The Best Video Games of 2019 (Explainiac w/ Dan Casey)

The Best Video Games of 2019 (Explainiac w/ Dan Casey)

(epic orchestral music) – [Dan Casey] Explaniac:
Episode twenty-five. It is a period of bitter cold. Winter’s setting in across the land and it’s suddenly dark at like
4:27pm for no good reason. This leaves us with nothing to do but press our face against the window pane and stare wistfully into
the middle distance, thinking only of how we
spent the last calender year. We didn’t learn Korean on Duolingo. We joined the gym, but haven’t
been in like four months. If we’re being honest, we
mostly ordered take-out and played video games. And these are the best video
games in the galaxy,of 2019. (retro synthewave music) – Welcome to Explaniac,
I’m Dan Casey and today we’re celebrating the very
best video games of 2019. This was a year that was jam-packed with some seriously impressive titles, and choosing the best of the best was like “Sophie’s Choice” but harder, cause I don’t have any kids, but I do have a lot of video games that I want to play, and a
limited amount of spare time. Now I’ll put a full list of titles in the description below, and remember, if I left off your favorite title? Well, I did that on purpose. You know what you did Kevin. You know. Metro Exodus. In a time where the narrative-focused
first person shooter seems to be waning,
Metro Exodus stands out as a shining example of the
best the genre has to offer. 4A Games’ epic harrowing return to the mutant-filled post
apocalyptic wasteland surrounding Moscow, is as tense, thrilling, and profoundly rewarding as ever. Every encounter feels
this fight for your life, which is also how I
imagine pre-apocalyptic Russia feels like,
cause I’ve watched like, way too many dash cam videos on Reddit, but that’s neither here, nor there. The Outer Worlds. If you’re like me, and you
know that Fallout: New Vegas is in fact the best Fallout game, period, then The Outer Worlds was
like mana from heaven. Obsidian basically put
New Vegas, Borderlands, and Mass Effect into a blender, added some of their signature silliness
and world building, and created one of my
favorite new RPG’s in years. From the games memorable missions, to the subtle ways it punishes you for repeatedly breaking your legs, to the visceral pleasure for
reducing a snarling bandit to a pile of ashes. The Outer Worlds is a total blast that you absolutely need to play. Outer Wilds. I know, sounds like Outer Worlds but it’s actually a different game. It’s fitting that as the
doomsday clock ticks ever closer to midnight, I found solace in a game that’s all about the end of the world. In Outer Wilds, the world
ends every 22 minutes, and you’re caught in
this cosmic death loop, as you go back before the end of days to try and uncover another clue that could help you prevent
the heat-death of the universe. It’s thoughtful, it’s
contemplative, it’s beautiful, it’s an intensely rewarding experience. Even when you waste one of
your play-throughs crashing your rocket into the coastline because, you were way too high or whatever? Not that that happened to me,
definitely some other player, but you guys know what I’m saying, right? Fun game. Slay the Spire. A perfect storm of
popular video game genres, Slay the Spire expertly blends
rogue-like dungeon crawling, with a surprisingly deep card game. You will die many, many
times, as you attempt to ascend the spire. Tweaking your deck,
mixing and matching relics to min-max your stats, and
charging headlong into danger, through the game’s
constantly shifting halls. It’s the kind of game
that you sit down to play for like, an hour? And before you know it, the sun’s coming up. Which is to say, the best kind. Control. Finally a video game that
appreciates brutalist architecture almost as much as my
college roommate James. This reality-warping,
mind-melting story takes you deep into the halls of the
shadowy government agency, the Federal Bureau of Control, for a seriously addictive
metroid-vania style of adventure, full of psychic powers,
deeply weird events, and secrets galore. It’s the kind of game that you won’t want to stop playing until the credits roll, and then you might just have to start playing it all over again. Apex Legends. The worst thing to happen to
Mozambique since Vasco da Gama, is also one of the best games of the year. As the battle royale genre
approached critical mass, Apex Legends set itself
apart with slick gunplay, adrenaline-pumping action,
god-tier traversal mechanics, and characters that have personality beyond just stealing dance
moves from black artists. If it can keep up a steady
stream of new content in 2020, it’s gonna keep me playing
well into the new year. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. At last, something has
combined the visceral thrills of Dark Souls and Bloodborne,
with a nightmarish vision of feudal Japan. Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice, is
quite possibly the best therapy that money can buy,
outside of actual therapy which we could all
pretty much benefit from. Really hope we get universal
health care next year. You’ll be forced to confront
your simmering rage head-on as you battle through
its myriad challenges. You’ll come to believe in yourself as you defeat it’s seemingly
