The Craig Reconstruction: Casino Royale (2006) – Part One

The Craig Reconstruction: Casino Royale (2006) – Part One

“Show me.”
Get Bond. There’s something else.
Restrict Bond’s movements. Cancel his
cards. Put an alert on his passports all of them.
Looks like there’s someone who
wants to talk to you.
Mr. Bond you have an urgent phone call.
It’s a soundproof room Mr. Bond, nobody
hears you scream.

Defiant to the last. Your people have
abandoned you. Your very existence denied.
Why stay silent?

“Looks alright. Tell me why are you
interested in this job? I need a steady
job Mr. Wylie, with the chance to go
places. I see. Now this one job you had
with the central distributing company
you worked there for 18 months? Yes sir.
Why did you leave? Because I wasn’t getting
anywhere, after 18 months I figured I was
worth more than they were paying me. And
I figured I was ready for a promotion
too more important work.
I see. Honest Mr. Wylie it was a rotten
company I don’t know why I stayed as
long as I did. Tell me were you fired?
Yes. But it wasn’t my fault the company
just up and started firing people!
Retrenching they called it. What do you
think of that? I think it’s a pretty
normal situation. A business has to live
within its income. Many factors affect
that income – Sales. General economic
conditions. The development of new
industries that replace old ones. For
these and many other reasons businesses
often go through periods of adjustment
and reorganization when they’re forced
to let people go. I didn’t do anything!
Why me?
being fired from a job can be a really
humiliating thing it’s not the best
feeling in the world to get axed
especially from a gig that you actually
enjoy doing people can have pretty
strong reactions to it a lot of the
things that pierce brosnan said after it
was revealed he was no longer going to
be James Bond Illustrated this when
asked if there was any bitterness about
the whole situation
Brosnan replied bitterness against whom
and for what reason now I’m not sure
what or how exactly all this went down
there was really no official
announcement news started trickling out
that Brosnan was deemed too old and the
producers wanted a younger
double-oh-seven when asked about this
Brosnan was cloudy and didn’t give any
direct answers finally Brosnan confirmed
that his time his bond was over it’s
absolutely over it was kind of a
surprise what we do know is that in 2002
Brosnan had said he was going to do a
fifth Bond film and really as tough as
it is for me to say it it made sense
whether a fan of bras or not I wasn’t
the majority of the audience adored him
whether you were a fan of his Bond films
or not I wasn’t
they were extremely popular they were
taking in tons of money despite Die
Another Day being a mess of the movie it
ended up grossing over 400 million
dollars worldwide he was a regular cash
cow any uneasiness the filmmakers in
studio might have felt with Timothy
Dalton the audience not warming to him
the underwhelming popularity of his
films all of those concerns were quickly
erased when bras came on board so why
change things now I figured they would
stick with bras for as long as they
could but then something happened
rumbling started up that bras wasn’t
going to come back
there were rumors that he was demanding
too much money demands that were
apparently too steep for Barbara Michael
to meet there might be some truth to
this the way the press were counted the
story was that bras was set to do his
fifth Bond film which seems to be true
well they both have invited me back and
I’ve said yes so it looks like would be
a fifth I mean there he says it the
rumors at the time was that bras wanted
a thirty to forty million dollar payday
apparently he did ask for a raise since
at one point he remarked there was
certainly a salary there that was not
out of the ballpark that other men and
women have received for the same type of
film that might have been the tipping
point where they felt it was time to
park company we’re probably never going
to know exactly what went down maybe
twenty thirty years from now when
someone finally decides to spill the
beans but for now it’s left as a hazy
breakup finally in 2004 bras said that
bond was behind him bond is another
lifetime behind me and he added we went
out on a high he considers this a high I
guess I look back affectionately at that
time and doing those four movies but
I’ve said all I got to say on it despite
initially saying he felt no bitterness
from the situation he apparently did
what was strange was the resentment bras
had and it didn’t seem like he was
trying too hard to hide it
he point-blank criticized the producers
they don’t know how to move on a sense
of paralysis a sudden they said I wanted
too much money which is nonsense
this sounds like bitterness to me build
a bridge and get over it it was like he
was trying to hold on to this gig like a
pope it was clearly not a very
harmonious breakup which I found even
stranger here was bras who came along
was really beloved and in a lot of
