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The following is a set of brief instructions
on how to play the Dead Poet’s Game.
Most of you have probably never heard of this
ancient phenomenon that circled around England
in the late 1800’s during the Industrial Revolution.
This practice can still be used by certain
But I must warn you that what you will partake
in is extremely dangerous.
You must follow all instructions perfectly
or else your life will forever be endangered.
Now, you might be asking yourselves, “What
is the Dead Poet’s Game?”
In the late 1800’s, stories of ghosts and
goblins were circling all throughout Northern
Europe; everybody only thought of these spirits
as mere fairy tales.
It was of course all too true when one night
at the London Theater someone performed this
exact game in front of a large audience.
This man was a psychic who was mostly renowned
for his unbelievable talent of precognition.
Alexander Kingsley was his name.
He mostly performed magic tricks and various
other acts of illusion that even I can’t figure
One of which was when he seemingly cut off
his own foot and then reattached it in only
60 seconds.
Of course I’m just getting sidetracked.
With the craze of the ghosts and demons becoming
famous throughout the world Alex used this
to his advantage.
He was going to play a little game that he
had heard of and wanted to test out if it
was real or not.
The items needed are a candle, two glasses
of wine, a table and two chairs.
You’ll see why later.
Alexander heard the tales of what would happen
if he played the game and thought it would
be a good idea in order to bring in profit.
You see at the time his tricks had… well,
gotten a little stale if you know what I mean.
The idea of actually summoning a ghost on
stage was the perfect idea to reel in a crowd.
Soon posters and advertisements were plastered
all across London.
“Come and see the Mysterious Ace!
For tonight, at eight o’ clock, he will summon
the undead from their peaceful slumber!
Come and see for yourself at the London Theater
Of course this was back when literally everyone
was a gullible idiot, although, nothing has
really changed, now has it.
At that very night Alexander (or Ace) was
going to perform the game improperly.
He wasn’t acquainted with the key rules one
has to follow.
The Rules:
You have to be alone.
You have to do it in the place of where someone
has died.
You have to take everything seriously.
Alex was disrespecting these rules to the
core and the punishment for not following
these rules are… well, you’ll see later.
The setup you have to follow is that you have
to be in the vicinity of where someone had
recently passed away.
In fact you need to place your table on the
exact place in which they had died.
You need to put your chair where the victim’s
head was pointing, and the other where the
legs were.
It also matters who died.
It needs to be the body of a poet – hence
the name.
A poet can also be described as a calm, well-spoken,
and nice soul.
So if your husband was a very humble and collected
person, then you can play this game.
The reason for this is because when you’ll
contact the spirit it’ll often take the shape
of a soul trapped in that area.
If you want to have a nice conversation with
the spirit, you wouldn’t want it taking the
shape of a demon, now would you?
This brings us to the first rule.
Be alone.
If you aren’t alone then the spirit may possess
the poor soul who didn’t sit down in the ‘Head
Chair’ as I call it.
And trust me, it is very hard to save a soul
from this fate.
If the other person gets possessed the ghost
will have full control over the body.
Sometimes if it’s a demon then your friend
may do unspeakable things to you and anyone
around him or her.
The same rules apply if you don’t sit down
in the Head Chair or if you don’t have the
table placed in the right spot.
If you’re like me, at this point you’ve probably
predicted the fate of Alexander and his audience.
But trust me when I say this: not following
the rule in which you’re supposed to act in
a sensible manner is the worst one of them
And poor Alex was a 19th century magician
with brightly flamboyant colors for clothes.
Not following this could haunt you for the
rest of your days but the fact that Alex was
breaking all of these rules was even worse.
To properly play, you must lock yourself in
the room, closing all the blinds and be sure
to do it at night.
No light must be in the room at this time
except for the faint flickers of light emanating
from the candle that you need to place on
the table.
Take out the two wine glasses and pour both
glasses with the alcohol of your choosing.
This symbolizes a peace offering to the spirit,
showing that you mean no harm to him or her.
I should remind you that you must have no
form of technology inside the room.
Also, you must make sure that you have no
way of contacting anyone else in the outside
To start you must call to the spirit that
you mean no harm to them.
You pour their glass and raise your own and
take a sip.
If you have done this correctly, after lowering
your glass there will be someone sitting across
from you.
At this point you must not display any signs
of fear in your voice or your facial expressions.
You must not provoke the spirit in any way.
You must act sensible.
To start the game you must say, “I wish to
start a match.”
