorsey well owns Bitcoin he’s he’s part
of a secret cabal that really owns
Bitcoin that all that’s next on the list
of fun fun 2020 there you know when
we’re talking about the having the fuzz
udders we’ll be talking about Jack
Dorsey owning Bitcoin owning blocks for
you or some some some conspiracy or some
sort of completely waste of time all
right I just wasted a lot of time
talking about the future conspiracies of
the world here is something from law
master he says I was in Hong Kong last
week and one of the most dominant
conversation topics were initial
exchange offerings ie owes oh my god
EW I oh and on his farm he had a okay
basically copycats of by Nance launchpad
and it’s becoming a huge theme for Asian
exchanges but it’s still under the radar
okay so finance launchpad is basically
they they sell tokens there for the
companies that are launching tokens
instead of these companies doing their
own initial coin offerings now they’re
doing it through exchanges like finance
launchpad and apparently all the agent
in the exchanges see that there’s a lot
of money in this to sell tokens to
suckers and yeah so more shiny things to
tempt 80 percenters all you everybody
thought that the tokens were dead oh no
tokens are not dead
I mean there’s no reason to get into
them but no they’re being uh resurrected
here all through these ie OS in
so we’ll be proud we’ll probably be
hearing about this in the second half of
the year it’s not sooner and who know
you know whatever 80% is gonna do what
80% are gonna do they people want nice
new shiny things look at this token I
can buy it
finance it’s the next Bitcoin clearly
yeah Jay make those central exchanges
richer if you want to make those central
exchanges and centralized exchanges
richer and centralized companies richer
that that want to sell you their tokens
hey that’s your it’s per service when
the exchange goes under when the token
drops in value compared to big coin
hey man it’s your fault personal
responsibilities new calendar culture
big point is the next big coins one
Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin I don’t so
I’m just bringing up ayios to give all
you a warning for those of you who have
weaker hands who get tempted by nice
shiny things like ayios don’t get
tempted strong hand baby alright get
rich by desiring little ooh that was a
classic that I used to say I haven’t
said that for a while get rich by
desiring little yeah so just this just
all you do is you want Bitcoin you don’t
need those ice ayios AIEE Oh ayah and on
his farm he had a dog eieio what to do
I’m just remembering that from childhood
now oh my god gold and hold yeah for all
you people who used to hold the gold
this is the next thing if you are if
you’re used to just holding onto that
gold you can easily transition to become
a golden holder to be a bi and holder of
Bitcoin town that like all right now I’m
not a person I’m not a gambler I’ve told
you that altcoins icos ayios they’re
gamblers did it’s gambling but look at
this I guess this is micro gambling here
it’s very interesting use of the
lightning network that I stumbled upon
and I think the dude is actually
watching this show tonight it’s
interesting what this is it shows like
something kind of fun you can do a light
coin and again it’s micro gambling it is
lucky thunder luck
Thunder calm I link to it below a link
to the Twitter of lucky thunder lucky
thunder is a lightning Network slot
machine that is probably fair and a very
high wind percentage and doesn’t require
a login lucky thunder is currently in
beta so don’t be too reckless
find us at lucky thunder calm okay I
thought that was interesting hey it’s
better than gambling with all coins or
gambling in Vegas I get lucky thunder I
think you can only what a gamble like a
teeny bit of a Satoshi or something and
even that you know giving up your
precious Bitcoin I could never do that
I’m offended by selling but there’s some
of you who like to experiment and it’s
cool there they’re doing interesting
things on the Lightning Network I’ll
talk more about lightning that work in a
hey remember guys all my shows are now
gonna be in podcast form also they’re
all linked to below and I think tomorrow
I’m gonna come out with a and one of the
benefits of going to those podcast of
mine is that I have brought up some
older classic shows of mine some of you
may have never heard before that are
pretty fun they’re pretty fun shows so
and of course all the new ones so this
show will be on in a few minutes after I
get done this so yeah check out the
podcast below if you if you like
listening in pot you don’t need to see
my face you don’t need to see my shirts
you don’t need to see Los Angeles in the
background well that’s like an apartment
in Los Angeles in the background but
whatever you get my drift here and again
man this channel we’re focused we’re
focused on on keeping your hand strong
here and some of those old shows or
examples of why it was good to have a
strong hand and that some like some of
the old shows that I’m gonna resurrect
or when people were panicking and I’m
like dudes you got to stay calm it’s
gonna be great and some of the things
people used to panic over are totally
forgotten you guys don’t even know what
they are now all right here lightning
what does this lightning says announcing
the alpha release of lightning loop a
non-custodial service that makes it
easier to receive Bitcoin
lightning with Luke users can get
inbound capacity and withdraw from
lightning while keeping channels open
read more and try it out so if you guys
