The Fine Bros Have Gone Too Far

The Fine Bros Have Gone Too Far

The Fine Bros have gone way too far this time.
Now, they’ve had their share of controversies, but this time, it is personal.
“That’s legit not funny!”
And me and Hila have got a bone to pick with these Fine Bros? More like the Lame Bros!
“It’s hilarious that… this- that people thought that this was okay.”
There’s nothing fine about these bros, because what they said about our favourite show, Seinfeld, is not fine!
“You better believe that every single person who worked on this show-
“would probably be fired.”
Seinfeld, as you know, is mine and Hila’s favorite show of all time.
It’s a trail blazing show that changed the landscape of comedy forever.
Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David. The two greatest comedic minds came together
to make this masterpiece that the world is not worthy of.
I would even go as far as to call them the Beatles of televi-
(Hila) I would go as far as to call them gods.
We would even go as far as to call them gods.
And the Fine Bros have the balls to ask
“Does it hold up?”
Does it hold up?
Well, let me tell you what doesn’t hold up, your penis.
Because you can’t get it up, Fine Bros, asking a question like that.
Welcome to “Does It Hold Up?”, the new show where we take a look back at content from the past.
We brought in some young people who fit the original 18-29 year old demographic for Seinfeld, who have never seen the show.
I’ve always heard about it, but then it was never on Netflix.
Ethan: It’s on Hulu, bitch.
We had them watch a handful of full episodes, before coming in to shoot.
Watching Seinfeld on my own for this episode, I was a bit confused.
We’ll be showing them some highlights to find out the answer to the question, “Does It Hold Up?”
This show doesn’t hold up. This show’s corny. The first episode of “Does It Hold Up” already doesn’t hold up.
Yeah, 11,000 dislikes. It didn’t hold up. I’m- Yeah, I’m defensive.
I’m a little defensive. Look at me, I’m already getting all punked out by their intro.
“Does it hold up?”
(Hila) Okay, okay. Calm down.
Uh, yeah, the toys…
Jerry: Where did you get all these?
Woman: My dad was a collector.
I inherited them after he died from a long painful bout with-
Jerry: Superball!
Jerry: Hey, an original GI Joe!
He’s tempted. It’s very tempting to play all this toys.
It’s hilarious seeing adults act like this over toys.
Jerry, what are you doing?
I’m putting this on him and we’re going to the sink.
They’re priceless!
Dude, I’d be offended, too!
That’s my dead dad’s stuff!
(slow-motion) Dude, I’d be offended, too! That’s my dead dad’s stuff!
That’s the joke. Why are you sympathizing with a fictional character in a comedy series?
That is the joke, that you would be offended.
Yeah, you would be offended.
It’s not meant to be, like, good.
I feel-
I feel like this is a good, like, test for how sensitive people have become.
Like, you’re sympathizing with a fictional character you’re supposed to sympathize for, but you’re taking it so seriously that you can’t laugh at the obvious joke.
I said no.
(Reactor) No means no!
He wants to play with her toys.
This episode kinda made me a little bit uncomfortable…with, like, the premise.
I have a headache. Can you just get me an aspirin?
Oh, I remember this part.
Hmm, will not cause drowsiness.
Deceitful, lil’ Jerry here, man.
May cause…drowsiness.
This is so f*cked up.
This would totally be controversial in, uh, in a day like today.
That’s legit not funny!
You’re the one that doesn’t hold up!
When the world starts being offended by Seinfeld, we’ve gone too damn far.
Look at how angry he is!
“That’s legit not funny!”
I’m angry that he’s angry.
I’m, uh, you know what, he can be offended, but to say that it’s not funny?
That’s when he’s gone too far.
You’re saying Seinfeld is not funny?
That’s the brilliant point.
(slow-motion) That’s legit not funny.
All the characters in Seinfeld, it was cutting edge because they were not likable, cherishable,
moral people. They were psychopaths. You know what I mean?
They were egotistical psychopaths that did anything to their benefit and screwed everybody over,
and that’s what’s so hilarious about it.
I think I smell some smoke back here!
FIRE! (kids start screaming)
I understand the show came out in, like, the 70s or 80s, right?
Guy off-screen: 90s.
That could not have been chill in the 90s.
Yeah, drugging people was never chill.
It’s a freakin’ joke and that’s why it’s hilarious!
Imagine drugging a woman so you can play with her toys, not to take advantage of her body!
You watched these full episodes earlier.
So, if this episode that first aired in 1997 aired today in 2018, does it hold up?
It’s hilarious that this, that people thought this was okay.
Twitter would explode! Seinfeld would get backlash!
God no, if I saw that on TV today, people would be like you better believe that
-every single person who worked on the show would probably be fired.
No! It could be a lot worse, but he’s still like putting a woman asleep so that he could play with her belongings
*still through a megaphone*
(Hila) That’s crazy.
This is why comedy is dead!
Y’all need to loosen up.
*editor’s note, what the everloving fuck is Ethan saying here?*
By the way, they’re wrong like a few watch “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which is…
(Hila) Even worse.
(Ethan) Yeah!
“She’s not gonna say no. She would never say no because of the implication.”
They do things-
-waaaaaaay worse, dude.
Oh, this would not be okay. Ever since, uh…
The, like, “Me Too” movement and stuff, like, has arisen like stuff like this would be way too sensitive.
*still, through a megaphone*
BECAUSE YOU’RE WRONG, AND THAT IS A BIG *unhearable through the noise*
I’m in the mood for a cheeseburger.
No, we gotta go to the soup place!
“What soup place?”
(Reactor) The Soup Nazi!
There’s only one caveat.
The guy who runs the place is a little temperamental, especially about the ordering procedure.
He’s secretly referred to as the Soup Nazi.
Eh, you can’t be throwing that word around nowadays.
I thought this one was insane, how many times he said the word “Nazi”.
