The best GPU for 4k gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

The best GPU for 4k gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

hey PC world fans Adam here with GPU
expert Brad charkas yeah and we have a
weekly podcast called the full nerd that
you can tune into by subscribing here on
youtube or wherever you can get your
podcasts but during the show we filled a
lot of questions and one of them that we
get a lot is what’s the best GPU if
you’re gaming at 4k that’s actually a
great question because 4k monitors and
4k gaming in general has really come
down in price and recent years 4k gaming
used to just cost an arm and a leg you’d
have to get the highest heed graphics
card to even think to start to be able
to play at 4k resolution and even then
you’d have to make visual compromises
that’s no longer the case you can find
4k monitors going first cheapest two or
three hundred bucks sometimes which is
great if you’re looking to get a more
affordable graphics card back and kind
of power those you might need to dial
some things down to high maybe some of
the more strenuous settings down the
medium but you can get it working pretty
good you’d want to look at some of the
options that are also good for or 1440p
so Oh Radeon rx 5700 XT which is $400
from AMD there’s also the $500
GeForce r-tx 2070 super the XT is almost
as fast as the RT X 2070 super but the
2070 super has a ray tracing so if
that’s a concern to you it’s worth
considering like I said you’re gonna
have to sacrifice some of the visual
quality but if you think the ticket
settings you know you can get a lot of
games running at 4k 60 with high dose
details but if you really want to take
as much advantage of a 4k 60 monitor as
possible if you want to have everything
running on Ultra or close to it there’s
always gonna be some games you have to
turn down a little bit extra the only
real option because AMD doesn’t play up
in this pace the XT is most powerful
card would be the NVIDIA GeForce r-tx
2080 Super which costs $700 okay
that’s still a pretty penny mm-hmm it’s
only about 12% faster than 2070 Super
but that extra 12% makes a big
difference when it comes to
being able to you know move a graphic
setting from high to ultra or it get you
from 50 frames per second to 60 frames
per second it doesn’t sound like much
it’s costing you an extra three hundred
dollars two hundred fifty dollars but it
gets you much better for k6d gaming
experience okay well what about some of
these newer 4k monitors that are
enabling high refresh rate and HDR and
gsync and all that sort of fun stuff
yeah those are pretty cool we start
seeing those come now over the past year
so I actually have a distinct HDR
monitor at home it’s joke a hundred
forty-four Hertz
HDR you know 10-bit color they’re
and you can still use something like the
twenty eighty super with that um that
being said you would still only get
about 60 frames per second depending on
the game so if you really want to take
the most advantage of it and you’ve
already invested a thousand plus maybe
two thousand dollars on a really nice
high-end monitor like that
the real option that you want to go get
is the $1,200
RTX 20 80 TI from Nvidia okay 1200 bucks
is a lot to spend on the graphics card
it’ll burn a hole in your wallet
it’ll also melt your face it’s by far
the fastest thing I’ve ever come close
to testing it’ll get you well over 60
frames per second and the vast majority
of games uh even with ultra graphics
settings which is sudden that was
unbelievable just a couple of years ago
you won’t max out the monitor in most
games if you’re playing modern games if
you have all the visuals cranked even
with the 2080 TI you probably won’t hit
144 Hertz but you’ll get the most that
you can out of it well is an option to
maybe stack those cards up and add a
dual GPU set up to in order to achieve
those high frame rates it is an option
but you do not want to do it so uh that
used to be my go-to advise in recent
years though the industry has really
moved away from multi GPU support you
need the driver to work to be able to
get that running even if you have a
driver that says hey you know we support
sli we support crossfire and everyone be
crossfire at this level the game needs
to support it and more and more games
just aren’t even bothering these days
that’s a bummer even AMD and NVIDIA are
dialing it back
Nvidia will only support cross SL
so multi-gpu setups in two card
configurations they used to go up to
four and AMD officially killed crossfire
so the new Radeon 5700 XT I mention the
beginning you can’t crossfire that
whatsoever so you got to kind of get the
best single card Liam can for your money
at this point yep that’s the go-to
advice that’s the golden advice for the
last five or six years or so and it’s
it’s gonna continue to remain that way
well is it an option to maybe maybe find
a really good deal on last generations
high-end card the 1080 TI that card
would be pretty good for 4k 60 gaming it
would be akin to like the 2070 super a
little bit faster than the 2070 super
okay so you would be able to play at 4k
60 with some graphics you know you got
that one back um the thing is I’m not
against use PC parts it depends on the
type of part that it is though if you’re
buying something like I used a processor
there’s not much risk cuz it’s just a
piece of metal that sits there um
graphics cards have a lot of moving
parts and they are super easy to
overclock the snot out of so I think
there’s a lot of inherent risk in buying
used in graphics card ins a lot of
people swear by it before I dropped
several hundred dollars on some I want
to be there is little risk as possible
and I think it’s just real risky to buy
use graphics card especially something
like that if you can find one for 250
$300 something like cheap like that good
– yeah share with me but even still I
I would rather buy something like the
$400 Radeon rx 4700 XT and even get a
little bit less gaming performance out
of it then I would have spend to spend
$400 on use two gtx 980ti
well and and also if you’re gonna spend
this amount of money you know and you’re
gaming at 4k you probably want to get
ray tracing the r-tx course right I mean
the it plays the best in these higher
card configurations so it depends what
you’re talking about because if you’re
looking at 4k 60 and your options you’re
starting options could be the Radeon
5700 XT and that’s only 400 bucks
it comes real close to the 2070 super
not quite as fast but real close for
$100 less the 2070 super obviously gives
you rate raising capabilities and all of
these high-end cards give you a
chastened capabilities so there are from
Nvidia and that’s and videos pushing
that real money in general if you really
believe in rate racing and you think
it’s gonna take off you want to get as
much performance and rate racing as
possible the more expensive the card you
buy the faster it’ll go in everything
including race race they have more
dedicated hardware for racing that makes
all right well the last question I got
asked just because I got to ask is it
should anyone ever buy the RT X Titan
that’s available no never not no not
nobody not never no gamer gamer not a
gamer yeah ok we should if you’re doing
data center stuff and you want to spend
$3,000 on something that has more memory
but very little extra gaming performance
compared to the 2080 ti then it might
make sense for that but gamers should
not never oh hey it looks nice though
right pretty well thank you for
answering this question and like I said
you can ask questions all day long on
the full nerd join our discord you know
subscribe to us on YouTube and and where
ever you listen to podcasts and we’ll
try to answer as much as we can so
before I go I do want to mention that
you have an awesome article on PC
worldcom that you’re continually
updating correct yes several times a
month best guides the best graphics
cards for gaming specifically awesome
all I’ll link to it in the comments down
below and thank you Brad for taking the
time to answer this question yeah
negotiate it and thank you for being
there we’ll see you later

