The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

we began this test with a simple question does adrenaline really increase performance could edit adrenaline allow mixed martial arts star Houston the assassin Alexander to actually punch with more force we first established a baseline to see how hard Houston hits without adrenaline then we got him mad really mad all that rage I want it right now what’s your least upbeat come on man you can do this no more disappointment anymore let’s go flooded with natural adrenaline Houston hit the crash test dummy with an amazing 1000 pounds of force that’s 400 pounds or 60% more force than he produced during the baseline now there’s one last test to run how hard will Houston hit when we actually inject him with a shot of pure adrenaline you ready to hear this we go line yourself up Chucky’s are able to check if he’s alright gifting gonna check your pupil how did the injection of epinephrine affect Houston’s power remember his baseline punch with no adrenalin registered at 600 pounds of force enraged by his trainer let me say it you got me hit that thing let’s go his natural adrenaline produced a punch with a thousand pounds of force and finally jacked up on a dose of epinephrine Houston delivered a punch with only 900 pounds of force incredibly that’s less powerful than the one fueled by his trainers motivation you

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