insurmountable bosses, and you’ll learn to accept
your impending death, because holy sh*t are you gonna
die a lot playing this game. But honestly, that’s what
makes it all worth while. Disco Elysium. Now I know this sounds
like a David Bowie album that was lost in the
sands of time and cocaine, but it’s actually one of
the best RPG’s in ages. Disco: Elysium puts you in
the shoes of an alcoholic, amnesiac detective trying
to solve a murder case in a city in shambles. It eschews traditional RPG combat in favor of dialogue trees
and skill checks that, depending on which skills
you’ve invested in, will yield wild and unexpected results. It’s whip smart writing,
wicked sense of humor, and inventive gameplay mechanics make this an absolute must-play,
especially if you yearn for the Halcyon days of
isometric RPG’s past. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Now folks, Star Wars has
never been afraid of wearing its influences on its sleeve. Just as George Lucas synthesized
his love of Flash Gordon, Akira Kurosawa, and
old-school movie cereals into its original trilogy,
Respawn synthesized elements of Uncharted, Mass Effect,
Sekiro, and a boat-load of other titles into the best
new Star Wars game in years. Journeying across the galaxy far, far away with Cal Kestis and BD-1,
felt both familiar and new. You got to create these epic moments where all the artifice is stripped away, and you just lose yourself in this elemental battle
between good and evil. From using the force,
to parkour off a wall, and just carve through a
brigade of Stormtroopers, to uncovering ancient Jedi tombs, to beating the ever-loving hell out of that god damn Oggdo Bogdo. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen
Order is some of the best Star Wars in a year full
of excellent Star Wars, and honestly, it may be the best because it lets me do the
only thing I ever care about in Stars Wars games:
force-push doofus’ off of ledges to their demise! There is nothing more satisfying in gaming than getting an environmental kill, especially when you just f*cking choke slam ’em to oblivion. F*ck those guys. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Now the most divisive question of the year isn’t which candidate you’re gonna support in the 2020 presidential election, it’s which house did you choose in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? The king of strategy RPG’s has
returned with a thunderclap of a game, that puts you
in the shoes of a teacher with a mysterious past, and
a teenage military academy. Basically, it’s like Hogwarts
but with more murder, which is saying something, considering all the murder
they did at Hogwarts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this conspiracy and
betrayal-filled narrative, that encompasses everything
from ancient deities, to kidnapping, to all out war. It’s relentlessly charming
cast of characters, deep tactical combat, and
engrossing storytelling are gonna keep you playing
well into the wee hours of the morning, and the next day as well. Honestly, play it on classic for the most rewarding play-through, and then play it through like, three more times so you get every ending, every possible twist and
turn this story takes. And those are the best games of 2019. There were so many amazing
games that came out this year that weren’t on my
list, so in that spirit, please celebrate all of the awesome games that you played this year, by
sharing your favorite titles of 2019 in the comments below. And while you’re at it, tell me what you’re most looking
forward to in 2020. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video,
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I want to take a moment to thank some of the
awesome people who work on this show behind the
scenes that you may not know. Talking about folks like
Steven Czerwinski, Marhyan Franzen, and Shiraz Dhume, and
the ghost of Erin Vail. I sincerely appreciate you
and everything that you do. I could not make this without you. And most importantly, thank
you to everyone who took the time to watch this show, to comment, to share it with their friends and be a part of our community. Truly, without you folks out there, there would be no show,
so thank you very much, and have a happy and healthy new year. And remember, not everything
in life can be explained, but for everything else there’s this show.

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  1. Really solid list of games. 2019 was a good year for that. Wishing Dan and everyone at Nerdist a very Happy Holiday season as well. 😊 🎄

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  3. Fallen order is fucking garbage!!! The only reason it’s here is because you are all fucking stupid!!! And it was not a good year for games.

  4. And fuck card games o consoles. I have a fucking deck of cards and magic cards for card games. Fuck Dan you and nerdiest suck balls now.

  5. The best house is obviously Blue Bions because then the colours make sense; the player is always blue in Fire Emblem games and when fighting the other houses the Black Eagles are red and the Golden Deer are yellow just like the capes on the 3 house leaders.

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