The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 5 | Bachna Ae Casino | The Zoom Studios

The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 5 | Bachna Ae Casino | The Zoom Studios

Okay guys.
Understand that blackjack is the only game
where the player has a mathematical
advantage over the house. Alright?
It’s a very simple game.
We have to reach till the number 21.
All the number cards are numbers.
All the picture cards are 10.
All the aces are either 1 or 11.
I will show you.
Wait. Okay.
So Armaan, Mehek, Patrick and
I am the dealer.
So I will deal two cards each to everyone.
Now, he is at 17.
You are at 14.
You are at 14.
Now Armaan,
if you want to play then what do you do?
-Right. Twice
That means I will give you another card.
Now you are at 17.
What do you want to do now?
-If I don’t want to do anything, then?
-Just do this.
So now you have 18.
So what do you want to do now?
-Great. Patrick 14.
-Hit this.
So you have 10.
So busted.
Now, I’m the dealer.
21. Blackjack.
So, the dealer wins alright.
Now, understand that
I’m counting the cards.
So whenever cards you get the,
you have to look at me alright.
If I’m scratching my face
that means I want you to play.
If I’m looking at my watch,
I want you to stop. Alright.
Just be very sly because
if the dealer comes
to know we are cheating
-then game over.
-But wait wait wait…
But what is the signal
if I want to go to the toilet?
Give me the deck.
You just go to the toilet dude.
-Okay Kabir.
Quickly. Are you still counting?
How many 7s?
Damn he’s still got it man.
Let’s do this.
Yeah yeah.
You know Dubai?
I have come from Dubai.
I belong there.
Over here, you guys have tiny chips.
We have gold chips.
Hello darling.
Is this seat taken?
Oh hello pretty lady.
Have a seat.
Have a seat.
Have a seat pretty lady.
I was telling them how
much money I have you know.
And I’d love spending your money.
And I love smelling money.
-Are you here with someone special?
My 7 mothers, 5 fathers and 22 camels.
I don’t like camels
but I love their humps.
Heh. I love the camel’s milk.
What’s wrong? He was counting the cards
so he is being thrown out.
Ohh blasphemy.
I have lots of money
so I don’t need to be worried about this.
Habibi let’s start my bibi.
Excuse me guys.
Mind if we join you?
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Would you like insurance please?
Go for it.
Too many.
Fifteen. Honey?
Go for it.
Hit me.
Too many.
Too many.
Stay. I’ll stay.
-What are you doing?
-It’s okay.
Too many.
Let’s go all in. I got this.
Kabir, it’s enough. Let’s go. Guys…
I’m tired.
Thank you.
Yo baby.
You need to come with me.
You also follow us.
Normal procedure.
Come come come.
It’s okay.
Let’s go.
I’m not scared of anything.
I will be back habibi my bibi.
Is this how you treat all your guests?
Do it again.
Just leave.
I have the rush again dude.
This is like old times.
-I can’t believe we got out of that.
-I can’t believe…
We’ve got to check back into that nice hotel.
Please please please
I need to check into…
Guys we are doing strippers!
No no no no. Wait a second.
We are getting drunk first…
We can do everything with this money.
This is 2 lac Mauritian rupees…
That means we have 4 lac rupees.
4 lac you know… You know…
What’s your wedding date?
Oh shit! It’s 4th.
It’s right here.
4 people and it is 4 o clock.
-What do you mean Kabir?
We are not going to…
But what about the strippers guys?
Kabir you don’t have to do this bro.
What are you doing bro?
36 times…
You put all the money on a single number.
We will get 1.5 crore rupees.
Please trust me.
I’ve got this.
Please please please. Shhhhh shhhhhh.
Tell him…
Don’t talk about strippers.
Just shut up Patrick.
No more bets please.
4 black.
I told you…
I told you I’ve got this.
Come on, why aren’t you happy?
I’m so happy!
What? What is wrong with you?
Armaan moved the chips before…
So… So we didn’t win anything.