people’s eyes brought bond back to life
his films did colossal business
practically everyone loved him as
and here he is now sounding like a
disgruntled ex-employee who got unfairly
canned there was an ugliness to this
brahs didn’t really leave any doubt that
he wanted to come back and do his bond
number five I’m pretty confident had
bras done bond 21 it would have been
another you chick even if they had made
it die another day part two it would
have made tons of money but I guess the
producers had second thoughts about
continuing with Brosnan and realized the
series needed freshening up and be taken
in a new direction
if Die Another Day didn’t look dated and
awkward already a new spice series that
began in 2002 showed a revitalized take
on secret agents when that would be a
major influence on the direction
double-oh-seven would have to take if he
wanted to stay relevant in a new era of
this item
you red bag red bag stop right there I
don’t know what happened I don’t know
who this guy was I don’t know about that
picture I don’t know who I am the Bourne
Identity would present a darker more
violent more realistic spy film the
character would have conflicted emotions
killing would be much more ruthless
violent hands on and deaths would have
repercussions action scenes would be
faster paced and kinetic with the help
of a rapid editing style the action
would consist of filming real-life
stunts Jason Bourne would be a loner
who’s struggling not only to survive
physically but mentally as well and it
would lose the tongue-in-cheek humor
where are the one-liners if you’re a spy
and you kill someone you have to say
something witty where are the jokes the
Bourne films would inject a revitalized
jolt into what audience is expected from
spy thrillers
even Brosnan recognized the impact Jason
Bourne was having on the spy genre he
would later say that he anticipated
being fired when the Bourne Identity
topped the box office charts let’s face
it even had the Bourne films never been
made die another day marked another one
of those points in the bond series that
things started to go overboard
over-the-top silly
idiotic and just plain dumb I think it’s
actually the biggest out of hand entry
in the entire series yeah I think it’s
more ridiculous than that one at least
that one was fun so let’s assume Brosnan
was gearing up for his bod number five I
always assumed it would have been one of
those Bond films that was meant to
reestablish the series back to its roots
not focus on the outrageous spectacle
and settle things down again like
Majesties and free rides only had done
following the extravagant Bond
adventures that preceded those films we
would see Bond doing more regular spy
kind of stuff more realistic fights and
stunts pare down the gadgets and just be
a more overall believable adventure
starring the character Ian Fleming
created really at this point
Brosnan had nowhere else to go maybe
hang gliding off a meteor or something
while firing a machine gun of course I
think that fantasy element of those
earlier bonds with Connery taking on
larger-than-life villains start to fade
away audiences in the 21st century
expect a bit more reality and realness
with bond you can argue back and forth
whether Craig’s bond is the closest to
Fleming’s original version but I don’t
think general movie audiences really
worry about that they have their view of
the cinematic James Bond and that’s who
they’re used to seeing but even those
casual fans had to realise after 40
years the old Bond format had been
parodied to death everyone did a spoof
of the old classic films the Bond films
change things up to stay relevant the
brosnan age tried to keep the status quo
going while flirting with adding deeper
and darker aspects to the films the
problem was they only lightly skim the
surface of them then forgot them
completely to get back to being a
traditional Bond adventure it wasn’t
they couldn’t have it both ways either
go all the way with it or don’t even
not only Bourne but other films and TV
shows fully embraced the darker nature
of the spy genre and started to ignore
the bond template that had come before a
host of other secret agents and spies
and government field operatives they
were all running around in more
hard-boiled settings dealing with more
complex characters and having a harder
edge tone than the world of
it started to raise expectations and
really start to make Bond look behind
the times
it’s the Bond series hadn’t tried a
radical change the films could have
potentially continued to look like a
shadow of its former self that was still
trying to get by on the old tricks it
had already used up which had now become
a joke Brosnan apparently wanted this
too one of the quotes he made during his
tantrum tirades was how he was looking
forward to making Bond gritty I always
found this statement amusing for one
thing he had already done four Bond
films he had established his Bond
persona if he wanted to take the
character into a gritty territory it
probably would have happened already
