The BIGGEST Pot EVER On Live At The Bike!

The BIGGEST Pot EVER On Live At The Bike!

what’s up guys dog polke here welcome back to another absurd a poker hands and today we’re going to be taking a look at the largest pot in life at the bike history I was at the table I thought this would be an interesting hand to take a look at let’s jump into the action number one trade either love me or hit me very polar that’s does great and I would have been so great if you just hear about the nightmare I cried like alright we had to eight from justice call from John 5:3 Oh Michaels in there with the seven eight off Alex Cole exact nine I hormone Mike he’s got a king of domination or hand begins with Justin coming in for a raise pocket eights under the gun plus one definitely the standard play now over to Joshua’s 5/3 often has an interesting decision to make he can call and try and play some post flop in position or can three bet and try to get a little bit of value preflop personally I lean a little more towards three bet I think that your hands under rep with this line and you don’t allow yourself an opportunity to extract value he does come in for the call on the action folds to Michael on the button with Abe seven so worth noting I had Queen Jack facing this action but you don’t want to flat lose hands like that facing and open in a call and it’s simply too weak to three bet over to Michael on the bud with eight seven and he has a kinda interesting decision I don’t really mind all three of his options here I know you guys hate when I say that but there’s a little merit to each calling you’re in position which is good against both players and one of them who is no one to be on the loose side and three running has a little bit of value as well especially given Michael’s image is a very tight player who hadn’t raised in too many pots folding not completely out of the question I mean we did just see a 10-9 off flat for eight big blinds in another episode of poker hands this week eight seven off for three may be a little more reasonable to call so anyway either way I can see all three options making sense and the blindfold and let’s take a flop we’ve got a like say that I got the best hand that Dukes took all players have done it’s called here are you ready bigger than you know doctors at some point not good Ray’s here but I’m gonna call a little much Oh what do I write 112 you did raise four Mike’s got a call here the flop comes ten six years everyone gets a little piece justin has a pair of eights only one over card josh has a gunshot to the nuts and Michael also has a gunshot to the nut so everyone’s got a little piece but nothing too special Justin decides that his hand is good enough for continuation bet on the flop which is a little bit dicey while you’re probably ahead of both players ranges particularly Josh with how loose he’s been playing the problem is that you face a rage you’re in a tough spot and if you get called you don’t know what the doing later streets for these reasons I generally prefer a flop check and evaluate but I also do see a little bit of merit embedding trained in the field out and put your point on more defined ranges so he goes ahead and bets and now it’s over to Josh when you have a hand like that here I think I like raised the most of his options particularly to knock Michael out of the pot you know if Michael has a hand like a six or eight or straight draw he’s going to have to just fold facing a bet in a race and there’s Justin’s continuation betting with too many hands like pocket eights it’s going to work out pretty nicely for him callings not too bad but he could have other hands like 98 suited or eight seventy eight or nine seven suited that are better straight draws that he could also call with he does decide to call on the action is over to Michael on the button and for all the reasons I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh raised I also feel like I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael raised particularly with a bet and a call it’s unlikely the Josh’s range has too many strong hands I think if you had a hand like a set would be pretty likely to see a raise on the flop also given how many hands josh is playing it’s unlikely has a hand of strong in the set to begin with why would be a little more worried about Justin’s range you can still put a lot of pressure on him by having some flop raises in here and the thing is you don’t raise any straight draws when you’re pointed does bet then when you do raise either a flush draw or set and it’s not going to give you good playability on various run outs in conclusion I wouldn’t mind having seen arrays from either jaws from Michael but call is OK from both let’s take a turn already enough get Michael w Josh the street there it is I called it Josh now has any shells about Michaels got a good spot to bet here unfortunately I would never had that I don’t think Michael I think he’s gonna he’s playing against all opponents he should bet Qatar I gotta bet he’s got them hide in and it puts just enough spots before Josh axe yeah just little schoolgirl I love how josh is so I’ve such a good bat my my custom problem I like how Joshua go here you have a conversation talking to I’ll