The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Oh My God!
Oh my god indeed! We’ve got some driver
saturation guys!
Welcome back to Solid Driver. Today we’re going to be looking at …
Well, what are we looking at?
This is the [Uber] Rider App, and I’m just
panning, around getting a feel for how
many drivers are out there. I do this
before I go out every time and sometimes
as a result I don’t go out and that’s
the case today.
This is 10 p.m. on a Friday. We’ve got 4th
of July coming up just after the weekend
so this is a pretty busy weekend. School
is out so we’ve got a lot of students that
are now driving, we have teachers that
are driving and generally it’s just
super busy out there. So as you can see
here, this app only shows 8 cars at a time.
So what I’m doing … and this this is
something I just did for the video.
I don’t normally do this. But I am panning
around … Not the entire map but the
majority of the map, and then I took
screenshots of this video and put it all
together in Photoshop. So at the end of
this you’re going to see the big picture.
All the cars in all of Tampa Bay … well in
all of Tampa … I didn’t do the entire area.
I’ve got a little bit of St. Pete, the
downtown area which is the happening
spot on a Friday night. So I want to show
just how ridiculously saturated it is there.
Here’s a zoom-in of Downtown St. Pete.
And I’m just kind of poking
around you can just see how many
drivers are out there. I mean it’s just crazy.
So I didn’t go out tonight. It’s um …
There’s no point!
I’m not going to compete with that many
cars that’s just a waste of time. You’re
going to be sitting there for maybe an
hour just to get a ride that’s going to
be, you know 3 or 4 bucks? Pshh! I got better
stuff to do!
Ok so here’s the big picture. This is
what I’ve compiled using all of those
images from the video that I just showed
you. Now the gray areas I didn’t cover …
Those don’t tend to be hot areas especially on a Friday night.
Maybe in the early mornings, but
this time a night it’s irrelevant.
But you can see just how many drivers are out here! I mean it is saturated!
You can see around the zoo, you can see around USF, here’s the Hard Rock Casino.
If you’re not familiar with this area, I’m just going through the more popular
spots for a Friday/Saturday night
situation. Ybor City, you know, we’ve got a
swarm of cars here. They’re just piled on
top of each other. Downtown Tampa, and
Soho is in here somewhere in this area.
At least they’re spread out here.
I can say that, at least they’re
spread out so these guys do have a
chance of catching something, but the
majority of these people, like in
Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, they’re going
to do some waiting! Here’s Tampa
Airport. We’ve got a mess of people waiting in the cellphone lot. Maybe some of those
are spoofing and they’re not actually
there but still. I mean, competition’s stiff!
Then across the bridge we have
Downtown Saint Pete, which is just, I mean
look at this! That’s just madness! You
can’t you can’t even see the map there’s
so many cars there! And that’s the
side of the bridge I’m on. I don’t
generally work on the Tampa side. I
focused on Tampa for this just to
demonstrate, because that’s an area that
more people are familiar with.
That’s The Big Picture I wanted to show you. You can do this yourself. I mean you don’t have
to do all the Photoshop and everything
but break out that Rider App and pan
around. Take a look at your market before
you go out. You know, maybe it’s not so
saturated where you’re at, and it’s not
so much a decision “do I go out or not?”
but maybe “where do I go?”. That’s generally why I’m looking at the Rider App.
I’m trying to see where all the other
drivers are hanging out, so I can avoid them.
You can check out my video on
Positioning and that’ll explain that more.
But I always look at the writer app
before I go out just to have an idea of
what I’m working with that night, or that
morning, whatever it is.
Alright guys, so that’s it for this
episode of Solid Driver.
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Take it easy!

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  1. I dont think you can spoof anymore – the new updates detect it and shut you offline right away. Unless someone has some secret spoof tool LOL

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