The Hand of Faith Gold Nugget

The Hand of Faith Gold Nugget

Sitting in the back of a dark, old-fashioned
Las Vegas casino sits, rather unremarkably,
the largest gold nugget on display in the
Slowly spinning on a table in a place not
uncoincidentally named “The Golden Nugget,”
the so-called “Hand of Faith” gold nugget
is not as glamorous nor as shiny as cartoon
gold nuggets would have you believe.
While the rock gets visitors, the foot traffic
does not match its monetary value – which
is said to be worth approximately $5 million.
So, how did the largest displayed gold nugget
on the globe end up here in Las Vegas?
Here’s the tale of the Hand of Faith’s
discovery and its journey to Sin City.
It had been a rough few months during the
fall of 1980 for the Hillier family traveling
around Australia.
For the last two years, the young family of
six had been driving up and down the country’
coast in a bus they had named “Gus.”
Father Kevin earned money for the family doing
odd jobs, but that type of work had dried
up due in large part to severe back injury.
Mother Bip had just given birth and had her
hands full dealing with a new baby.
In a nutshell, the family was broke, with
very little food and in dire straits.
In this state, they settled in a small former
gold rush town called Kingower near Victoria.
Much like in America (See: What Sparked the
California Gold Rush?), Australia experienced
their own gold rush in the mid-19th century.
While glittering stones had been found prior,
it was on February 12, 1851 that the rush
really began with the discovery of gold near
Bathurst in New South Wales.
Within months, people from all over the world
had flocked to the island continent in search
of their own riches.
Within decades, the population of Australia
nearly doubled from the influx of gold seekers
from across the globe.
However, also like America, the market just
as quickly collapsed.
By the turn of the 20th century, the gold
fields were more or less abandoned, with the
recent immigrants moving to the rapidly modernizing
Despite this, and even years later, there
were reports of lucky people coming across
small gold nuggets.
Discoveries in the late 20th century led many
to think that the fields still had enough
gold in them to forever change the fortunes
of those who found it.
After his back injury, Kevin Hillier was advised
by doctors to spend as much time as he could
So, Kevin and his wife Bip took up strolling
through the former gold fields with a metal
In Bip Hillier’s book about her family’s
story, she describes constantly praying for
them to find gold.
She thought her prayers had been answered
when Kevin came home one night with a small
gold pebble, but it turned out to only be
worth enough to buy a second metal detector.
This wasn’t exactly fortune-changing gold.
But a few nights later, Kevin supposedly dreamed
that he found an endless gold nugget that
was so big that it could not be dug out of
the ground.
The next morning, he drew a picture depicting
his dream on a piece of paper and had his
friend Russell sign it as a witness.
Whether coincidence from having gold on his
brain or indeed prophetic, on September 26,
1980, the dream would come true.
After lunch, Kevin and Bip were detecting
in opposite directions when Kevin screamed.
Rushing to him, Bip found her husband on the
ground sobbing while kneeling in front of
a tip of a gold nugget that couldn’t be
pried from the ground directly.
As a result, they began to dig… and dig
and dig until they finally reached the bottom.
Lifting it up, they realized what they had
found was history.
Weighing an astounding 27.2 kilograms (nearly
60 pounds), it was the largest gold nugget
ever found by a hand held metal detector and
the second largest discovered in Australia
in the 20th century.
In a recent interview, Bip claimed that the
couple had some heavenly intervention, “People
will say it was all coincidence and that’s
But that’s my Father up there…and he’s
interested in everything we do.”
To them, the rock looked like a hand making
a blessing.
So, Bip and Kevin named the gold rock the
“Hand of Faith.”
Scared to tell anyone, they rushed it home
and soaked the sixty-pound chunk in the sink.
The kids all helped to clean it with toothbrushes.
That night, the family slept as the gold sat
in a kiddie pool under the parents’ bed.
After a few days of debate about what to do,
they decided to hand the rock over to a trusted
friend to take it back to Melbourne for a
delivery to the government.
A few days later, at a televised press conference,
Victorian Premier Dick Hamer announced the
However, the Hilliers were not there.
They were hold up in a motel room watching
the press conference on television, refusing
to be identified.
Said one of the Hillier kids, “Even for
years afterwards, we kids never brought it
It took several months for the nugget to sell
(according to Bip, this was the government’s
fault and caused the nugget to dip in value
as the hype died down a bit), but finally
in early February of 1981, with the help of
Kovac’s Gems & Minerals, it was sold to
the appropriately-named Golden Nugget Casino
in Las Vegas for about a million dollars (approximately
$2.7 million today).
In the years after, Kevin and Bip continued
to walk those same fields with their metal
detector in hopes of finding what they described
as the Hand of Faith’s companion – the
“Foot of Faith.”
They never did and Kevin Hillier died in 2014.
At the funeral, the original metal detector
and a replica of the giant nugget were placed
next to his coffin.
His ashes were spread at the site of his discovery.
The metal detector is now stored in Bip’s
Although Bip’s now in her late 70s and her
husband is no longer alive, she still thinks
about going back out to search.
“I do wonder,” she told the Monthly in
late 2016, “what might still be out there.”

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    Kind regards from Brendon

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