The Best Gaming Mice of 2018!

The Best Gaming Mice of 2018!

but the thing is you’ve had the whole
day to practice and I just woke up like
10 minutes ago so don’t don’t expect
miracles this is the first time I’ve let
out the game oh okay so we’re both fresh
it’s not running on this board I see you
file panic again good game so as the
year comes to a close you my friend have
come to the right place to see which
gaming mice deserve our recommendation
and these have gone through insane
flicks unintentional range moments but
best of all delivers that satisfying
feeling of being number one on the
gonna get a kill now I trust my aim you
should probably – but you know what’s
better for you are two opinions so in
this video you have a special FPS guest
die from rocket jump ninja whom I
consider an expert in gaming mice
because of this
so yeah he’s really good and you should
take his recommendations for real let’s
begin right after this what would you
so I’m looking for a gaming headset with
a bit of everything but not overkill
something that folds on your neck sure
how about the light frame without
excessive clamping force yes yes you
have to be air cushions with proper
internal padding excellent I will take
the cable and the microphone are
fine fine this is the one multi-platform
compatibility with virtual surround
sound dongle avail can I just take one
and the sound quality you’ll be
satisfied with so the new coolermaster
MH 751 and 75 to are here to make your
gaming experience
alright so my first recommendation goes
to my favorite Mouse of all the
SteelSeries rival 310 it is over a year
old but this is my favorite wired mouse
to date with their light non braided
cable bungee is always recommended
though an incredible sensor of course
fantastic button layout and field
especially that low profile fin to
change the CPI and they’ve made this
button larger on the rival 600 series I
don’t really like that the side grips
have enough friction and most
importantly it’s only 88 grams with the
most comfortable shape for my hand size
and the flick on top is the price you
can pick this up for around 55 bucks to
6 dollars and it is an absolute steal if
you want to improve your aim and stick
around with something for a while the
rival 310 is highly recommended and you
can check out full reviews of all the
mice we were talking about today in
description below plus pricing and
availability my second Mouse of choice
is the latest from Logitech the G Pro
Wireless this is the mouse if you want
to cut the cord for your serious gaming
needs we’ve got the latest and greatest
sensor in there that the super power
efficient yet delivers outstanding
performance we no longer have to be
skeptical of using you know Wireless in
a professional setting and best of all
it is super light at only 80 grams and
for wireless mouse that is incredible
the gaming experience with this thing is
you know very satisfying the scroll
wheel is nice primer clicks so nice you
can store away the USB receiver inside
the mouse and the battery for me lasts
for about a week so I never have to
worry I find the ambidextrous shaped
comfy for my hybrid grip plus you can
add or swap side browser buttons for
left or right hand use and the only
caveat is the price since this is the
best wireless mouse that I’ve used to
date but not to worry my third mouse recommendation for 2018 goes out to the
Logitech G305 that is also
wireless and basically has the same
performance as the G Pro Wireless
selector you know older sensor with a
smaller shape that for my hand is
slightly better and the clutter on top
is the price at around fifty bucks
basically it has the same shape as the
original G pro wired mouse that I love
it is a bit heavier toe at ninety five
grams because of the double-a battery
but weight can be reduced if using a
lithium battery so just keep that in
mind and because there are no lights
it will last for over 200 hours of
continuous operation so battery life is
excellent and the USB receiver can also
be stashed away inside the body and for
real this feels like using a wired mouse
without any performance compromises but
of course it is Wireless but now let’s
hear what Zy has to say all great
choices I could probably say the same
but for the sake of variety I’m going to
say three different ones first the finalmouse air 58 it’s not available right now
but I want to point out why it’s so
popular the shape is amazing it has a
top optical sensor and they’ve managed
to get a large Mouse down to about 58
grams a normal Mouse this size would be
about a hundred grams some people do
like the extra weight in their mice but
a lot of competitive players are finding
they can aim much better with lighter
mice so the Air 58 is extremely popular
which is waiting on stock and for other
mice to get even lighter next is my new
personal favorite the Zowie Fk series which
should be available in December 2018
stay tuned for updates it’s a mouse
worth keeping an eye on I was using the
FK2 for years and the S2 is similar
but a bit shorter and a bit taller
really good changes to the point I can
feel more confident aiming and I already
am near my best with the FK2 so that’s
saying something
and the third the Logitech G403 still
one of my favorites and still the top
Mouse even two years after its release
I’m sure everyone already knows about
that one though all three mice basically
have the same top optical sensor it’s
just a matter of personal preference if
you ever watch my channel I recommend
finding a mouse 60% of your hand
measurements small mice seem easier to
aim would go too small and you might get
cramps in your hand have to find the
balance so any one of these mice could
be the topic for you and I have to give
a shout-out to the Razer Mamba
Wireless 2018
this one surprised me I really wasn’t
expecting you to be so good but at about
105 grams it’s not too heavy and the
shape is one of the best for hands of
eight inches by four inches and the
wireless performance is like wired
speaking of wireless I really have to
talk up your picks the Logitech G Pro
Wireless is the number one Mouse on my
list at the moment and the Logitech G 305
is my number 6 they are absolutely
amazing mice highly recommended but it
really depends on your hand size and
what you want so even though the G Pro
Wireless is my number one I use some
mouse listed at number three if the G Pro
Wireless was my recommended size I would
use that with that question there really
asks so many good choices at the moment
even the rival 310 is one of my
favorites you just have to find what’s
right for you come on where’s the peak
what Oh cuz you are protected yeah and
vulnerability so I really want that
final Mouse now thanks I but my audible
recommendation goes out to the slightly
older Zowie FK1
it is still in my drawer for a reason
because it fits my grip so well and I
love the driverless cycle between the
four dpi levels at the bottom approach
and I feel like my aim is perfect every
time I use it and it sells for around 60
bucks and it is definitely worth it and
so to recap here is a full list of
gaming mice we recommend with excellent
wired and wireless options in there plus
attractive price points for many they’ll
all be linked description below so check
him out and I really want to thank Zy
from rocket jump ninja for his expertise
and recommendations for best mice to buy
in 2018 and so make sure to subscribe to
this channel for more FPS goodness
you’re welcome and thanks for having me
on I have a video explaining how to
choose the right Mouse you can check the
description for the link to that so I
hope that helps good luck alright guys
so that is it from us hopefully these
recommendations are helpful for you to
decide on maybe getting in your mouth so
you can improve your aim and become
better you know player overall but let
me know which Mouse you’re walking now
and potentially upgrade to later on I’m
a Dmitry make sure to subscribe to Zy
and yeah we’ll see you in the next video
and happy gaming good luck with the aim
make sure it’s good stay on top of the
board’s people stay on top of the
oh my god I’m winning I’m 4-3 let me
just take the salinity to screen show
this enjoy it yeah I’m gonna play me it
has been great
see you later