plus one could interpret that statement
as Brosnan not being completely
satisfied with how he got to play Bond
that perhaps he wanted to delve deeper
into the character but his films just
never allowed him the opportunity to
Brosnan seemed to know what the problems
were with the scripts of the Bond films
he was doing
during this period when it wasn’t known
if he would really come back or not he
critiqued die another day in an
interview in GQ they promoted that film
as being a real departure since it had
bought get captured and tortured and all
that which it really was nothing and
Brosnan knew it I’m not sure if the best
way to get your job back is by
criticizing your bosses but Brosnan was
completely right it might have cost him
his job but I have to give him credit
for that I’m talking about this as if
it’s something new make the bond
character more interesting in human get
into some emotional territory with the
guy the Bourne films can’t be credited
with sparking this idea this has been
going on for years I think he should
have been more more humane more more
understanding towards people in general
and he’s not such a Superman and even
though he’s been taught karate and judo
and he’s an expert with a gun and he’s a
physical beast you know if anyone wants
to tangle with him definitely darker
more perilous gadgets more character
less gadgets I think what is appealing
to an audience is to see a character
very strong and see a certain
vulnerability within that current
accessibility to the audience reality
and believability the film isn’t an
escapist fantasy but it seems to me that
unless the man was human unless you
could believe it unless the film was
anchored in something that the audience
would identify with one would lose
contact with the audience even way back
and Thunderball there’s that moment with
bond talking with Domino telling her
that her brother is dead
there’s a shaking in bonds hand and
Connery quickly puts on a pair of
sunglasses it’s a subtle moment but that
gesture was meant to hide the tears
welling up in the character’s eyes he’s
got human emotions like everyone else
yet even Dalton who had taken the
character furthest with this grittiness
recognize that there should still be
some fantasy elements to the stories in
fact there’s been criticism the too many
gags and too many special effects have
become the stars of the film and even
though the new movie will have its share
of action and exotic locations Timothy
Dalton hopes to once again make James
Bond the star of James Bond movies you
know a lot of people might say well you
know the funds become too flippant or
they become too fantastical but others
would say that’s where I go I love it
those things help make bond bond so it’s
a very fine balancing act between the
two one thing I always found odd was
that during Dalton’s first press
conference he talked about the in
Fleming books I intend to approach
this project with
a sense of responsibility to the work of
Ian Fleming’s any had stated he’d read
all of them in preparation for playing
the part has to be based upon his
foundation since foundations are those
terrific books of Ian Fleming I mean I
read one or two of them years and years
and years ago I first saw the first
movies but rereading them they’re
splendid and the essence so it all is
there years later about the film
Fleming’s first Bond story Daniel Craig
stated he read the book and what about
the original book he didn’t read that I
read it here but during Brosnan’s press
I don’t remember Fleming’s name ever
being mentioned bob is going to be part
of my life as a boy 1964 I left Ireland
and the first time I ever saw Hartley
High Street was golfing and Brosnan
talked about Goldfinger and the other
films but that was it maybe I just never
saw those pieces of the press conference
but I always thought it was strange and
wondered if he had ever read any of the
plumbing stories or if his familiarity
with the character just ended with the
previous films anyway
Brosnan seemed on board with the idea of
delving deeper into the character way
back when he was originally cast but his
subsequent films never really did that
with the first Bourne film coming out
six months prior it may die another day
look even more ridiculous looking at it
compared to the Bourne Identity they
don’t even look like they’re in the same
genre this looks more like science
fiction or something maybe even fantasy
I half expect to see some elves show up
instead of having any psychological
identity issues die another day was
having characters changed their identity
sitting in light break machines it
seemed Li Tama whores prediction of the
heavy use of CGI in Bond films wasn’t
what fans won to see or at least not yet
I guess it could still happened one day
but for now no Brosnan could have
conceivably been given his opportunity
to be a grittier double-oh-seven
in an adaptation of the long run film
story of Casino Royale which had finally
fallen into the possession of young in
the mid-90s when Brosnan had just come
