The Dice Studz Gamers Club – South Park – “Board Girls” – s23e07

The Dice Studz Gamers Club – South Park – “Board Girls” – s23e07

The first bugbear lashes out at
Stan with its broadsword!
(dice roll)
And it hits with a
How much damage is that?
Four. Plus two slashing.
I jump up to the bugbear!
And I yell
and I kick it in the balls!
I don’t think bugbears
have balls.
Then how do they make
baby bugbears?
Good point.

100 thoughts on “The Dice Studz Gamers Club – South Park – “Board Girls” – s23e07”

  1. Finally, an episode that will center around the boys again. As much as I love Randy and his shenanigans, over the last few seasons they’ve gotten a bit stale and formulaic…….

  2. South Park kids role playing as D&D characters could be a good fit for a new game. We had lord of the rings, super heroes, D&D next…?

  3. "The Balls are Internal. You'd need to kick really hard and know the anatomy of one. Wanna cut one open and try to decipher that for yourself?"

  4. Man I really hope Heidi has a role in this episode or at least appear in it. It would be a complete waste if Heidi doesn’t.

  5. It would be realy surprising if cartman was a rerasonable DM. Although he would have the dedication and energy to be a great one.

  6. Why am i hoping for a 3rd southpark game that's just heavenly based on dnd or just a southpark style dnd set like Rick and Morty did

  7. Like… What the fu*k, where’s kyle? he was only in one episode (and a little bit in the second too) hope there’s gonna be something about him a little

  8. Last weeks episode was called season finale because Tegridy Farms growing season was done and their last strain was called “Season Finale”…. But obviously there’s more than 7 episodes in a season usually…

  9. This show has lost its way… Where are Randy Marsh, Towelie and Tegridy Weed? 🙁
    South Park is nothing without Tegridy Farms

  10. "Bord Girls" hm, maybe some girls want to join the club because the episode name, i hope the Episode is the storyline of this and not only for some few mins and than comes Randy back, when it really looks like this scene for the whole episode then it may well take in the beautiful south park feel since season 18 but nice Detail. I see in 0:08 thats in the background Wendys shield from "The Stick of Truth" that means she is already in the club in this scene only outside of the room or she comes still. This Detail leaves Questions! (and still the Question what is with stan and wendy now?)

  11. This episodes plot is as follows:
    In the season opener, an even stronger woman causes big problems for PC Principal. Cartman, Stan, and the rest of the boys meet their match when some of the girls join their board gamers club.

    I think 3 options will occur:
    1. Principal Victoria makes a comeback and tries to dethrone PC Principal
    2. PC Principal's mum comes to South Park
    3. Liane Cartman & PC Principal brawl

  12. thank god. i was tired of tegridy farms. im honestly tired of randy acting like a total asshat, i want the old randy back where he was sensible and made smart quips to the boys. "how do you know biggie doesnt come get you?" "im a geologist"

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