Yeah, so get this my life frickin sucks
Yeah, most likely gonna get banned from YouTube they ask you how are you just going to say that you’re fine? Sorry? I just burped
This is how you get all the girls?
Yeah, I’ll show myself out
So Russell is back
He has made another montage. I have yet to see this thing
This is what he told me he told me to warn you guys that right after this there are some rip headphones users
So be ready
So again dudes if you still enjoy these random gaming
Montages from Russell hit the like button below if you want him to do this like every other month or something like that
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And then come back to this if you want to if not, you know. I don’t know go watch whatever you want
Hope you guys enjoy this video 12 lucky blocks left, let’s get going. Please don’t kill me again
What is going on here?
“Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination” (R.I.P Headphones users)
“Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination” (R.I.P Headphones users)
Kehaan, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer at the end of the day. Go ahead mouse lady
*Insert mouse noise here*
“And a 1, And a 2, And a 1, 2, 3, 4!
Oh that was so loud!
Kehaan please stop that
“Its yeah boiiiii”
Maddie: “What happened? Mine was so cool!”
Oww, my ears!
Why Kehaan..
Hey, my name is Ssundee, and my name is Crainer
This is the double dragon flying
Jumping shots to the other dragon
So they not to fall into the abyss, and this is Jack Butt! You ready you ready
we’re gonna jump in three two tame dragons, dude In 3, 2, 1,
Let’s try again! I accidently jumped onto my own dragon,
Think we got to get farther away from each other dude, my name is Ssundee welcome to
Jack Butt
Let’s do this. Okay here we go
Wait wait back up I dragon
Butters, you know what why stay here Gertrude Gertrude you sit there to think about what you’ve done, Gertrude, Gertrude
Gerblube, you sit there and you think about what you’ve done long with Gertrude. Okay, Gerbloob.
Check, jump between two tame dragons while in midair done
Did we?
Crainer, with the power of editing, anything is possible.
Thea Please, Thea stay alive
That was so good! Oh my gosh.
That was the best juke I’ve ever seen in my life I
I see somebody up here!
Did you just flash bang me- Ahh stop flash banging me!
Sir, stop with the flash bangs!- Ah!
You freaking jerk! I will flash bang you forever Crainer, I will flash bang you forever!
Try to hit me now jerk! -Ahh! This is so unfair! How many flash bangs did you buy?
Now where’s Madeline I got an idea
I am super saiyan the battle would fall to your death?
I still haven’t won a Pokemon fight against you Ian!
Here take take my Charizard Crainer, take my Charizard, it’s all yours have it Love it. you lick it.
Ten lucky blocks left what is this?
How does she see you
Okay, we’re in the zone does this make noise
I’m sorry chickens, but I gotta test the chainsaw
Hello sir
We are playing Halloween edition. Do your, Craner do your spooky noise yes
You had a messed-up childhood didn’t you me let’s go 1v1 1v1 ups and it’ll Rush them Rush them Rush them with me
Yes, I killed the down guy. I took I told the guy that was knocked down ok gonna be Wadi
He’s probably healing right now. There’s no way he’s doing anything else. Okay coming in Eco gotta be behind the street
That’s what you get for being a cheater jerk Bob give me good deals do not steal for me
We are gonna sell everything we have aside from a few ultra balls. Okay. Let’s first sell our pokeballs Hey
shift right click sell everything
So all the pokéballs
Rustle please don’t make me look like a psycho while I’m selling this
All right create I don’t you thinking Sundy does this bow may mean we broke the game
Sundy dusters Bomi we broke the game. No it does not there’s one more thing
Why is Tiye farting on our lucky toilet, she just really had to go
What the Frick is going
To be our lucky spot
It is this supposed to be me
What are you doing you’re interrupting our date, please go away are you going on a date with a princess me with long hair
Beautiful, I don’t understand don’t be jealous. Okay, all right Madeline go on a date with the princess me go ahead
Traitor it is time. I will see
What is it your brain?
Crater there’s not much in your bro I
Took to me like it in
Don’t tell me I look like him alright you guys ready
Abraham Lincoln is on the case. I have a dream wait. That’s not even like
Sky factory season 1
It is doing it fast, but it’s freaking
256 million are F per piece, dude. It’s not stood. Do you have another ChaCha for me?
No, just hold on this will be a second. Can you chop stuff just just watch me charge greater
Just watch this just like that one time we went to the bathroom together
There’s only one stall and you took it, so look at you peed
Further record that has never happened he’s lying no here. We go. Oh nice. It is it looks dead
No okay here we go get him dude get it blow one more hit. What word look at his health. He’s
Dry a crater
I almost died
That almost killed us
We took out a chaos dragon
Let me back up. I want to look at myself
I wanna look at my beautiful face look at me you guys do you guys love me you think I’m pretty
How do you kinda look like crap no no no I need to put some makeup on Madeline can you bring me some makeup
I look like crap. You smell like it
Burnt it was rude. I’ll have you know I’m sleeping on the couch tonight
