The Floor Is Lava (GAME)

Today we teach you ways to increase
the adventure quotient in your life. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Thank you for making us a part
of your daily routine. If you’ve got a question,
you could ask a respected elder in your life–somebody who you think
might have some wisdom. – Yeah.
– Or you could go on the internet and type it in.
But don’t do that! – Don’t!
– No. – Don’t do the smart thing–
– Ask us. Do the stupid thing
and ask Rhett and Link. On Facebook, like Theo Möll did. “How can I experience an adventure
without leaving my house?” Theo doesn’t want to leave his house,
but he wants to have an adventure. – That seems to be a quandry.
– Ah, yes. We have a solution for you, Theo Möll,
and that is watch every episode of Good Mythical Morning,
back-to-back-to-back-to-back in one sitting.
Just Good Mythical Morning. You don’t even have to watch
Good Mythical More. It’s only gonna take you 106 hours.
I’m gonna translate to days for you. It’s 4.41 days. You might need one of those
race car driver suits, – where you just pee out–
– (Link scoffs) – There’s like a tube or something–
– 4.4 days? Yeah, 4.41 days. I was thinking of something
a little different, but self promotion’s good.
So I can go with that. And if you do this,
if you watch– ’cause I know some of you
do binge watch. We see, on the weekends,
a lot of you will watch all five episodes at once.
We’re watching you. But if you do binge watch
all 4.41 days of Good Mythical Morning, please document the process
and we will acknowledge it. If you don’t want to do that,
then I would suggest that you do something like
play The Floor Is Lava! – Link, the floor is lava!
– The floor is lava! – Whoa, whoa, ho, no!
– The floor is lava. – The floor is lava.
– (Rhett) But we got to get to the– – (both) To the couch!
– The couch. (Rhett) I know the system.
Watch this. – (Link) What?
– (Rhett) Okay, give me… (grunting) (mumbling) – (Link) Okay, okay.
– (Rhett) I’m going grab that – because we gotta–
– (Link) The floor is lava! – (Rhett) Don’t forget.
– The floor is lava. Go that way. – (Rhett) Oh, all right! (grunts)
– (Link) The floor is lava. – (Link) The floor is lava.
– (Rhett) I made it! I made it! I made it too! We made it! – We gotta get back there–
– We made it! We gotta keep doing the show.
But you remember? (both) The floor is lava. Okay, watch this. – OOH!
– (Rhett laughs) Whoaaa! I almost lavaed! – Well, I was–
– Alright, you jump, and when you’re in the air,
I’m gonna push. (Rhett) I don’t wanna do that.
I don’t wanna die. – Here’s what I’m gonna do.
– (Link) Here, let me go back. – (Link) Just right here.
– (Rhett) Okay. And then watch, watch.
Here we come. You can do this! (scooting noises)
You can do this. (Rhett grunts) (Link) And then I can do this. Hey, don’t forget the floor is lava. (chair legs thump loudly) (Rhett) Oh, that’s cheating! The chair is an island! It moves. (chair legs thump loudly) – I don’t think I can do that–
– AAAAAH! (hissing) (shrieking in “pain”) Okay, well. I guess
this wasn’t sustainable. You wanna know what my face
looks like when I swim in lava? Just roll that back a few minutes. This space under the desk is not lava. Colleen Combrinck asks, “How can I make
a roadtrip less boring?” Well, that’s easy.
You can do what we did on our road trip from
North Carolina to California. One of those things was
dance across state lines. ♪ (funky beat) ♪ Another thing you can do
is sing songs until you get pulled over by the highway patrol. ♪ Well, I’ve had the time of my life ♪ ♪ No, I never felt this way before ♪ ♪ (high pitch) Never felt! ♪ ♪ Yes, I swear it’s the truth ♪ ♪ So I put my hands up ♪ ♪ They’re playin’ our song ♪ ♪ The butterflies fly away ♪ ♪ In the name of love ♪ ♪If you like it, then you
should’ve put a ring on it ♪ ♪ Don’t be mad once you see that he want it ♪ ♪ Sometimes love don’t feel like it should ♪ ♪ You make it… ♪ (beeps horn) ♪ Hurt so good ♪ ♪ And IIIIIII-E-YIIII will always love youuuu ♪ (siren wails) Uh, crap. He’s pulling you over. Dang it! We’re getting
pulled over by a cop. (cop) Hi, I stopped you
because you were speeding. Let me see your license.
Do you have vehicle registration? He’s not gonna give us a ticket. What makes you think he’s not
gonna give you a ticket? I can look in his eyes
and tell he’s not gonna do it. I’ve got no tickets. Never. Because I know exactly how to make
eye contact with them. It sure is taking a long time
if he’s not gonna give you a ticket. Yeah, he’s looking it up.
He’s just trying to make us nervous. Okay, I’m gonna give you a citation
for your speed. You just have to sign
in the red box. And lastly, Colleen, you can make
your road trips less boring by veering off into the desert–
as long as you have proper permission in driving in a dried up
lakebed or salt flat. Now, you’ve seen this.
You may have driven by one of these in the desert,
and it has always been – a dream of mine–
– Yeah, we saw one… – ..on the Mythical Trip out here.