The ghost will usually nod and raise the glass.
The spirit will be taking the appearance and
personality of the deceased body of your choosing.
Remember that, you must treat this spirit
as if it actually is the body the room.
If you don’t then you will be met with weird
looks and eventual frustration and anger.
Of course, nobody in their right mind would
want to mess with a ghost.
To play, you have to say what letter you want
to be, either A or B. To say it you must say,
“I strip you of the letter (say your letter)!”
If done properly, the spirit will take another
I should remind you that every time the entity
takes a drink you must too.
For this will be your timer.
When both glasses are empty the spirit will
If both glasses are uneven, the spirit will
not leave until you have finished.
Now again you might be thinking to yourself,
“That isn’t so hard!
All I have to do to finish is to finish drinking
and then he or she leaves.
What’s the big deal?!”
Well, I can certainly tell you that you would
want to spend as much time away from this
spirit as much as possible.
This creature is purposely trying to get you
drunk so that you can reveal your deepest,
darkest secrets.
It can find out about your personal life,
your job, your family, your relationships,
This is just a way so that the spirit can
enter your mind and slowly dissolve it.
Just by choosing choice words, it can cause
some people to commit suicide.
Some entities have powers and abilities that
we are yet to fully understand.
Angering, pleasing or agitating a spirit like
this can have dire consequences.
The game plays like this.
Player A will ask a question and player B
will have to answer it.
After the spirit answers it will take a sip,
then the letters will alternate.
Then you will be Player B. The spirit will
ask a question and then take a sip.
You can ask any question you want.
And so can he or she.
You keep alternating until you both run out
of wine.
When this happens, whoever is Player A when
the wine runs out automatically wins the game.
If you win, the spirit will raise his or her
glass and walk into the shadows.
Remain seated even when he’s returned to his
rightful place.
Blow out the candle, turn on the lights and
exit the room.
It sounds relatively easy.
Doesn’t it?
Of course what happens when you lose is a
whole other story.
If you lose, then the spirit will blow out
the candle.
Turning on the light is probably the best
defense mechanism against the spirit.
Ghosts aren’t drawn to light and often avoid
Still, that doesn’t mean you’re safe.
This spirit may start following you through
your life.
Every time you go into a dark room you’ll
see it just out of the corner of your eye.
Whenever you look into a mirror you’ll see
it standing right behind you.
It’ll stalk you and hunt you down until you
finally muster up the courage to say these
words, “This soul is yours.
It is yours to do business with.”
If you say this successfully, then you black
You will wake up in a room similar to your
own, except darker and stranger.
There’s no doors or windows.
Just a bed.
This spirit now has your soul and it can choose
to do whatever it wants with your body.
Think of this strange realm as a sort of waiting
As soon as someone else wants to play, you
will be summoned and be forced to play.
If you lose then you will be forced back into
that room, and you will have to wait again.
Sounds pretty fucking easy, doesn’t it?
Usually you are the only person in this dimension,
and until you are summoned.
Nobody else can enter.
A year before the phenomenon had spread to
England and made popularized by Alex, a violent
prisoner named Pere played the game.
Using the dead body area of his unlucky cell
mate, he had heard of this game and had heard
of the effects.
He thought that if he lost and was summoned
in somewhere like England, he would be able
to make his escape from life imprisonment.
So, locked up in this French prison he performed
the game.
He purposely lost.
Not knowing how horrible his fate actually
He spent a whole year in his hellish prison.
Screaming in agony.
Banging on the concrete walls as he got no
response from anyone or anything.
He went insane.
He became the very definition of a demon.
He wasn’t able to form sentences, he couldn’t
self harm, he couldn’t think straight and
all he could think of was leaving that hell
Then, one cold November night, Alexander released
the demon from his cell.
With no real way of a human form, and with
an overwhelming audience of bodies to possess.
Pere could not control himself.
He was transformed into his natural body.
Except he had aged exponentially, he stank
of feces and urine, his clothes were tattered
and worn out, and he was screaming like a
rabid dog.
He was foaming from the mouth.
He attacked Alex and took his body.
Pere had become Alex.
He ran out of the theater, crowds were running
after him.
Some calling him a genius, and others calling
him a monster.
Alexander automatically lost the game.
He didn’t follow the rules, and thus his fate
had befallen him.
And so, if you’ve learnt anything from this,
do not take the risk by playing this game.
It will ruin you.
It will destroy you.
It will dismantle the very fabric of your
If you do choose to play this game, I suggest
playing alone.

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