The Alliance Dota 2 HyperX Gaming House Tour

The Alliance Dota 2 HyperX Gaming House Tour

Hi guys, I’m Loda. Welcome to the Alliance House tour
So this is the training room
Hear we got Akke, my beautiful support
My 3rd wife EGN
This is my place
This is Bulldog doing some good important practice -Bulldog: Kappa
And…..yeah this is, this is ¡s4! Why are you not practicing?
s4:i am practicing Loda: what you mean
s4: i’m practicing mario kart
This is of course where we sit down and chill we practice our teamplay with other games
(muffled) C’mon… I need to win
and hear you can see that s4 is playing alone against the bots
He needs all the help me can get
Okay, guys this is the other half of the living room. Here is our beautiful Monet’s pictures or painting
May or may not be original I can’t tell you
And of course hear is the final member of Alliance, Kelly our manager
And you can see that she is actually a huge fan of us
So this is the Hobbit’s Cave watch your head, it’s quite a low ceiling
This is my corner
I sleep around the hyper X, I have some beanies for my head if it’s cold during the winter
Here we’ve got some extra beds and of course we have the bear cave for the bear, this is where he sleeps
You wanna see his room? Follow me
So here we are… In Bulldog’s den
And also (muffled) this is where he’s actually sneaking in here sometimes… but I think Bulldog can tell you about the room
Hey, I’m Bulldog. And this is my room, this is where I sleep
However sometimes (muffled name) here as well
Otherwise he sleeps other there
And in this closet right here is where I keep my bear stuff
I actually have a live bear there.. but I can’t show it right now, unfortunately
So let’s continue… here we have the hallway
which is big and spacious
Welcome to where we do… our funky business
Alright, so this is the bathroom
We have two of these things, we have shower gel, brush our teeth and some people have more high tech stuff than others
And now check this out
Alright, so this is also our… storage area
And you can see this is where we keep stuff that we don’t really need so much
And know I’ll bring you over to the EGM’s room
Hello sir!
Oh, hello!
I’m the only one on the team that’s important enough to have their own room
So can you show me something from your room?
Erm… yeah sure I’ll show you my candles
Oh, what do you use those for?
Nothing… go away
So Akke doesn’t have his own room because he stays really close by
But when he has to stay in the house we… cuddle in my bed
So the last room I’m going to show you is one of our favourite rooms for sure
It’s the kitchen
And in here we got… meatballs
More meatballs
Here we got the door where… the other boy’s guests escape
The door of shame we call it
This is where we sit down and we analyse are scrims and such when it’s not going so well especially
This is the microwave which is probably the most used thing in here
Also, we got some toilet paper… yeah
We use alot of toilet paper in here
And that’s about it
*Bear growling*
Bye, bye!
Yeah so this is Agan and he’s uh
He’s practicing his… but you’re losing!
But it’s so hard!

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  1. omfg when load shows them the storage cupboard: "Stuff we don't need" oh yeh like the aegis of champions you won at TI xD

  2. Its been a looooong day
    Without you my friends
    And I'll tell you all about it
    When Alliance is together again. </3

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