understand what I just said click on the
link below sad thing is most people
don’t understand what I just said and so
lightning is not easy yet
lightnings gotta be easier to explain
than what I just said and it’s got to be
easier to use than what you gotta do to
get into it now but it’s early days just
like in 1994 email was probably
difficult by 2004 it was easy it was
your email was easy by a on what AOL
came around when they all come around
idle I was just a wee a little meister
back then all right but but okay check
if your luck hey speaking about
lightning rocky Palumbo is a big
lightning fan I know that he’s gonna be
on UK Bitcoin masters show tomorrow at 6
p.m. London time actually in London it’s
already tomorrow it’s already poram it’s
March 21st and I actually uh where my
ex-girlfriends the one I actually keep
in touch with is a sub born on March
21st so happy birthday to her she’s not
watching anyway so also I wanted to give
a shout out to Christian he’s in motion
I link to his podcast below he’ll be
back on the show soon I’ll hopefully
Rocky will be back on soon and UK
bitcoin master also and of course this
Friday this Friday at 6 p.m. in New York
3 p.m. in Los Angeles past McCook will
be on there this week in Bitcoin show
Ken Bozak will be only this week in
Bitcoin show and VJ for you potty the
real VJ on on Twitter will be be on the
show on Friday at 6 p.m. in New York and
that’s actually 9 a.m. in the morning in
Sydney Australia where has McCook is
from so definitely I do a new show here
a new show here every day every Friday
is this week a big point you can watch
all do this would get big my shows at
Tech ball calm tch be alt you can follow
me now on Twitter all
so and disrupt meister comms all my all
my over 1,250 video appearances
pertaining to a cryptocurrency that i’ve
done through the years yes over 1,250
god how much of the moistures face can
you tape in and there’s just too much is
too much
okay that’s why we got podcast now now a
breaker breaker magazine they’ve got a
article here what is this oh this is for
all you – people out here it says the
superior product always wins – poor CEO
ryan taylor on why bitcoin won’t survive
ok you know Amanda Johnson was on my
show two years ago saying something
similar this is the way – works I’m
sharing the article but it just shows
you that – has survived through its
marketing it is the marketing point and
some of you guys like – hey yeah little
people trying to market they’ve always
aimed high they’ve always attacked a
Bitcoin is stuff they that’s their thing
they’re still talking about that latin
america stuff that is whele and they got
an article there and breaker mag so i’ve
read it over you guys can can read it
also it is a top-tier aucoin love it or
hate it there the marketing through the
marketing coin they’re not going
anywhere and yeah they have something
called a – core which is like a company
but it’s not – okay it’s funded by –
suits alrighty
the block crypto has an article about
coin market cap introduces grading
system for crypto coin market cap a
introduces grading system for crypto
popular crypto price site coin market
cap has teamed up with analytics firm
flip flip side crypto to provide oh I
just said crypto with a Baltimore accent
there to provide grades alongside it’s
listed crypto assets the startups
fundamental crypto assets core offers a
five-letter grading scheme it ranks
Bitcoin and Tron under the
great ok must be a very useful grading
scheme if they think Bitcoin and Tron or
both a is very nice so I actually went
on point market caps you find this
grading system that this article is
talking about and it’s not easy to find
at all ok they’re like hiding it you
actually have to click on the coin then
you’re on the coins page and on point
market cap and then you click on ratings
and then you have to look below so it’s
like a few clicks to in order to even
see these ratings I think they might
rate if your iam higher the Bitcoin now
I don’t even know you know if they made
it easy to find maybe it would be a
little bit more fun
but right now well don’t get caught up
in a you know if you if you see
something higher rank than Bitcoin its
its crypto noise okay these rankings
everybody loves rankings every lows
power rankings ESPN is been doing it for
years to get clicks I mean these people
might be sort of serious about their
rankings and I guess it’s another little
thing to add the coin market cap but but
don’t get don’t get too carried away and
don’t like oh I better buy Tron now
since its ranked high with a big coin no
that’s when it’s noise that’s when your
hand has to be at strongest the other
day I talked about the some Lightning
conspirator conspiracy but uh some
worries that some entities were abusing
the Lightning Network and I followed up
with Stefan laverra who’s been on the
show before he says I’m starting to
think LM big isn’t malicious he probably
just has set up set it up in a sub
optimal ways so there was they were
talking about these letting channels
that were didn’t seem to be working very
well and maybe they were they were set
up in a bad way on purpose
but he Stefan doesn’t think dad he
thinks they were just set up in sub sub
optimal way he’s just the person who set
him up didn’t set him up in a most
effective way okay I see vention make
less than five dollars in the super chat
thank you as soon as a man that got her
blammo she was gone no surprise well I
don’t know if it was a suit you know she
she was receiving Bitcoin for a while or