100 thoughts on “The Best Gaming Mice of 2018!”

  1. HUGE thanks to Rocket Jump Ninja for this collab! If you want to see us team up for more content, let us know. Maybe next time on a game neither plays….like PUBG. 😉 😉

  2. I'm using a Logitech g102. I got this mouse because of choosing the right mouse guide from rocket jump ninja. And it was the only mouse available locally without an office mouse sensor at its price. Loving it so far.

  3. I am never buying a Logitech mouse again, have returned my g903 3 times now.. that's beyond ridiculous for a $200 CAD mouse..

  4. There was a few times hand size was mentioned but not any info on which mouse is good for which size? I have large hands and it's impossible to find any info

  5. Thinking of getting G203… I have a small-medium hand and play mostly Fortnite, Krunker, and Bullet Force bc I can't get paid games :(. Anyways what do you guys think?

  6. Ordered the G305, Rival 310 and Mamba Wireless, gonna try all 3 out and then see which one I like the most. Idk, but it feels kinda silly to spend $150 on the G Pro Wireless.

  7. How does an old gaming mouse compare to new ones like this? For example I have Logitech G9X. Is it still good or worth the upgrade?

  8. I would love to get the new G Pro, but the price is too much for me. I have the G305 and I love it! Been on the same lithium battery since I got it in may surprisingly.

  9. Still can´t decide betweend Razer Deathadder Elite and Logitech G403… I think the g403 fits better to my hands and my grip-style. I dont have a full palm grip i only use 1 finger one left button and 1 on the right button. The other two fingers are beside the mouse. This grip isn´t that good for the Deathadder – in my opinion…. Or do I have to wait a few days to get more comfortable with the Deathadder? Tested it for two days now…

  10. Lmao when I clicked the vid I thought it was from RJN because of the way the thumbnail was set up. and then I saw you, then I heard zy and I was so confused

  11. Im currently having a Logitech G203/G102.I had a G502 and A Roccat Kone XTD which were medium to big mice.I like it more when Mice are a little bigger and thats why Im probably going to buy the Rival 310 next month.

  12. If I may add the Logitech g203 is the best mouse I have ever used I love it so much it’s so comfortable for me but hey my hands are bigger and stuff sooooo 😂 overall a very good mouse

  13. Just found a brand new Logitech G Pro wired in my closet. Just forgot all about it. I'll test it out right now.

  14. let me guess your not sponsored like every youtube keeps spamming when they really are sponsored ? talk about being sponsored on cooler master .

  15. dont buy the rival 310. ive had it for about 1 year now and the sides are coming off, im getting dubble clicks on my mouse weel and some times it doesnt work. and there is a slight mouse acceleration

  16. i have the g pro wireless and the g903. i like the g903 slightly better because of the shape. Anyhow nice video. sad to not see the g903 included in the video since its an epic mouse. peace

  17. I am having hard time choosing between Rival 600 and Corsair Ironclaw. The ironclaw fits my palm perfectly but the Rival 600 has better sensor, what should I shoot for?

  18. Honestly, I'm loving the Logitech g304 wireless gaming mouse (Ph version, just the same mouse but the g+number name is just different). I love the weight and the accuracy. Watched also rocketninja's reviews before I bought it and I wasn't disappointed.

  19. I'm using the G402 since 2015. I wanna get a wireless mouse with the same dimensions like this one. Should I get the G603?

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