use it up I hear that is the holy ground like a bowl or you would have thought I was jumping right yeah it was like you could find out what it is a spot I watched a good bathroom but unfortunately his opponent has I’m like oh hold on a Nutter Butter ah the Battle of success oh well 49 kisses and right now the turn comes in a suit for which is an extremely good card for Josh he now has the nuts and the flush has not gotten and so this is basically the best situation he could have hoped for Justin now checks with his pocket eights which in a bloated pot out of position he’s probably just going to have to check fold which is one of the reasons why I’d like to see a check on the flop to begin with now josh has two options he can either bet and try and build a pot or you can try to go for the trap I don’t mind mixing up a little bit of both of these options in general when you have good hands you want to bet and build a pot that’s certainly a good standard but mixing in some strong hands into your check range can be good too that way if the button gets too aggressive you can check raise them and try and get some value or even check call and let them try and hang themselves on the river so Josh Josh does check and it’s over to Michael now with eight seven I really like Michael betting here he has one of his worst hands he can have he has no showdown value and both of his opponents have shown a lot of weakness so Michael fires out two K ants over to Justin Justin now quickly check fold and I just want to say for a moment wow it worked out for a Justin in this instant instance betting on the flop with mediocre hands to quickly check full turns is not a good strategy generally speaking those hands are better served into a flop check line for this exact reason imagine if Josh should have a hand like 9 7 or 6 or ace queen any of those hands could have flowed the flop and Justin will be folding with the best of it Justin does fold and now the actions over to Josh with the nut always a good spot to have the nuts facing a bet now Josh decides to check raise huge and I’m not a huge fan of that if you have the nuts here you want to go for either a check call or a smaller check raise to give yourself some room to bluff the thing about the sides is when you raise this 9k with a total stack of 24k the pots going to be very large relative the stack that josh has left behind in general you want to let your opponent at least think if they Jam they might have some fold equity and then they’re more likely to come in over the top if you raise big enough to look like you’re committing yourself then your opponent’s less likely to bluff you and more likely just go with their strong hands also worth mentioning if Josh did have a weekend here at decide to Bluff you want to give yourself a reasonable price on that decision let’s say Josh had a hand like fives or threes those could be really good hands to bluff with because you’ve watched the nuts by going a very big size you don’t allow those hands as profitable of an opportunity to raise so in general I’d prefer to see a smaller size all of Josh’s holdings with the action back over to Michael facing a 9 K raise I feel a little bit confused your opponent is basically saying they have a set because it’s not really possible for the under the gun plus 2 player to have a straight on a board like this so in Michaels shoes he might be thinking this is totally full of shit his opponent is just bluffing him but here’s the problem his opponent is either bluffing or he has a very strong hand and in general against that play when you’re in position you want to just call because your opponent has nothing you let them hang themselves on the river and if your opponent has the nuts you might find a way to get away on certain rivers or you might improve with a hand like eight seven that can improve the to higher straits now I understand what may be Michaels thinking is if I just flat here I might get jammed on the river and I’m going to have to fold and that’s true but part of the way you play in position is to float with some some draws that can improve to beat your opponent so you can play later streets well in fact the best part about being in position is if you call here facing this raise you can always put your money in when you get there and if he checks you’re going to have a really nice hand to bluff with because you have absolutely nothing and if your opponent did Bluff check raise with a pair then you can get them off of it so all in all I prefer to play most if not all of my range on the button as a flat but I don’t think Michael agrees with me you just check race at 9,000 oh you went all-in hey Chuck has it done oh my god Michael just went all-in wait how he raised between 9k and Michael Shaw he Louise oh my I did not see that coming group holy moly yes my gosh you just wrote a $50,000 pot oh oh my lord shut what the hell what just happened well I’m not a big fan of the play I got to give a little credit where credit is due and Michael just bet three bet Jam a double gutter on the turn as a bluff for 20-something K I got to give that some respect look guys I’m out here grinding my ass off on vacation to get you some vids hit that sub button and join the team you