– Wait, for real?
– Since when?
I didn’t know that Nazi was like a word you couldn’t say.
We already have an… N word.
Yeah, we don’t have.. we don’t have place for another N word guys. Let’s.. let’s limit it to one.
I.. that one really shocks me, I didn’t know anyone had a problem with the word nazi.
And in a comedic way too.
They’re criticizing a bunch of New York Jews
affectionately referring to someone as The Soup Nazi.
I’m blown away by that.
The most it got out of me was just a light…
The show is just not that funny to me.
In terms of comedy, naw.
Okay well, you may not think that it’s funny, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold up.
Don’t be don’t be give me one of these.
*mocking sniff*
Don’t be talkin’ ’bout one of these.
*sounds like he’s blowing his nose*
Cuz that’s all I got outta you, buddy.
That’s all I got out of this whole thing is
*more nose blowing*
A light exhale through the nose. What are you a comedian?
What is this?
I was legitimately getting mad over this episode.
Oh boy.
It’s a Cigar Store Indian!
You know, it’s late, I really should go.
I uh… I don’t blame you, Winona, I…
Oh my god.
The laugh track is so odd too, cause I’m cringing rather than laughing.
Winona is a Native American.
It’s just that it’s a very sensitive issue for me.
And well it should be–
And they always have the girls up to like the bitch too.
You see I’m very sensitive to these matters as well.
But like… you just made that joke though.
You like Chinese food, cause I once went to a great Szechuan restaurant in this neighborhood
You must know where the Chinese restaurant is around here.
You must know?
Oh no…
You’re being racist and people point it out to you, like… doesn’t exactly erase the incident that just happened.
Dude don’t argue with… don’t argue with the fictional characters dude. Ugh, it didn’t really happen.
It’s like not an argument like…
No, but you are racist dude, I saw it.
It’s like… they wrote it, they wrote it that way dude.
Oh my god, what are you talkin’ about…
Oh I love that place, but it’s just so crowded, can we get a table?
Oh, don’t worry I made reser–
I feel like he was thinking a little bit too much about that one.
I uh, I arranged for the appropriate accommodations.
Good save, good save.
He’s trying to be a little bit too much PC to make up for his joke.
Don’t explain the joke!
You know, there’s a great saying about jo- about jokes.
Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better, but the frog dies in the process.
Amen, brother.
I think this episode holds up.
As the audience member, we can see that they’re obviously in the wrong.
Through… other characters that are calling them out.
It’s like you’re starting to get the show.
Oh, they’re in the wrong and other people call them out and that’s what’s funny!
What do you… what show do you think she best enjoys, Hila?
You know what? She’s probably… She probably likes Friends, that coward.
She probably watches the news.
Why don’t you put on CNN, loser!
Those two girls behind you…
They’re eavesdropping.
You know uh, just because you two are homosexual, so what?
I mean you should just come out of the closet and be–
And do your parents know?
Know what?
My parents?
They don’t know what’s going on.
(visible disgust)
Oh god, you’re that girl in the coffee shop that was eavesdropping on us, I knew you looked familiar!
Oh no!
I uh, I better get going.
There’s been a big misunderstanding here.
Their immediate reaction is to be so
This is like…
*disgusted white girl noise*
I am so f*cking pissed.
Why is the worst thing in the world to be like depicted as gay?
Even if I wasn’t gay, like even if that didn’t directly apply to me, like…
I actually do have gay friends and like I would be like upset for them
It’s funny to see them getting offended over this episode specifically because Seinfeld actually won a GLAAD Media Award
Which is Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for this specific episode
They coined the term “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Not at all.
Which was one of the first times in popular media someone had expressed the idea
that being gay is not a problem.
I’m not gay!
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
No, of course not.
I mean it’s fine if that’s who you are.
I mean I have many gay friends.
My father’s gay!
And by the way, what’s wrong with not wanting to be known as gay if you’re straight?
And it’s worth noting that Jerry was trying to hook up with this girl during the episode.
So obviously he didn’t want her thinking that he was gay.
So I think at the time, gay people were like, thank you.
They were celebrating this episode because it was a landmark episode and now all these little TWERPS
Sorry, Hila.
They look back and say oh it’s offensive. It’s like, dude…
Joke police have arrived, put your hands in the air! Put your pen down! Stop writing that joke, we found the joke.
We have found the joke police, Come out with your hands up!
So you watch these full episodes earlier, so if this episode the first aired in 1997 aired today in 2018, does it hold up?
God no.
Twitter would explode
No, this would not be okay.
No. No. No.
I will not allow you guys to rewrite history!
No, definitely not. This is probably the worst one.
This show is just not that funny to me. Not really.
I don’t think if that came out today it would hold up.
You guys need to leave SEINFELD ALONE!!!
This woul- This would cause the biggest ruckus.
I didn’t like really… find it entertaining.
I don’t think that’s okay at all.
I swear to god, if you guys get Seinfeld removed from Hulu, I will find the nearest building and jump off it!
I would click off, I don’t think so.
The jokes don’t hold up. They’re not relatable.
I don’t think so.
How do you feel about chocolate?
Doesn’t hold up.
How do you feel about puppies?
Doesn’t hold up.
How do you feel about laughter in general?
Doesn’t hold up.
But… do you know what does hold up, Hila?
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Thanks for watchin’ everybody, and we’ll see ya next time.
Papa bless.

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