The Hostage Mode Can Still Be Cheesed; Shifting Tides Gameplay Update – Rainbow Six Siege

The Hostage Mode Can Still Be Cheesed; Shifting Tides Gameplay Update – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and now that
the new season for Rainbow Six Siege has launched,
it’s time to look into the gameplay changes
in detail to fully understand how they will
affect the game with Operation Shifting Tides!
You may have already seen the patch notes for
the new season but as always, all is not as it seems.
For instance the Gadget Trajectory update
is very inconsistent as of now and probably
still a work in progress and the changes
to the Hostage vulnerability are also flawed
in a couple of ways.
As always in these videos, there is a pinned
comment below with timestamps to each topic
in case you already know
some parts and want to skip to others!
So come, let me show you what’s up!
By the way, I have done some extensive testing
on the weapon changes and operator changes
of the new patch and those will be split out
into separate videos, so look out for those
on the channel as well!
But the gun and operator changes aside, let’s
just walk through the patch notes and balancing
notes one by one to capture everything that is changing.
Easily one of the most interesting and
exciting changes is the limb penetration system.
I have already tested and covered this
in-depth in a recent video, so I won’t be going over
it again here but do see the card on screen
now or the link in the end card if you want
to go back and fully understand this new system!
Another nice little quality of life change
is the new and updated rappelling system.
When nearing the roof of a building while
rappelling now, you will need to hit a button
to exit from the rappel, which will make it
much easier to get close to the upper limit
of your vertical range without
constantly mantling onto the roof by accident.
It takes a little while to get used to this
system, especially if you are in a hurry to
get up and you forget that you will now
need to push a button but once you are in tune
with the new system, the added
flexibility it will give you is invaluable.
Over to the gadget trajectory asset destruction.
The aim here is to standardise how map
objects in the game, like vases, stacks of paper,
pc monitors etc. interact with
projectiles (both thrown and shot).
The update notes kind of suggest that this
is still work in progress but also claim that
this first iteration should allow projectiles
to break fragile props that would normally
block them… and on a very
general basis, that is kind of true.
Under the old system one of two things
would happen if your projectile collided with a
map prop: the projectile would either pass
straight through (without doing any damage
to the prop at all) or the projectile would
bounce off or stop (again without damaging the prop).
Now under the new system, all of the props
that I tested did break when hit, so that
at least is an improvement.
But I still have questions around the
consistency of what happens to the projectile after the
collision, because some projectiles when
interacting with some props, will destroy the prop and
then continue onwards, while other times
the projectiles could be deflected, they could
bounce back, they could just stop and detonate
or, worst case scenario, become completely inactive.
Some of these behavioural discrepancies
have been fixed and in those cases the new system
works beautifully.
Like for instance before the patch: bottles,
laptop screens, PC screens on Coastline, bowls
and small vases were inconsistent in their interactions.
Hibana pellets would go through the bottles
and laptop screens but would bounce off of
the PC screens and bowls and bizarrely,
almost all other projectiles (such as grenades, nitro
cells or Zofia’s impact
grenades) were the exact opposite.
And you would think that Ash’s breaching
rounds would be able to go through these flimsy
items but no, they used to get hung up on all of them.
After the patch though, these specific props
no longer interfere with any of the projectiles
you can throw at them.
Every projectile will break these objects
and then happily continue on its way to wreak
death and destruction on
whatever lies in its path behind.
But this consistency does not apply to all
props yet by any stretch of the imagination.
Check out these PC screens on Bank, for instance.
Thrown projectiles will still get deflected
here while Ash charges can get through; both
types of Zofia’s grenades though will not
be able to pass through these screens.
This seemingly inconsistent pattern of collisions
applies to a bunch of the props on different maps.
The money stacks in Bank,
table lamps,
money counting machines,
or the hookah pipes on Coastline.
Other props, such as these bedside lamps [on Coastline] will still block all projectiles.
Or these large vases, which will block everything
we tested except for Ash’s breaching grenades.
I think you’re starting to get the picture here.
This is definitely a step in the right direction
and I fully appreciate that this change still
has to be a work in progress because my
assumption is that these interactions have to be fixed
by hand, one prop at a time.
Nevertheless, the takeaway for you as players
needs to be that for the time being, you probably
shouldn’t rely on being able to simply shoot
or throw your projectiles through map props
because while it might work in some instances,
it might not work in others and the last thing
you want is to put your trust into this new prop interaction system and then have it backfire on you.
The Casual game mode has been renamed to Quick
Match and will now be taking on the role swap
of pro league, Ranked and Unranked.
So, teams will go through first all of their
attack or defence rounds and then swap over.
While playing on the test server, this frequently
meant for me that I would only get to play
one round after the swap
and then the game would be over.
Whether or not this undesirable side-effect
(or at least I think it’s undesirable) will
translate over onto the main servers, when
a much larger audience will be playing and
the games should theoretically be more
balanced, remains to be seen, but I hope not.