on board as Bond he was jumping out of
explosions and re-energizing the series
news came out that producer Kevin
McClory was planning on making his own
competing Bond film thanks to the rights
he still held to Thunderball McLaury had
been a thorn in the side of Yann for
over 30 years the quick version is that
McLaury had assisted Fleming and writing
a movie script for a James Bond film in
the late 50s the film was never made but
Fleming used the script as the basis for
his novel Thunderball without crediting
McLaury or screenwriter Jack Whittingham
after a tumultuous court case it was
ruled McLaury own the rights to the
story Aeon bit the bullet and partnered
up with him to make the 65 film in 1983
McLaury again remade the story in the
film never say never again and then in
1996 rumblings over at Sony Pictures was
that McLaury was developing yet another
version of the story I’m not sure how
many times he thought he could adapt the
same James Bond story one story doesn’t
make a series I complained about
Hollywood remakes but McLaury
stranglehold on remaking the script over
and over again was pretty asinine in
fact back in 1989 McLaury was teasing he
was ready to make another Bond film
another remake of Thunderball of course
and who did he have his sights set to
star as James Bond in this film Pierce
Brosnan now in 1996 McLaury was
trumpeting that Connery had said he
would play a villain and Timothy Dalton
could be the possible Bond in the film I
would have gone to seen that McLaury was
a very odd duck I think he just like
spouting out announcements whether they
had any validity or not he just seemed
like a showman and just never would let
his whole Thunder ball thing go anyway
this third cinematic Thunder ball film
initially was titled warhead 2000ad
well same as back in 1983 Ian’s weren’t
too thrilled with this idea MGM Yeon’s
parent company filed a lawsuit against
Sony Pictures then Sony countersued MGM
saying that McLaury was the co-author of
the cinematic bond and was owed
royalties from every Bond film ever made
it’s funny how it took him 30 years to
make this argument in the end the
company settled out of court
Sony paid MGM five million dollars for
damages and gave up any rights to making
their own James Bond film MGM agreed
they would not lodge any protest over
the rights to Sony’s spider-man
franchise then they paid Sony 10 million
dollars for the rights to Casino Royale
including the film rights and the rights
to the 1967 spoof film ironically all
this was somewhat pointless when in 2004
Sony Pictures bought MGM they gained
full rights to the James Bond films
however production and final say over
everything involving the film versions
of James Bond would be controlled by Eon
Productions by the time the dust settled
with all this court nonsense adapting
Casino Royale into the official series
had to wait pre-production had already
begun and I another day so Casino Royale
would have to wait and we would have to
be forced to watch jinx first director
Quentin Tarantino apparently had his
sights on filming Casino Royale there
were even rumors he tried out bidding
Eon for the rights he intended his
version to have been set in the 1950s
the same time the novel was written it
would have been filmed in
black-and-white and starring Brosnan as
an older more mature Bond who was
nearing the end of his double-o career
I’m not sure how Tarantino’s casino
royale’ would have been maybe it would
have been good but I can’t help but
think that it would have been
Tarantino’s James Bond and no real
resemblance to Fleming’s
he probably would have had a lot of
colorful dialogue getting tossed back
and forth over that poker table as we
know this didn’t happen and Tarantino
has been provoked all about his failed
attempt at doing his own James Bond film
maybe Barbara Michael or real skunks
I don’t know but Tarantino sure sounds
arrogant talking about it the reason
they did Casino Royale all comes down to
me because I want to use big yourself up
and the thing about it is I’ve made it a
point that I said I wanted to do Casino
Royale they were already on record as
saying that the movie was unfilmable but
then after I said it and talked about it
for a little bit then the big thing on
all the Internet’s was that was what the
fans wanted to see and so that’s when
they oh maybe it’s not so unfilmable
well I don’t I mean broccoli and
Saltzman had said they always would have
liked the film Casino Royale but we’re
just not able to I don’t know what he
means unfilmable it sounds like
Tarantino is talking a lot of crap so
this is where a decision apparently was
made by the producers that Brosnan would
not work if they were to film Casino
Royale and out he went it kind of makes
sense to me had they done a Casino
Royale film with Brosnan it definitely
would have been his swan song as bond
anyway so rather than use Casino Royale
a story on had never been able to
acquire was the first Fleming Bond story
use that as a farewell to Brosnan’s bond
they’d be better off using it as an