Armaan moved the chips.
Have you gone mad?
Are you nuts?
What did you just do?
I told you.
Sorry buddy.
I told you I know this dude.
What are you laughing at?
We just lost 1.5 crore rupees.
Are you mad?
Are you mad or what?
Why would you do that?
You idiot!
1.5 crores.
It’s not a small amount.
I told you I’ve got this.
I told him.
I told him I got this.
Are you mad?
1.5 crores dude.
Kabir I’m sorry.
I know 1.5 crores is a lot of money.
But what I did, was for you.
I… I couldn’t have seen you
getting back into that…
Getting… Oh…
Come on man!
I was not getting back.
It was timing.
I told you, the probabilities were insane!
I’ve got this.
This money would have
been so important for us.
Kabir if you would have lost then what?
Did we lose?
What if you would have lost?
Armaan out of all of us,
if anyone knew I could win, it was you.
You knew I could win.
Kabir we’ve been in this together.
I know what you went through.
Your father was a gambler.
Your girlfriend left you.
I can’t see you like that.
Why are you dragging my father into this?
You bastard!
How dare you talk about my father?
That was my past, dude.
What did I not do for you?
Thank you.
Thank you Armaan.
-Thank you so much.
-You are so ungrateful…
-Piece of shit.
-Oh screw you dude!
Screw you!
You know that was not about my gambling.
That was about something else.
You would have lost that
money again Kabir.
You would have ended up playing again.
You would have lost again.
Armaan it was just about
the freaking timing dude.
It’s not about the money.
It’s not about the money.
We needed that money so
we could get out of this shit.
We came here,
because it was her freaking bachelorette.
And we are not here to gamble.
I don’t want you to get
back in the past.
But when we can win the money,
why can’t we lose?
We don’t want that money.
We don’t need that money.
Dude, I wanted you
to trust me for one time.
Just one single time.
-Kabir Kabir Kabir Kabir.
-And you do this.
You freak.
Don’t try to become a saint here.
Kabir. I trust you.
I trust you with all my freaking life.
But listen I don’t have it…
I don’t have it in me to see you
in the state that I got you back from.
Where did you get me back from?
-Where did you get me from?
-You bastard, you are a mess.
You tell him, bro!
Go on.
Armaan for the very last time.
I’m telling you one more time.
Stop trying to play God.
You screwed up big time inside.
Just accept it.
I’m sorry alright?
But this was just stupid.
This was just…
Just freaking…
Hold on…
I’m trying to say something here.
Hey why are you yelling at me?
I was doing this for everybody!
I was not doing this just for myself.
-You weren’t doing it for us.
– What are you…?
What? What are you trying to say?
You brought all of us here…
For that Tatiana.
Screw Tatiana.
You wanted strippers inside.
Don’t talk about my strippers, alright?
I was doing this for Mehek.
Ohh shut up!
Shut the hell up all three of you.
How can you?
Are you all crazy?
Stop blaming this on me
and my bachelorette, first of all.
Stop. Stop.
You got us here because you
wanted to be with that stupid Tatiana.
And Kabir…
Don’t make this look
like you were doing this for me.
Because you were having fun in there.
You were enjoying it.
I know that you were
doing this for all of us.
But you were enjoying it.
And don’t get me started on you.
You know…
I just don’t know.
He was gonna raise his hands on me.
I don’t get it guys.
I really don’t.
I knew things are gonna change.
I knew.
I know things are not going to
be the same. I’m getting married.
I thought this was supposed to be fun.
It was supposed to be my bachelorette.
But no one is asking me about
what I want to do.
You guys are just fighting
and doing your own shit.
I don’t even know what to say…
What to do…
This is horrible and…
I mean everything is changing.
There’s a rift…
It’s already…
Screw this.
I don’t even want to…
Guys I think,
I think we should go like…
Forget it. Forget it. Forget it.
She is important.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. It’s my fault.
How can you just yell
at each other like that?