Another small update that was unannounced
is that character models will now take a knee
when they get onto cams instead of squatting
as if they are trying to complete some Crossfit
Workout Of the Day.
This is a nice little reversion that makes
so much more sense and hey, maybe we’ll
get to a point in future where the operators
will always keel when crouched and not moving
because this squat position is literally ridiculous.
Nobody, not even elite Team Rainbow
operators can maintain this position and still hope
to be able to discharge their weapons
with any reasonable degree of accuracy.
But whatevs there’s definitely
bigger issues to deal with in this game.
Speaking of which, that leads me to our last
point: the “FIXED” hostage death mechanics
and if you turn on closed captions you will
see that I have written “FIXED” in quotation
marks and capitals.
Ever since Goyo was added last season,
strategies around putting the hostage in a dangerous
position and hoping that your opponents will
accidentally kill him/her have become a bit
of a challenge for the devs to handle and
the final result was just that the hostage
became fire proof.
Makes no sense whatsoever but at
least it worked from a gameplay perspective.
This immunity is now being removed and a new
system is being put in place to avoid cheesing tactics.
If a defender puts the hostage at risk with
their gadget and this results in the hostage
getting downed or killed, the defender will
always be blamed as long as the hostage has
not been picked up by the attackers yet.
As of the in-game rosters right now, this
is supposed to apply to Goyo with his Volcan
shields and to Wamai with his MAG-nets.
Once the hostage is picked up, then it will
be whoever triggers the device who will be
blamed for the kill.
So if you’re attacking and you grab the
hostage, deposit them next to a Volcan shield
or a MAG-net and then either detonate the
shield or throw an explosive device into the
MAG-net, you will be blamed for the death.
And good news everyone, the
system actually works for Goyo.
When it comes to Wamai though, those of you
who have been playing on the test server over
the last few weeks may have had instances
where this new system does not appear to work.
Check this out for instance: I pick up the
hostage, drop him next to a MAG-Net and according
to the new rules, I should be blamed for the
kill when I toss a grenade but lo and behold,
Wamai gets the kill and the attackers win!
It took me quite some time and a lot of testing
and puzzling to figure this issue out because
sometimes the system works
as intended and sometimes it doesn’t.
But in the end it turned out to be a very simple issue.
When the MAG-net catches an object, it will
self-detonate a split second before the projectile
itself goes off.
And since the MAG-net detonation causes
between three and five points of damage to anyone
who is to close enough at the time, this
can (in some cases) actually kill the hostage
and overrule the fancy new system that
is supposed to fix all of this confusion.
You can actively abuse this issue as an attacker
by picking up the hostage, escorting them
to a nearby MAG-net, downing them and then
setting off the MAG-net with any non-lethal projectile.
Depending on the hostage’s remaining
health, this can lead to an instant round win if the
hostage is killed by the MAG-net explosion
or if this is not the case, then the least
that will happen is that the fault
attribution is switched to the defenders.
Downing the hostage is your fault but then
the MAG-net damage switches the responsibility
of the revive to the defenders…
Bottom line is that it’s a bit of a mess.
And it doesn’t end there.
With the new patch, attackers will also be
blamed when the hostage is downed or killed
by a Kapkan EDD (as opposed to the
past when poor old Kapkan would get the blame).
And to be fair, that actually works… nevertheless,
the system is once again not fool proof and
can be exploited.
All you have to do is drop the hostage near
a trap, maybe even down him/her, and then
set off the trap (preferably with a big fat
shield in front of you) this will then still
count as a kill for Kapkan and the defenders will lose.
And that is still not all.
Maybe even more confusing than
these loopholes is the scoring system.
It is completely bonkers.
Sometimes, both the defender and the
attacker will have points deducted for friendly fire
on the hostage…
Sometimes kills will be attributed to one
player (with the corresponding -500 point
deduction) but somehow they still win the
I don’t even know what the rules around
this are supposed to be but it’s ultra-messy
and seemingly random right now.
Fair point, you could argue that hostage is a mode
that has almost been phased out of Siege nowadays.
You can’t play it in Ranked
or Unranked and even in Causal…
I’m sorry, in “Quick Match” many players
will also keep the mode disabled and you won’t
really play it much unless you
specifically turn off the other modes.
So maybe all of this non-sense won’t even
affect the majority of players anymore but
my take on this is that as long as the game
mode is in the game, it should not be this confusing.
Pfew, and there you have it.
All of the gameplay updates
of Shifting Tides laid bare in detail.
As mentioned in the beginning, keep your eyes
peeled for the other videos, one discussing
the damage updates to Caveira’s, Ela’s
and the Russian operators’ guns and of course
there is also the operator
update video that is already out!
Until then many thanks for watching, I hope
you enjoyed the video and I will see you in
the next episode!

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