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  1. If you guys missed it, yesterday we covered another hand from one of the channels favorite players, Gordon Vayo!

  2. Hey Doug, it seems like not too long ago when you put the first few of these on youtube and the 2+2 community had a thread filled with genuine advice giving you tips on how to get better. You commentary seems to improve with every video, keep up the great work!

  3. So now it's cool to make sarcastic poker instructional videos? You kids got it so twisted these days!

    I would say that you are just sucking off the guys you play with at the Bike, and trying to mind-f them into continued terrible play.

    I still love ya, and want to see more!

  4. XX raise, get two calls, I got QJ two options knowing tight player in hand I can 3 bet or fold, 3 betting has merit because other players know you cant do that without a strong hand, probably get a call from 88 and two folds behind, if the utg +1 flat calls  pre you can narrow his ranges, he obv c bets on that board out of positon, you float, he is checking giving the range your reping, you bet,  , if he calls  2 is blank, fire another barrel when checked  to you, take it down.  one hand analysis of about 20 or more scenarios that can happen

  5. trump got 1mill from his dad turned it into billions. What about some doug videos of how you grinded up, you had backers? you ever went bust? you owned yourself in tournys? How many times you win in marginal/suck out situations to win tournys like we all need to do in late stages going deep. Youre superior hand analysis is impeccable when you probably sit there and watch the action that all ready happened with end results. How about again doug hands when you don't every find out the other persons cards. lol I like how you picked apart phil galfound, sit down with him. HU specialist. Yo and get off Dans dick youre jealous man and it shows. I play 5/10/20 live and HU 50/100 for a living. Check yourself and be hppy with who you are.  #selloutYtube

  6. I got an idea you ego manic, get red baron, Gboro, sdot, phil galfond, and tom dawn, in a ring game, with 1000 hand cap live. And if every one agrees another 1000 hands. 250/500. Now that would be something to watch

  7. super cool video doug. learn so mouch in one hand. play a long time but i always bet my 88 in this situation. now i see why i should not. but can you also each say what is the amount of a small raise i tought i would make mybe 6000d but is small more like 5000, 4700 or 5500? this numbers whould be also fine. but love your vids and them of the poker guys too. work together in a way (like also the tease:)).

  8. can somone explian these live streams of poker rooms and how its safe againist colusion. thanks your up and coming grinder

  9. Trivia question that was bugging me about this video: On the turn they say Josh has 'the nuts', but he doesn't, right? He has the nuts right now. One player has a redraw to the true nuts against him. And the flop contains a heart draw that he cant know for sure inst there, so that could constitute a nut hand over both of them that could hit the river (not in this case of course).

    I've heard LATB say this a lot in their vids and it drives me crazy, especially when one or more opponents has a true nut redraw against the player with "the nuts".

    Am I just using the term wrong? I thought ABSOLUTE NUTS was the true real best possible hand run out to the river, where THE NUTS was close to the same? THE CURRENT NUTS is best possible where the board is right now and thats what Josh has on the turn.

  10. How is 87o on the button a more likely candidate for flatting than QJo in the hijack? Even giving Doug's post flop edge

  11. Justin is probably not c/fing turn against josh floating… 2 people floating is a way different situation.

  12. I love these hands analysis videoes! You are making me a much better player Doug 🙂 I really appreciate it! I always cheer for you when I see you at tables.. even if it is replays.. 😛

  13. This is a Good play Bad timing, The Quick bet after the shove is super weak. Is there a link to play @ Live at the Bike ?

  14. 53o is trash. It's a one gap connector that loses money most of the time. 1 out of 10 times you might make some money with it. But the other nine times you're giving you money away. Stupid play for the most part.

  15. Doug Polk Poker You see you allways the player who look most cool,love you dont use are Hard to read and I believe many would misread you as a smart ass.without reason but you probably look most like the guy who gave the nerds a Hard time back before they noticed there balls has fallen,And they need more selfesteam,which you have more than Any.But you dont have a hughe ego and you are really a Nice help full guy.I bet you saved me a lot of money from poker though i play small stake poker.But we All start some where and rather make it alone,in a group of friends and enemys depending how you look at it.Poker is a great way to work on your relationship even when not agreenig.And for now we concentrate us on her game Backgammon.maybe I meet you since her dream is to visit Vegas before its to late.with money for a tournament,some slot play.So remember you have a Danish friend now regarding Michael Bjørn Sejersen Jensen.

  16. Still can't believe you hit that huge score on a YT stream and followed that up w/ the Mic Drop.. I mean the One Drop… In between that you may have ruined Torelli's social media game… in all actuality, anything that happens to Alec is on him. You simply put the video in context!! WHAT A LEGEND DAN!!!!

  17. This dude donk shoved for $25k effective with 8 high?!? Wtf…… With that level of action he couldn’t find a fold on any street?

  18. Just let the video play. Your narrating kills the video. It’s so annoying. I just want to watch the damn cards play out

  19. That was a folder…..raise 9k on the turn and you have stone cold nothing. I probably would have folded a set in that position. Maybe with top set I call. Maybe. But he jams all in with stone cold nadda

  20. Please start every video from now on with. What's up guys Doug Polk here with a 10 to 20 minute video that should take less the 60 seconds because I think I know what I'm saying. Yo just let us fucking see

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