– for a while from them I don’t think
they renewed her contract I don’t
exactly know what happened their vision
was to tell you the truth it was in
their best interest to keep her I mean
she was a controversial figure she was a
good good marketer as you know vention
there there many thirsty men that just
bought – just because they saw her face
and they thought they thought she liked
them because they saw her in a video you
know they’re there I mean eventually
know that she knows it’s not saying
invention is this but he knows they’re
actually men out there who would
probably buy – because they saw Amanda
in a video and because they saw Amanda
in the video smiling and being pretty
they thought that she liked them and
thus they should support her by buying –
it is just ludicrous
cuz thirsty some men are but that’s the
way the world works so she was a good
marketing tool and their their part and
if they if they did not rehire her I
think that was a mistake on that part
now she refused to work for the main
market I guess well that’s that’s the
thing that’s her that’s her personal
responsible I don’t know what the heck
happened I haven’t seen her in the
Crippler space for a while I mean I
guess you know it’s a bare frickin
market if if the lady has disappeared
there if a man the Johnson’s gone you
know what will the thirsty man would and
it probably a lot of thirsty men have
dropped out of crypto because of that
because they can’t see her anymore I
mean of course their other alright get
moving on more moving on yes poram is
here poram has started I mean what am I
gonna do I don’t drink
I’m yes I’m gonna go to synagogue in the
morning which is very soon and I’ll hear
the Megillah and that’s a good thing to
do to hear the Megillah alright finally
and of course I will say Kaddish for my
father of a blessed memory I say Kaddish
every day I go to synagogue every day
and I will continue to for this year
atheria that as a side note wasn’t found
that like button torta Meester has a
tweet out there a theorem is shaping up
for a possible formal were they standoff
between users
parentheses he says savers and
corporations well you know I don’t like
using the term war we’ll we’ll etherium
fork what’s going on if you care about
that kind of thing I don’t care about
that the other thing very much
some people do Tour de mooster has a
thread about it and yeah we’ve we’ve
seen that arguments between savers and
corporations before with big coin with
the 2xr crypto dividend that never
pound that like button for those of us
that had a strong hand and didn’t panic
at all during that 2ax thing
all right nimble limbal coin remember
they they have their cryptid dividend
coming out that’s an air drop coming out
on April 20th I linked to the the site
below but I’m mentioning it again this
for the third day in a row chris has an
article about it about how nimble room
will implementation on Bitcoin how it
could happen how it would be a good
thing again I do not think on the base
level of Bitcoin that many things are
going to change and I think andreas had
a video about that how it’s after a
while things on the base layer just
won’t change they’ll be very difficult
to change so to say it’s the same like
the five to ten years they’re going to
incorporate nimble Wimble into the base
layer of Bitcoin I just I don’t see it
happening now as some second layer
solution for privacy yeah like I don’t
think there’ll be privacy in the base
layer a bit the Bitcoin I know I don’t
think they’ll be able to do that I don’t
think it’s gonna change very much but as
far as second layer solutions I think
there’s gonna be a lot of private
privacy solutions and maybe somehow you
know I’m no tech expert I don’t know how
you would throw limbo limbo on top of
Bitcoin or and I don’t know how you
would I guess you would have to hard
fork it hard for Bitcoin to put it into
the base layer which is not good I don’t
think it’s good and I don’t think will
happen but anyway Chrissa has an article
about that again and
and the point is is that if we’re if if
if remember when beau is so great and
awesome it is awesome that Chris is
creating a way for all of us Bitcoin
holders to get it without it being put
actually into Bitcoin in any way as a
second layer solution in the main layer
or anything like that we’re just gonna
get it to play around with it hey man
maybe it is the the best thing since
sliced bread not that any of you should
be eating bread I don’t eat bread at all
its carbs are bad for you but anyway
check out Chris’s article below that is
the end of the show i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the links below pound that like button
bang that bell button to get reminders
of when this show get goes live even
though YouTube doesn’t usually send out
those reminders even to me
so yeah click on those squares that you
see if you’re seeing this taped that’s
Mike those are some old recent shows
they’re all good this weekend big coin
all that good stuff buy and hold I’ll
say hi to you guys in the chat right now
good night

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  1. I think what @Adam was trying to say at 7:52 was, Eee I Eee I Oh, Eee Eye ICO, Old McDonald had a Farm, Mining Bitcoin Halving's and No Eee Eye ICO ….. Strong Hand 1BTC = 1BTC

  2. As you mentioned conspiracies, another u-tuber mentioned financial ‘Stockholm syndrome’ were people love the financial institutions that enslave them. Thought it was clever.

    Bitcoin halving another day closer…….

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