introduction to a new Bond it seemed
like an ideal showcase for a new start I
will say it was kind of a shame the way
Brosnan exited from the role he was a
good soldier did the films he was
presented with and they made a crapload
of money I would have thought things
would have ended on a bit more
friendlier note but it ended up seeming
like one of the most hostile splits in
the series
let’s take a look we had Connery getting
fed up with Glenn bond it was rumoured
he was completely sick of it hated being
typecast and plus had his own feelings
that he was not being paid enough when
the film started raking in truckloads of
dough and on top of that he never got a
cut of the merchandising I guess that’s
one of the reasons he got them to open
up their wallets so big when they asked
him to come back for diamonds are
forever and then he agreed to do never
say never again which might have been
partly motivated by his grudge against
cubby broccoli but even after that Ian
never really said anything bad about him
they would probably come off looking
like real jerks if they ever did
criticizing Connery sacrilege Lazenby
had a pretty nasty departure I still
don’t know for sure if he was fired or
just quit there’s always conflicting
stories I hear about that it was clear
he was full of himself and didn’t endear
himself to anyone though but what about
the reports that you were deliberately
awkward and hostile yeah well they they
were true in a way because I was very
uptight lots of lots of the times
because I didn’t understand exactly what
was going on either way he was out and
Ian didn’t really look back at him and
the general audience forgot about him
pretty quickly Roger Moore very popular
bond he graciously left the role he’s
admitted that he probably stuck around
longer than he should have but they kept
asking him back
broccoli loved him and now he’s become
the ambassador of sorts the bond Timothy
Dalton would have come back if it hadn’t
been for another one of those friggin
legal issues delaying his third Bond
film he left the stage with no regrets I
never thought he seemed to care too much
about the fame attached to being Bond
anyway he maintained a good relationship
with the broccolis I remember reading
once he was even one of the pallbearers
at Cubby’s funeral even today he sounds
very happy with what he did with Bond
then Brosnan there sounds like a lot of
animosity between him and yup he’s the
one actor who seems like he was not
ready to leave and has been very vocal
about it
it’s pretty strange he almost makes it
sound like he was robbed from continuing
the role in his defense I’ve been
focusing a lot on Brosnan’s ranting
mainly because that was the most
memorable stuff said regarding his
departure and because it’s pretty
frigging funny he might not have had
anything nice to say about the producers
maybe they really are jerks but
eventually he did offer up some nice
words of encouragement to his bond
successor who was looking like he could
somehow I Andy
Daniel Craig one speculation began that
we were getting a new bond Craig’s name
was mentioned with a host of other
candidates a bunch of actors did
Craig among them before there was any
official announcement the news broke
that Craig was the new double of seven
prematurely a sneaky reporter called his
mother asking her how she felt now that
her son was going to be James Bond
unknowingly she said she was thrilled
thereby confirming that Craig got the
part it’s no wonder most celebrities
hate reporters the official announcement
was accompanied by Craig being escorted
down the Thames by the Royal Navy I
thought it looked kind of silly I don’t
know why the producers felt the need to
make such a big show about it I know
it’s big news but the silly circus
presentation is something I could do
without I mean I know he’s just an actor
playing a role he didn’t just become the
real James Bond who has to do all this
daredevil stuff I remember they did a
similar thing with Dalton at the movie
do they seriously expect us to believe
that was actually dog
it’s just so silly Timothy Dalton thanks
for dropping in it’s a great pleasure to
be here at least brosnan didn’t have to
do this stuff
just showed up in a beard at a press
conference this big pop and circumstance
with Craig’s first appearance backfired
and the press hooked on how unjam
spawned he looked wearing a life jacket
but they wouldn’t let me on them without
this life jacket so immediately that was
the first thing we press here for know
what pansy he’s very well your life
jacket yes you should have been in a
tuxedo throw it right right instead
you’re in hope yeah I was not this long
hair cuz I was doing this job which he
had long hair which was kind of like
water weird it was all wrong we would
have its own but this was the first of
many criticisms that were hurled at
Craig before anyone even saw him in the
role so we get the press conference with
Craig fending off some pretty stupid
questions never school question I
suppose um James Bond is a legendary