13 thoughts on “The best GPU for 4k gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert”

  1. Had an RTX 2080 since it's release and basically every game I can play at 4K Ultra 60 as long as AA is set to Medium or low, which at 4K is fine anyway. If 60fps is your monitors refresh rate which at 4K most are, then a 2080 is the minimum for Ultra 60.

  2. the ONLY answer is the rtx 2080ti unless you want to start turning settings down which honestly for me defeats the object of cranking it up to 4k in the first place if you're happy to turn settings down just play at 1440P and be done with it.

  3. nope … MSI RTX 2080 TRIO non super is the best buy for 4 60 FPS … 😉 PC WORLD… …. RTX 2080 Super make no sense… 150/200 dollar more for what ?? XD 2/4 fps more ? no thanks …

  4. Ok so no beating around the bush…..I have had many gpu's as of late from a 1080ti to a 2080ti and a few lower end in between and the ONLY CARD THAT WILL DO 4K MAXED OUT ABOVE 60fps iiiiiiiiiisssssssssss………….that's right the 2080ti …….. everything else is gonna be subpar

  5. GPUs have a lot of moving parts? Aside from the 2 or 3 fans, what else is moving? furthermore, it is unlikely you will get 60 fps with ray tracing enabled on even a 2080 Ti @4k.

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