The Gaming Club

The Gaming Club

The player can’t actually join your club.
You guys are basically just a background decoration.
Background decoration… background decoration… background decoration… background decoration…
Background decoration.
Background decoration!
YandereDev, YandereDev…
Oh, hi, Midori! I have good news about the Gaming Club!
Oh, y-you do…?…
For a long time, I couldn’t figure out what kind of benefits the Gaming Club could possibly grant the player.
Eventually, I found an idea that made sense.
When you join the Gaming Club, you will have access to computer games.
If you play one of these games, you will gain a boost to one of your stats.
The boost will only last until the end of the day.
If you play an Educational game, you can raise your Biology, Chemistry, Language, or Psychology stat.
If you play a Fighting game, your Physical Strength will receive a boost.
If you play a Dating Game, you will become more seductive.
If you play a Horror game, you will become more numb to horrific things, meaning that you will lose less Sanity whenever you perform an action that lowers your sanity.
If you play a role-playing game, you will receive a bonus during social interactions, meaning you will gain more reputation points when performing positive social actions,
and lose less reputation points when performing negative social actions.
If you play a Stealth game, students will take longer to notice you when you’re doing something bad.
If you play a Racing game, you will run a bit faster.
And if you play this game…well…it’s a bit of a secret for now.
Let me describe a scenario that might demonstrate how valuable the Gaming Club can be.
In order to kidnap a girl, you must increase your Biology stat at least one time.
If you raise Biology at every opportunity, the soonest you will be able to kidnap a girl is on Tuesday after school has ended.
However, if you join the Gaming Club and immediately give a boost to your Biology stat, then it would become possible to kidnap a girl as early as Monday morning.
In other words, joining the Gaming Club and boosting one of your stats can allow you to reap benefits that would otherwise take two entire school days to earn.
This is quite a tremendous advantage!
To balance this advantage, you are only allowed to boost a stat once per day, and the Gaming Club doesn’t offer you anything else,
such as weapons, outfits, or tools for getting away with murder.
The Gaming Club’s true value might only be apparent once Yandere Simulator evolves from being a debug build into a real game.
When that time comes, I hope you’ll make the most of it.
Yaaaaay! We get to be a real club!
Hey Midori, what’s that thing you’re holding?
Oh! It, it’s not what it looks like! I just, um, uh…
Why are you holding a knife?
I found something dangerous, so I was bringing it to a teacher.
Oh, that makes perfect sense!…I guess.
I…I found something dangerous, so I was taking it to a teacher!
I see. It would be faster to let me have it.
Thanks. This makes things easier.
Makes what easier?
I bet you were hoping for a more exciting update today.
I was aiming to implement a new elimination method into the game by April 15th, but I just didn’t have the time required to make it happen.
As I’ve mentioned before, all of the features that can be implemented within a two-week time frame have already been implemented,
and all remaining features will probably take longer than two weeks to program.
On the plus side, I have at least three interesting things planned between now and May 1st.
Hopefully you’re going to enjoy those things, and hopefully I’ll still have enough spare time left over to add the next big, exciting feature by May 1st.
Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.
Subtitles: Metehan ÖRTEN

100 thoughts on “The Gaming Club”

  1. Hey Midori! I've got something to show you! It's called a KNIFE! And I think it would look great going straight through you're HEART!!!
    sanity instantly drops to 0

  2. Why do people try to kill morgroi green ? All though she is not a rival?? Is she a Pearson to teast?

  3. YANDERE DEV YANDERE DEV! CAN MIDORI JUST KILL YOU ONCE!!!!!!!! Or let her “win” once?!?!?!? Plz!!!!!

  4. i found something dangerous! i take it to teacher!

    you can give it to me.


    that makes
    things easier.

    what things?

    (kills midori)
    these things!

  5. Yandere dev pls make yandere simulator in phone i really love it so much but i cant play it pls. Im begging you

  6. Midori:backround decoration?… backround decoration …BACKROUND DECORATION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?…* werid voice * yandere dev yandere dev.
    Me:dude ur a rainbow thats why
    midori flys to the clouds


  8. You can add a Wii and the controller can be like an invention from the robotics club because it could do this: a minigame to figure out how it works and then the top turns into a knife! Another benefit for the gaming club! Team green teem green!

  9. Yandere dev, Yandere dev! Plz make Yandere simulator compatible with chromebooks. Thank you for your attention even if you aren't able to do it. 🙂

  10. Me: watches beginning OH MIDORI MADDDDDDD!!!!!
    watches the rest
    Oh man! I wanted Yandere Dev to grab her knife like usual!
    watches Midori get caught
    watches Midori use the Yandere SIM method
    AW MAN!
    watches end
    Ok I’m re watching the video now xD

  11. Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration Background Decoration

  12. Yay comments are on thx!
    I have a suggestion for the game can you unlock pets only cats and dogs
    Dogs can sniff rivals and blood
    Cats can make a boost your reputation and you lose less reputation

  13. Be nice to midori! ( her name means Green Green?! ) also, you should make a summer camp edition to yandere simulator!

  14. What if we had Yandere Simulator in the computer club, where if you enter the computer club and play Yandere simulator, the game will be played like a paradox.

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