woman womanizer and who would be your
ideal Bond girl came up so Sienna Miller
I’m not gonna get into that could you
tell me what sort of girl would be your
ideal Bond girl both looks and
personality wise actor at the moment who
you would have liked to have played to
bond other than yourself sometimes I
wonder about these people who show up to
these things I understand they have to
get some quotes for their papers but
where do you want to go to be born why
why no I mean really why not yeah by the
way yes oh but why no I know but really
what kind of question is that
I would have preferred it if it was a
room full of Bond fans who got to ask
stuff forward to becoming a legend oh I
don’t know about that and these people
get paid for this was clear that Craig
was going to have an uphill battle he
was something of a surprise to the
general public I remember I had my money
on Clive Owen I was familiar with Craig
saw him in some movies but didn’t know
what kind of double-oh-seven he was
gonna make he was certainly a different
choice which honestly I was all for
I was ready for some major changes with
the series after the Brosnan age so
although he might have seemed an
unexpected choice I was willing to give
him a chance after he was announced
that’s when I checked out layer cake and
then I started to see why they might
have chosen him I think that film
actually cemented him landing the bottle
it’s a pretty good audition film for
playing Bond immediately everyone seemed
to get hung up on his blonde hair but
really I could have cared less the fact
he wasn’t a traditionally good-looking
leading man something that everyone had
come to associate with being James Bond
but he looked okay to me what I was more
interested in was what he was going to
do with the character to me Brosnan
might have been the ideal bond looks
wise but that seemed to be the only
thing he brought to the part maybe now
they wouldn’t worry so much about the
superficial and start to focus on some
other things
there was this whole anti Craig movement
which is fine fans all have their
opinions everyone has their favorite
bond and has a picture of what the
character should be in their heads but
things start to get ruthless at least
give the guy a chance to shoot one scene
before attacking him it got a lot worse
because that was the press right when it
hit the internet right then it just
doubled in size and is that when you
learned don’t look at the internet now
it’s in the Bahamas and I just got a
call from one of my people who just said
you know things are looking in not good
no what do you mean what do you mean
zalgo great we make a great movie it’s
all good missing world yes it’s just the
public opinions not know why you were
filming oh yeah right in the middle of
filming of course I went straight to the
internet and went oh my god and to type
in my name and then you spend the next
five hours like going down to some blog
that’s happened and you know yeah where
someone’s just spitting that I’m doing
this role and and then I switch the
computer off and I went well what can I
do but it’s too late it’s nothing I can
do but I’m doing it now just make the
best just right now best movie cast I
would much rather have an actor who
might not resemble the physical
description of Fleming’s Bond but is
doing something interest
with his interpretation of the character
then a guy who might be the
picture-perfect embodiment of the
character but is doing this
Craig got a lot of flack all during
production mainly the only reports by
the press were negative Craig can’t
drive a stick not true he got his teeth
knocked out not true he only lost two
caps I think other than Lazenby Craig
had the roughest time being a new
double-oh-seven Lai’s followed the most
famous bond ever so when audiences saw
him in a tux it didn’t go down that well
the big fry guy from TV he’s James Bond
Yeah right
Moore was already a popular star from
the Seine and gradually he was accepted
by the public in the role Dalton wasn’t
liked fans were disappointed Brosnan
lost out on the part at the time maybe
since it was public knowledge that NBC
screwed them out of having bras they
blame the network more than Dalton but
still he didn’t garner many fans I think
most of the audience were like yeah
then when bras came along everyone
seemed to love him no complaints finally
all he had to do was show up at the
press conference and already he was the
greatest bond ever so Craig following
another such beloved bond might have had
something to do with the animosity he
got plus it probably didn’t help that
Brosnan was still complaining about
getting canned it kind of looked like
Craig stepped into the guys shoes when
bras didn’t even want to give them up
finally in November 2006 Casino Royale
premiered hardcore bond fans
critics and the general public got to
check out this new Craig blonde bond and
see if this long-awaited adaptation of
flemming story was worth the wait
or if we would have just been better off
with a jinx film
that’s it hmm anyone want to play open

