The Deadly Truth Behind This NBA Players Crazy Life | UNTOLD

The Deadly Truth Behind This NBA Players Crazy Life | UNTOLD

Life can sometimes be difficult
Especially for those who always have to struggle throughout it take for example
the millions of people around the world who are raised in a negative struggle known to many as the hood you see
Coming out of the hood is a dream for most but only few actually ever make it out
Same goes for NBA players many of the stars
We now recognize such as Dwayne Wade Jimmy Butler Allen Iverson and even NBA superstar LeBron
James have all struggled to rise out from the negativity of the street life
the same cannot be said for NBA player Javaris, Crittenton
For him entering the NBA was only the beginning of a life many
Wish they had never known many of you guys may recognize him for his infamous locker room
Standoff with a teammate and fellow hothead Gilbert Arenas
However, what if I was to tell you that this player has an even darker story. Welcome to NBA insider
Born in Atlanta on December 31st
1987 Javaris Cortez credits him grew up with his mother from a young age
It was clear that he was supposedly destined for greatness as a young teenager
He attended southwest Atlanta Christianity High School. Where along with NBA player Dwight Howard
He would lead the school to a state championship in his sophomore year while averaging 20-plus points and eight rebounds
In his junior year, he would lose in the finals to randolph-clay high school
Crittenton would get his revenge in his senior year
Averaging 29 points 9 assists and 7 rebounds and eventually beat randolph-clay in the finals
Overall Javaris was an outstanding student player and leader
he would eventually graduate high school with a
3.5 GPA while also being recognized as a basketball star and receiving honors such as mr
Georgia basketball a McDonald all-american and even two championships
He was definitely the man on and off the court in college credit ins gills will continue to impress as his head coach
Paul Hewitt who decided to make him the team leader for Georgia Tech and just his freshman year was excited to have the player under
his wing, however
Javaris would end up spending just one year in college before deciding to enter the 2007 NBA Draft after being selected
19th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers
He would go on to impress in the summer league dropping 18 points against the Golden State Warriors
In his very first game while this would be considered by many individuals as a great start to a successful life
What if I was to tell you that this would actually be the start of an even greater
Nightmare you see for a man who had always been the star attraction. The NBA was a rude awakening for Javaris, Crittenton
throughout his short career Javaris would go on to play for the LA Lakers Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards in a total of
113 games however on all three teams. He had never played as a starter to top it off
He had never averaged higher than 7.4 points per game in
2008 following a weak performance between the Grizzlies and Lakers credits would eventually be traded to the Washington
Wizards as a sixth man of sorts while playing alongside a young to Vail Maggie Gilbert Arenas and his good friend Caron Butler
Despite turning a new page with the Wizards Javaris would somehow continue to come across a variety of negative experiences
Take for example
December 19th of 2009 on this day the Washington Wizards team was on a flight back to Washington
When critten and former teammate Gilbert Arenas decided to indulge in a game of cards according to former
teammate Kuran Butler’s popular book tough juice
Following a round of play a heated exchange had taken place between the two after landing in
Washington both men would head their separate ways but not before rhiness which shockingly tail credits him
I play with guns too, which critten would immediately reply saying I play with guns, too
What makes this even?
Crazier is the fact that Kuran Butler would later on exposed at the airplane car game that led to the initial beef was all over
$1100 just
$1,100 at the time
Everyone had thought that this was just emotion being played out and that neither of the individuals actually meant what they said
However, only a few people had known just how deep and true those words really were on December 21st
2009 just two days later
The Washington Wizards had a 10 o’clock practice at the Verizon Center Javaris and arenas would once again be involved in a heated altercation
This time in the locker room showdown. It was one of the most unbelievable
Mind-boggling sports stories of the 21st century as he finished up the remaining time of his practice Kuran Butler would head towards the locker
Room as he entered he had noticed Gilbert Arenas standing in front of what appeared to be four guns on display right beside that
Javaris was standing in front of his own stall with his back to Gilbert. Hey, come pick one Gilbert
So Javaris while pointing to his weapons, I’m going to shoot your bleep off with one of these
Oh, no, you don’t need to shoot me with one of those say Javaris turning around slowly. I’ve got one right here
He pulled out his own gun
already loaded cocked it and pointed it at
Gilbert other players who had been casually arriving
Laughing and joking with each other came to a sudden halt with a look of shock on their faces
It took them only a few seconds to realize this was for real a shooter round of a whole different nature
They all looked at each other and they ran with the last man out locking the door behind them
somebody outside the locker room immediately called 9-1-1
Even Flip Saunders who’s the coach back then was too scared to come into the locker room
After receiving career saving advice from an older and more
Experienced Butler both men would eventually calm down
Jabari slowly lowered the gun and Arenas would remove himself from the scene in the end
Arenas would be charged with gun possession and served 30 days in a halfway house and although gilbert may have played with the guns
He was no gangster sadly Crittenden was the former, Georgia Tech star who was 21 at the time of the incident
Never played again in the NBA. What’s even more disappointing? Is that following a short playing career in China and the d-league Javaris, Crittenton?
Would be arrested on August 19 2011
Javaris Crittenton life and career would officially come to a tragic end
You see what many people did not know was that credits in was a member of a well known gang called the Mansfield
gangster crips on this fateful day a thin 24 year old critten was attempting to seek revenge on an
Individual named truant Avia stevens who was a rival blood gang member
Associated with another local gang called the ROC crew Javaris had allegedly claimed to have been robbed by stevens
Sometime in the weeks leading up to this incident out of revenge and to teach him a lesson
Critted in when after stephen’s life after spending a decent amount of time on recon and planning Crittenden
Orchestrated a drive-by aimed for Stevens what’s even crazier is that Javaris had also allegedly shot at de montaner Stevens
Transavia Stephens brother earlier in that year
So his intentions were more than clear Javaris would eventually catch truant a vyas while he was out with his brother
How the plan would take an unfortunate turn of events rather than to shoot his intended target the self-admitted
crip completely missed and instead shot 22 year old Julian Jones an innocent bystander
Who also happened to be a mother of four and although Jones was only shot in the leg?
she was still sadly passed away while undergoing surgery at the hospital after failing his attempt to wipe out his enemies and
Unknowingly taken an innocent life Javaris would flee the scene and go into hiding
however on August 26 2011 police would eventually
Apprehend your virus and arrest him in connection to the murder credits in along with his cousin Douglas gamble were officially indicted on April 2nd
2013 on 12 counts and connection with the Jones’s death including charges of murder felony murder aggravated
assault with a deadly weapon possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony giving false statements
Attempted murder and participation and criminal street gang activity the charges will later on be reduced but would still include
Voluntary manslaughter with the weapon aggravated assaults with the firearm two counts of conspiracy to violate
the controlled substance act in Georgia and much more on April 29th of
2015 years following the incident Javaris Crittenton would eventually plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a shocking
23 years behind bars this meant that he would only walk as a free man again in the year 2038 what makes this even more?
disappointing was the fact that
Javaris would later on reveal that he had joined the gang shortly after signing with the Lakers in his rookie season
When asked why he would sell prosecutors that he did it for
Quote-unquote protection while this may not sound very convincing
It is quite a common occurrence and the same answer most
professional athletes who are affiliated to gangs give and something the
authorities are well aware of and although we will never know how and when
Exactly crediting cain to become a gun slinging gang member what we accept is that his story is one of loss
Not only was he missing shots on the court but off the court as well
Once a star player with an intelligent mind in promising future now an NBA scrub and convicted murderer
It’s sad to say that Javaris, Crittenton
essentially ended what could have been a successful career and will easily go down as one of the more
disappointing players in NBA history

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