100 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2019 Livestream”

  1. 1:39:06 Linus Sabastien For spoilers read more…

    Nothing really interesting he talks about, more equality bs afterwards.

  2. And Laura Bailey had been gone for like half an hour by the time best performance was announced. She was playing D&D with her friends at Critical Role. Watching this award show, I agree with her decision.

  3. this should be on actual television, we need an actual gamer channel tbh, we need an actual gaming news channel on TV

  4. Why was everyone clapping through the first musical performance? she wasn’t THAT good, and a standing ovation in the front?

  5. 2:06:30 did they not realise his character was modelled off of him or something? 😂 maybe they didn’t know he was there.

  6. 3:44:26 The person responsible for the title cards "So which company are you from?" Miyazaki "From Software". "Oh the company Software. Gotcha."

  7. I'm completely and utterly out of though with today's games and these game developers…. And I'm completely fine, not feeling that Im missing out on anything at all…
    Being an old school players means I stick to a few of the biggest AAA titles… When does games feels WAAAAY OUT IN THE OTHER GALAXY cpared to these games thar are advertised or won on this he award show.
    Amazing… This is for kids, I can see it now.
    Ohh and streamers who co-stream the game award stream? The guy who eating popcorns and farts in a t-shirt used for weeks and got sweet stains on it and he is cursing and shouting in every 5th second so you start to feel like he is on something other than the food he is eating? Boy… Okay enjoy 😉

  8. Riot is making a tv show based in Zaun and Piltover, a game based in Bilgewater and Shadow isles….and rumors of a fighting game? This company is killing it!

  9. Personally hate that 50 percent or more of all new games are shooters. They are all pretty much the same their are a few that are different

  10. 1:39:17 "It had a VHS PLAYER built into it." THAT'S what you're going to call it? I'm not impressed with your knowledge of tech history, Linus. 😉

    Also… no mention of how much input lag this thing produces… shame, I was excited for a minute. "Finally!!" I thought. A TV made for gaming… nope. (But after finally getting an HD TV, they aren't as bad as I feared. Could be more responsive though.)

  11. oNgOiNg GaMeS
    Minecraft been here like for a decade and all they got was 3 years baby fortnite.

    Like even youtube rewind acknowledged minecraft fame

  12. I love how Laura Bailey was nominated and ditched the award show before her category even came up to go play D&D with her friends. Priorities.

  13. Honestly, the commercials were more entertaining to watch than the actual game awards…

    …Well, except for Green Day. Most of the audience was dead and I couldn't stop laughing lol

  14. It is so sad that both CONTROL, Detroit : Become Human, Goose Game, and Metro Exosdus is a pathetic EPIC games sellout. Fuck you Tim Sweeney and your evil shady business practice. Can't keep silent about the fact that they keep using their Fortnite's money to buy exclusives more and more to "compete" with steam and their own shitty customer support.

  15. Game Awards Orchestra was little off this year compared to previous ones.Probably they wanted Super Smash Bros to win?

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