49 thoughts on “The Craig Reconstruction: Casino Royale (2006) – Part One”

  1. woooo! I've seen all your stuff on your site, but it's nice finding it in my subscription feeds and seeing it again here on youtube!

  2. I can't understand why anyone would thumbs down any of your exceedingly well produced youtube videos . Every one I have watched and enjoyed thoroughly has always been concise , well written , edited and impeccably narrated .. Some folk just don't understand the length of time these type of videos take to make .. All the best !! AND THUMBS UP !!!

  3. Dat editing, dat research and dat clarity is some impeccable shit, brother. Your passion for Jimmy B is fucking incredible, G

  4. I liked Brosnan in Goldeneye though a  fact  I read that Quentin Tarantino wanted to do Casino Royale but only with Brosnan and would be set in the 50's . The producers bulked mostly because Q.T. would want too much control over the film . Brosnan did save MGM by keeping Bond alive thru the 90's but the scripts were crap . From what Brosnan said about his exit as Bond was like He got  a phone call saying thanks for your  work but cya .

  5. They should have just done one more bond film with pierce Brosnan and let him go out in style with 5 James bond films under his belt !

  6. I think that with the exception of Sean Connery, and now Daniel Craig, the actors who have portrayed James Bond have been too smooth looking. I can either take or leave Pierce Bronson. I just thought that the producers felt Bronson was too old to portray Bond at the beginning of his career.

  7. Your view of Brosnan is insightful. Thing is, what has Brosnan ever been in since Bond that was really remarkable, where he stood out for his acting? He's often just in low-budget, poor performing films that often don't even make it to international screens nowadays. I think Bond was his first and only break (some may argue Remington Steele but that wasn't groundbreaking), and maybe he knew deep down that without Bond, his acting career was 'ok' at best. Brosnan was probably bitter because he knew he'd never reach those heights again. And this is coming from someone who really loved him as Bond, especially in GoldenEye

  8. Bond Producers was influenced by a tread of 2 successful movies; Batman Begins and Jason Borne – The Borne Identity. These two movies starts from the beginning of how main character became who they are. They both have Bond style look and realistic main human character with flaws. Thus, Casino Royale from the original book by Ian Fleming starts how younger James Bond got to be 007 with extreme learning curves. The other part was Bronson's Bond 4 movies were apparently over-the-top action movies making Bond character compare to Batman Begins and Jason Borne seems.. unreal.

  9. I've seen an interview with Roger Moore. He was just as charming as you would expect. The reporters were obtuse and no fun at all. They are paid to be worse than awkward fanboys.

  10. This one is in your top five, MHO.  And you've submitted a bunch. It covers a LOT of ground, across a lot of Bond performers and behind the scenes legalities and motives of the players involved, and the whole while, the editing is, as always, excellent.  You add the back ground music so perfectly.  Thank you!

  11. Dude….you are hands down the most thorough, entertaining and knowledgeable reviewer I have come across for the 007 films. This is exceptional work. I have a blog page up where I occasionally cover movie reviews and thanks to you I'm now inspired to cover Bond

  12. …but one of the things that your commentary fails to mention is Michael G. Wilson's part in turning the Bond franchise into what it became just before and then after Cubby died, and the words you used describe it very well: overboard, over the top, silly, idiotic and just plain dumb. And, in Barbara's attempts to make right what Michael made wrong, advocated a paradigm shift in order to morf the character (and by the way, unnecessarily) into a Jason Bourne competitor at the box office. Plus, and whether you know it or not, you're not considering how Wilson's ego and his need to be the "star" and the attention-getter made it very hard for any Bond (Brosnan or otherwise) to succeed. Lastly, remember that neither Daniel or Pierce, Timothy or Roger contributed to or wrote any of the scripts put before them. In a nutshell, you have to understand that the people running the franchise today simply don't have what it takes, because none of them have the spirit of the author, the soul of the producer or the character of "Bond" to do it right. And, that is the great tragedy.

  13. I believe Brosnan would've been a better pick for Casino Royale. Craig didn't do it justice. He didn't make the movie, the movie made him.

  14. Maybe I'm reading too much into the video, and making a wild, unfounded remark, but I think the narrator hates Brosnan and his Bond movies.

  15. Just wanted to say that your videos are excellent, and quite professionally done. It really feels better than most of the “official” James Bond documentaries and you don’t have access to 1/10th of the material they have. Excellent jon

  16. Sony and MGM settle outside of court and then Sony buys MGM. Outstanding strategy. They must've been playing 4 dimensional chest at that point.

  17. Casino Royale was too harsh of a bond film. It was effective yet not friendly. Plus they should have gotten rid of Judy (M) too. Just made it look that they were continuing the old formula on a fresh page..

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  19. Think the Craig years are very well done.
    First starting by reconstructing Bond as a diamond in the rough, with all the Bond villains and gadgets.
    Bond is then deconstructed back to just Man vs. Nature.
    In essence, it was a three film re-boot.

  20. 4:25 that monotone late 90's style picture perfectly captures Bronan's Bond. It's tacky and it was dated the moment it was released.

  21. Sadly I feel the Jason Bourne movies (aside from The Bourne Identity & Legacy) are the shakiest, overrated movies.

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