The Best Gambling Twitch Streaming Channels To Watch Right Now

The Best Gambling Twitch Streaming Channels To Watch Right Now

The streaming world is extremely competitive,
with every Tom, Dick and Harry with an internet
connection and a microphone competing for
an audience. It can be hard to know who is
actually worth watching and which channels
are essentially just background noise. That’s
why we made it our mission to track down the
5 best gambling streamers and bring them to
your attention. So you can finally find some
streamers saying something worth listening
Unibet Poker
Unibet Poker is a shining example of how a
casino should handle their social media. Instead
of using their Twitch as an excuse to relentlessly
advertise their own casino, Unibet offer an
excellent lineup of shows that clearly understand
what people like about poker.
There’s always something new going on, with
hosts like Charlotte Van Brabander, Sam Grafton
and even its own in house celebs like The
Unibet Butler hosting guides, explanations
and playthroughs of online poker. Unibet even
live stream their own open events, so you
never miss a moment of the action by tuning
into Unibet Poker. It’s a fun stream that
always has something to hold a poker fans
interest, no matter what you’re after.
Maria Ho
Maria Ho is possibly one of the most famous
gambling twitch streamers around. Her stream
is interesting as she’s a professional high
stakes poker player as well as a down to earth
fan of the game. Maria Ho is able to give
viewers the best of both worlds by offering
interesting insights into the game, whilst
also being an engaging personality to watch
during more casual play.
If you ever wanted to get into the circles
of a pro poker player, then Maria Ho is one
of the few pros who is interested in hanging
out with her fans. Whether over stream or
even in her own personal Pokerstars games,
which she hosts for her Twitch followers.
Maria is, all in all, a must watch streamer
for any poker fan.
Samantha Abernathy
Samantha Abernathy is a jack of all trades
in the gambling streamer world. She rose to
fame by taking home over $400,000 as a third
place winner of the 2016 Aussie Millions tournament,
and she has been rising ever since.
She’s a prolific streamer who enjoys streaming
online poker, live home games and even has
her own Google hangout where she dispenses
advice about life and creativity. If you’re
looking for a streamer who likes to give out
more of a personality than just their love
of gambling, then Samantha Abernathy is the
complete package for any stream lover.
Parker Talbot
Parker Talbot is a powerhouse of personality
among streamers. Talbot, who goes by the handle
TonkaaaaP is known for primarily playing poker,
but he’s branched off into several other
innovative gambling categories, which includes
drunken blackjack.
Talbot isn’t a pro by any means, but his
high output of streams, infectious enthusiasm
for poker and his developing skills have made
him a favourite among the twitch community.
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin rose to public awareness as a
contestant on Canadian Big Brother, but since
then has been thriving solely on his own personality
and commitment to streaming.
Kevin isn’t a pro poker player, not even
considering himself one, yet he has a huge
audience of poker fans who enjoy watching
him play, and he recently managed to gain
sponsorship from Pokerstars. Not bad for a
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  1. If you say "Tonkaaap isn't a pro"… Make sure you do your research properly next time because he is not only a pro but also the best MTT poker player on Twitch right now. Cheers!

  2. what a retarded list. "tonkaaaap isn't a pro". he is

    "kevin marrin isn't a pro" literally sponsored by pokerstars as an online pro

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