Let me… Let me just…
I’m sorry Armaan.
I should just stay away
from this casino thing.
I told you guys.
I just got carried away.
I’m really sorry okay.
I’m really sorry.
Okay look, he is apologising now.
Hey you… You have to
apologise to me to me too.
And you as well.
Sorry Patrick.
-Sorry Patrick.
Okay listen, it’s Mehek’s day tomorrow.
And ma’am, what would you like to do?
-We’ll do whatever you say.
-Anything for you.
-These two.
Think. Take your time.
Okay let’s hug.
Let’s hug it out.
Don’t look.
After that haunted house incident,
I feel every place is haunted.
Where is Patrick?
-Shhh… Stop it guys.
-It’s a surprise Mehek.
It might be a shock.
Please remove this blindfold.
-It’s done. It’s done.
Hi Mehek.
Hi Mehek.
Guess what?
Just thought of a very cool thing.
M is for Mehek
and M is for Marriage.
But also S is for Siddharth and
S is for…
Eww man!
Shaadi (Marriage) I’m was saying.
-What did you think?
-Yeah yeah.
Mehek we are so excited.
We cannot wait for the big day.
Congratulations to you and Siddharth.
We love you guys a lot.
You remember this old teacher of yours?
You used to secretly share
your tiffin with me. Feed me bread.
I heard you are getting married.
May God bless you and keep you happy.
I will definitely come to your wedding
and have a lot of food.
Hi Mehek!
It’s Riya from college.
So for your wedding,
I have got a very special song
that I’m going to sing for you now.
Hi Mehek.
I remember all four of you.
You were very naughty in school.
And you were the naughtiest of all.
And you are getting married.
What good news that is from you!
I can’t wait to come and
celebrate with you at your wedding.
But I’m going to come
and give you a whack too.
I still remember the first
day when I held you in my arms.
My lovely niece.
And I was so emotional that time.
Just like I am today.
I’m so happy for you.
Aunt loves you.
Take care.
Hi Mehek!
We are going to have all kinds of fun.
We are eagerly waiting for
you to join the married couples’ group.
Then we will go for a holiday together
and do a lot of shopping.
Bye Mehek!
Okay guys I want to make a toast.
After all this,
where do I get a toaster for you?
Yeah we are not Britishers.
We are very hungry.
After working all day
on your surprises. Please.
-Eat your toast tomorrow.
-Yeah have it tomorrow.
Guys listen.
So, you know I was thinking
why we guys are friends.
I gave it a lot of thought
and finally I have an answer.
It’s because we have been
friends since we were kids.
And kids don’t get a
lot choices when they’re making friends.
And we don’t think too much
while making friends at that age.
-We just like…
Because, had I met you guys right now…
I don’t…
I don’t think we would be friends at all.
You know during our childhood,
there was not even a single day
that we didn’t meet each other.
You know…
You tagged along on my family vacations also.
I mean…
there used to be no space in the car
and my dad used to get really angry.
But you guys still tagged along.
You remember Diwali vacations?
Kabir came with us to Lonavala
with loose motions.
Every Diwali vacation he insisted
he had to come.
Because of you all I…
Actually yeah it is…
because of all of you I never
had any close female friends.
I mean think about it.
You remember Nandini?
-Of course.
So Armaan went and told her
that Mehek’s eyebrows are thick
because she turns
into a werewolf at night.
And her mom didn’t let
her come to my house after that.
You all have been so close to me,
that you never gave me
a chance to miss you guys.
And now I’m getting married.
And I don’t know how
I will live without you guys.
I mean…
Come with me as dowry when I get married.
Come for my honeymoon also.
No no you can’t watch anything.
We will get separate rooms.
I… I just feel that we…
We are really lucky to have each other.
And… You know…
I mean right from childhood till now
we have a really a special bond.
We are very lucky guys.
You bastard!
-Not you, that stripper.
The guy who has all my stuff.
-That bastard!
Why are you guys still sitting?
Let’s go and catch hold of him.

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