– Several. And we would look over at this…
it would just be this flatness. – This saltiness.
– This is where they set these speed records,
and I’ve always thought, “I wish I could drive a car out there.”
But you gotta get the special permission to do that.
Now, thanks to Toyota, we were asked to come out to Vegas
for a ride and drive of the new 2015 Camry.
Well, let’s just say – we were given that opportunity.
– Yeah, that was part of it. I didn’t know what to expect.
That was not the full extent of it. – There were other things that we did too.
– Right. Not knowing what to expect,
I definitely can say that I didn’t expect that by the end of it
we would be squealing like two schoolgirls,
but that’s what happened. – (Link laughs)
– (Rhett) Yeah! (Link yells) – (Rhett) Be bold, baby. Be bold!
– (Link screams) – Dream come true!
– (both scream) You can see our whole experience
in the Camry over at Toyota’s YouTube channel.
Link is in the description, watch it! Also, we’re excited to announce
that starting next week, we’re gonna be launching a segment
on our Thursday advice episode. We’re gonna be taking our advice
to a next level, a new segment called
“That Escalated Quickly.” So usually we just sit here
and answer your questions, at the desk, but thanks to Toyota Camry,
we’re gonna be able to actually come to the Mythical Beast and bring
the advice in real life. That starts next week,
so look for it. ♪ (strums guitar) ♪ (singing) You know what day it is.
It’s Thursday, and Thursday means mail. (Rhett) -aaaaaaaaaaail. Hey, check this out. Bam!
We’ve got this whoop-whoo-boop… – Do you want me to spin that for you?
– Canister. It’s really just the front part here,
so I’m gonna turn it like that. “Dear Rhett & Link, our names
are Brian and Allison, and we currently live in
Hagerstown, Maryland.” – Hey!
– [inaudible] (laughs loudly) You got it! “Our dad is in the Navy,
and we move pretty often. Our last command
was at Virginia Beach, and we ran across a restaurant
there named Doumar’s.” – (Rhett) Dow-mar, doo-mar?
– (Link) D-O-U– Let’s go with “Doo-mar”. – “Abe Doumar”–
– Could be wrong. – “A”–
– (crew laughs) “Abe Doumar was born in 1881
and in 1904, he invented the ice cream cone.” What?! “And served them
at the Saint Louis World’s Fair.” They have sent us
the original prototype… – (Rhett) No.
– ..of the ice cream cone. – (Link) These are the first ones ever made.
– No. Now, there’s a couple
of different people– – Hold on, you’re lying about that part.
– According to Wikipedia… – No.
– These aren’t the original prototypes. You can buy ’em from Doumar’s today. No, these are the original ones.
Why do you think that they have napkins in here and they’re cushiony? Don’t get my hopes up, man.
They’d be crumbly – if they were 100 years old.
– Now, these are new. And they are a little crumbly
because they’ve been shipped to us. Could you get a whole one for me, please? But they are made on similar machines,
and made by the same family that invented them. – According to my Wikipedia–
– (munching) (booping) There’s a number of people
who claim to have invented the ice cream cone,
so it happened in different places independently,
over a short period of time. But this is one of ’em.
This is a legacy of inventing ice cream cones,
and he would be so proud, – Mr Doumar–
– (imitates buzzer) – If he saw you doing that.
– (imitates buzzer) – (crunching)
– (imitates buzzer) I don’t know why, but that was
the only noise I could make. Ice cream cone eyes…
you know what? You got– (imitates buzzer) You got cones in your eyeballs already. Yeah, you do.
So you don’t need to do those. And rods. Now, I’m told that they
serve these with ice cream in ’em. Hey, try it.
You’ll like it. Put it in your eyeballs
and say, “(imitates buzzer)”. (crunching) (Rhett) See what I’m talkin’ about. – (imitates buzzer)
– Yeah. Go for both. (imitates buzzer) (imitates buzzer) – (imitates buzzer)
– Doesn’t that make you feel good? – It doesn’t make me feel bad.
– (Rhett chuckles) Makes me feel a little weird. Thanks for sending those,
and thanks for liking and commenting – on this video.
– You know what time it is. Hi, we’re Jackson and Kelsey
on vacation in Bavaria. And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. Thank you, Brian and Allison,
for sending the ice cream cones. You get a signed
Good Mythical Morning poster. This poster’s available to everyone
at Also, click through to Good Mythical More,
where we eat the salted nut roll and show you some amazing stuff
sent from the recent Mythical Meetup at Mythicon in Minnesota. Cabbage: The Musical. (singing) Ooooh, I have a need
in my stomach for some veggies. Well, you should get some
of that green good stuff that I call cabbage. You talkin’ ’bout cabbage! – Yeah, it’s cabbage.
– Cabbage! – No one wants to eat the cabbage!
– Cabbage. Talk about green stuff,
talk about health. You got to get it
and nothin’ else. (both) It’s cabbage. – Just cabbage.
– Cabbage. – Oh, cabbage!
– Cabbage. – Nothing but cabbage.
– We ripped of MJ. [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Caption Team]

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