Wait what happened I
Don’t get what’s going on here
Can’t come in here. It’s occupied. All right. Well Craner got a bunch of lapis and a diamond block
I only got two lapis block dang. It all right. Well ant-man’s prettier. It’s confirmed
Ant-man is prettier. Thank you. I will accept the trophy and a case month all
Get Russell edit that out Russell edit that out Russell cops go away. Cops go away cops go away. No
Somebody hit me with a flash stick
Okay, okay, calm down calm down for a second. No no get away. Get away. How are you killing me?
How are you doing? This? How are you doing this?
It won’t beat me to death with his fists
Yeah, go do it. Yeah, yo ray go break. The ki shard and what if it goes wrong and it disappears, dude
Are you sure
Three two one
Oh, oh great great sucking it sucking me in
Back up back up get away get away get away get away
Doing anything let’s stop oh, oh that almost killed us
And it’s destroying everything
Greater eat it eat an apple eat an apple an apple a day
No, I think think we’re in heaven, oh wait no you’re here, we’re not in heaven oh
Okay, okay that other guy does not have a shield. There’s also somebody to the right
All right, okay. I did the guy I shut down
Think oh, I’m in
He doesn’t know I’m behind him
One guy live, where is he? I don’t know he’s gonna be by this house this big house here careful. He’s got me
He’s put in on us I’m Superman
Do you see him yes, I see him I see him
Vicco that launched fan is broken
How is that Launchpad so broken Nico that guy still trying to figure out what happened let’s spend all
$589 risk it all on the slot machines
Those are diamonds
Wait oh cool I
Just doubled my money
I have $1,000 now
That’s the first time I’ve won, and I just wanted thousand dollars
Now we only have to do that
94 more times do you guys remember this thing how ope this chainsaw is how here’s what I’m gonna
Do I’m gonna get the call with Nico? He’s gonna. Hop on the server. I’m gonna try to troll him into thinking
I haven’t played this server yet. This is my first episode
We’re gonna do a 1v1 battle, then I’m gonna pull the chainsaw out on them
two hours later
got a mild confession to make I
Want to hear I?
may have just spent $40 on this server to
Buy a chainsaw
Well you beat me so if we put a ki shard here, okay, there it is wait, what is that bad thing?
Here custard, okay, but chaos art is gonna turn into something
That is so cool-looking
It is an entire universe
this right here is
Sorry what it’s my what?
I’m done click montage start now
Broken you broke it hold on I’m going
Keep going
God I’m sweating
I can’t just look like a rocket
Getting really hungry by looking at Craters head this was weird
That’s a horrible Turkey noise crannies probably should never go hunting with that ever well. I can’t wait to gobble you
To death I don’t know what I feel about that
Hold on hold on I want to practice something I want to practice something
Greater come look into my eyes. I got one thing to say
Where’s your girl ooh bad dude where’s your curbless? Yep? I actually don’t even remember what Kurt bloop look like am I bet that
Did you kill car blue? What’d you do stupid?
Girls here somewhere dude where’s Kurt blue the Gertrude or our dragons look?
This is carpet up right here, dude luck. No. That’s my dragon yours is yours just read this one’s mine
Oh, oh well – over here. They do look carpet up wait. No. No that’s not it Craner
What did you do with curb loop got blue?
Craner what did you do with derp blue?
Craner what did you do with gir blue crafting place a blood altar right here?
do you want the last prick I could I can give you a last one go ahead go ahead prick your finger I
Don’t we think it’s
Never minded white what do you mean? You don’t think it’s working?
I was spamming and just I didn’t think you would work because of my armor, but then it tilt me okay
I don’t think very much greater. I don’t know where your stuff is I?
Think I think it disappeared wait didn’t know there’s your demonic else you take my stuff I
Think your stuff disappeared crater
Alright, I got more games to play dirt girl. No girls lap
Cooties, but uh anyways dudes
I hope you guys have enjoyed
That you guys did of course if you oppor also will make more of these every month every other month hit the like
Button below show some love in the comments give them some ideas for other funny moments yeah
It’s freakish wrong
We’re also also again quick shout out in the description go check out that music video from my music channel
99 lives show us some love hit the like button down below and
Yes, we’ll see it dudes next time


  1. He's wearing earbuds under headphones

    99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 IQ

  2. "Crainer, I think we're in heaven." "Are we in heaven dude?" "Maybe, oh wait you're here we're not in heaven."

  3. Does anyone else get annoyed when he take 3 extra seconds to turn off the master volume instead of just taking off his headphones? Like, really dude?

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    Ian: How did she see you?
    Madilyn: Cause I used my trap.
    TheaNicka has been killed.


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    SSundee: This right here is Uranus..

    Crainer: ExCuSE mE WhAT?

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    we will always remember you Maddie 😔 😢

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