The best all-around gaming laptops of 2018

The best all-around gaming laptops of 2018

The state of gaming laptops in 2018
is unlike anything we’ve seen before.
With PC manufacturers cranking out systems
that are lighter, thinner,
and have better battery life
than previous generations,
plus they’re moving away
from flashy, gaudy designs
that we’ve come to
associate with gaming gear,
instead producing systems
that are more suitable
for use in places like work.
In terms of specs and
power, all of these machines
are using the same processor,
Intel’s eighth generation
Core i7 six-core chip,
and similar graphics cards.
Two years ago, laptops
with this much power
would weigh more than eight pounds,
have awful design, and
had singular purpose,
but now they’re under five pounds,
as thin as a MacBook Pro,
and can last for hours on a charge.
These are the closest systems we’ve seen
to straddling the line
between gaming performance
and productivity,
and the Razer Blade is
the most regular-looking
of the gaming laptops in this group.
It has a unibody aluminum design
and up to a 144 Hz refresh
rate on a full HD display.
If you plan on playing
games on this computer,
I would suggest a high refresh rate.
It’s a no-brainer,
but if you’re a creative
and you want a 4K touchscreen option,
Razer offers that as well,
and you can use the GPU for that instead.
Regardless of which display you choose,
the Razer Blade has thin bezels
that are suitable for
viewing at all angles,
and it also keeps the
webcam in the right place.
The new Razer Blade is fully capable
of playing popular PC games
at their highest settings,
League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege,
Fortnite, Counter-Strike,
and yes, even Destiny 2.
The drawback is that it’s expensive.
As configured, this unit has a GTX 1070
and a 512 GB solid-state drive for $2600.
However, my main issue
with the Razer Blade
is that it just gets too
hot, under heavy strain.
The top row of the
keyboard, the palm rests,
and underneath the laptop just
become unbearable to touch.
You can manually increase
or decrease fan speed
and noise using the Razer Synapse app,
but that’s all at the benefit
or deficit of the graphics card.
Honestly, all that fiddling around
for a laptop that’s over
$2000 is just unacceptable.
Also the keyboard and key caps are tiny.
Despite it’s shortcomings,
Razer still has one of the
best gaming laptops out there.
You can still get around five to six hours
of battery life on a single charge,
while browsing the web
or watching a video.
It’s not great by Ultrabook standards,
but for a gaming laptop
of this performance,
it’s acceptable.
(upbeat music)
The other new gaming
laptop that I really like
is MSI’s GS65 Stealth Thin.
Yes, that’s the full name,
but it’s the thinnest and lightest
of the laptops in this group,
most similar to a 15-inch MacBook Pro.
It also has a six-core Core i7,
a GTX 1070 with Max-Q design,
a downclocked version of the
original card for thermals,
and better port selection than the Blade.
There’s also a SteelSeries
RGB-backlit keyboard
with wide, shallow keys
that I personally found
the most comfortable of the laptops
I’ve tested in this category.
The MSI does a great job of thermals,
shifting hot air away from the
keyboard and the palms rests.
On top of that, the GS65 is
a few hundred dollars less
than the similarly equipped Razer Blade,
while not giving up anything in terms
of performance or capability.
Aesthetically, the MSI takes
an even more mature approach
to gaming laptop design with
no obnoxious light up logos.
Unfortunately, the build
quality isn’t that good,
with flex in the keyboard,
touch pad, and even the lid.
The ASUS Zephyrus M,
Digital Storm Equinox,
and the Gigabyte Aero 15X are all capable
of playing games at
high or ultra settings,
also have 144 Hz, full HD
displays, and six-core processors,
but of the three, I’d
only recommend the ASUS,
which has the best cooling
of the systems here.
When you lift the lid, a
mechanism opens the bottom plate.
ASUS calls this Active Aerodynamic System,
complete with red lighting
if it’s plugged in.
The Zephyrus M can drive
a full mobile GTX 1070
instead of the downclocked Max-Q versions
in the Blade and the MSI.
The MSI and the Razer are
my favorite laptops here
because they’re thin and light,
they have solid performance,
and honestly they’re the
better looking of the bunch.
Still it’s baffling in 2018
that laptops over $2000
don’t have fingerprint-based login
or Windows Hello support
via facial recognition.
Still, it’s becoming
obvious to PC manufacturers
that gaming laptops are in fact laptops
and not one-trick ponies.
Hey, thanks for watching.
Let me know what your
favorite gaming laptop was
in the comments below
or if you didn’t have a favorite at all,
and be sure to subscribe
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