100 thoughts on “The $605 Refurbished iMac from Wish…?”

  1. When a person who only uses mechanical keyboard uses a regular key board be like a person who use MacOS switch to Microsoft

  2. Speaking of true colors… You're gonna be making fun of yourself for that hair you have going on there. lol

  3. I thought the comments were being dramatic about your pronunciation of safari, until I heard it..

    Lol, dude.. Sah-fuh-ri? Seriously? 🤣😭

  4. It’s really not a big fucking deal for the way he said safari I don’t get y the fuck how he said safari is funny

  5. edit seller got band after 25 sales* I don't know how you got this on wish, wish has a policy where you can't sell refurbished stuff in general, you can sell brand new items with the proper forms from the owner but this simply isn't possible, I've tried this they remove the item instantly

  6. Never buy expensive items like computers,tablets and such on Wish. Other then that I've had no problems with Wish. All the other items I bought came and worked.

  7. I got a early 2013 iMac from eBay that worked that was not cracked and was fast for $240 It had a i3 so not the fastest BUT IT WORKED AND WAS LESS THEN WISH! Great video! And it came With its original APPLE keyboard and mouse which is kind of good.

  8. You got scammed I got a core i5 with 8GB ram and 500GB Mid 2014 not late 2013 for $400 and 1TB would have prob been like $450 so you get the point

  9. You didn’t even try anything you opened up few little things why didn’t you just play a random game for $600 it should play a random game

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