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whoo that looks tasty young Richie has been kidnapped he was last seen being taken into the Bennett family farmhouse which transforms into the worlds of terror haunted house during the Halloween season the Bennett’s haunted attraction has fallen on hard times as thrill-seeking audiences began opting for more impressive haunted houses found in the city however the Bennett’s own of the ultimate wildcard and they will play it tonight to resurrect the family business welcome folks today the hungry gamer is back with yet another Kickstarter preview and today we are looking at the ghosts betwixt a new dungeon crawler by Dustin crooned and I hope I said that right apologies if I did not and this is a game that came to Kickstarter a couple of weeks back they looked at the initial funding they were getting and some of the commentary that they were getting and they decided to cancel and they are going to relaunch again right around October now those of you that know me you know that dungeon crawlers are my jam so I was super excited when Dustin agreed to send me this prototype so I could check it out and as you heard in the little intro this is a dungeon crawler that is much more human and by human I mean it is regular people that are taking part in this adventure this is not a dungeon crawler with great heroes in fact all the characters that you play and you do always play all four of the characters even if you’re playing by yourself all the characters are just regular people so you see here we have bill he’s the dad you have Joan who is the mother you have Maddox who is one of the sons you have a Volyn who is the teenage daughter and then you were all trying to rescue Richie who was kidnapped while playing disc golf next to the creepy creepy Bennett family farm which doubles as this haunted house during the Halloween season before I really jump in I do have to make sure it’s clear that this is a prototype art might change some of the tiles might change colors might change and if I happen to know something that is definitely going to change I will be sure to point that out as we go on but just make sure that is clear if you’re the type that isn’t really interested in how the game and the combat works and you’re going to want to go ahead and jump ahead to the time stamp on the screen right now and so for those who are still here let’s just quickly kind of go through how the game works and I’m not going to do a full playthrough because this game is actually quite expansive I will say if you are interested in watching a full playthrough meet me at the table has a fantastic playthrough it’s actually a great channel you should really check it out and then you can kind of see the entire first mission if you want which is the one that came with the prototype now what I will do is show us how combat works how exploration works and just give us the basic details now as I already mentioned you will always play with all four of these characters and that’s how the game is balanced and that’s how the story is created the idea that this is a family trying to rescue a member of their family these are normal people and just like any other dungeon crawler you are taking these characters and you’re fighting things your game you’re finding lutes which are going to equip you are gaining experience points and you’re going to be able to level up abilities and that is all the same as any other dungeon crawler but as I’ve already alluded to these are just normal people so as you’re playing you’re fighting with things that are more regular in fact at the beginning of the scenario you are given a chance to quote unquote shop except you’re not spending money Dustin has given the entire family 90 seconds with which to go find gear the idea is they’re running around and they have to go they want to go now and everyone says meet me in the car and ninety seconds or maybe it’s two minutes I don’t remember the top of my head and then in the scenario book it tells you how long it will take a family member to find any given piece of equipment so it might take ten seconds to run out to the garage and grab the snow shovel or maybe it will take a little bit longer to run and dig in the back closet and find a slingshot and so that kind of gives you the idea and that’s what you’re equipping your characters with and I will show you how your characters interact with those things when I get to combat in just a minute but the first thing that I want to show is how exploration works in this game and so you’ll see that I’ve started us here and tile I’ll shifted there so you can see one a and you’ll see I have my four standees for each of the characters that you can play and you’ll notice that they are standees and they actually do have a back and that is because if you get directly behind someone or they get behind you they do get a bonus to hurt you and you will see that in just a few minutes now so what happens is each character has their speed and that is how far they can move so Evelyn here can move six while Maddox can move four and of course you get the idea as you can see here on the tiles you have your spaces and of course you can move one two three as you do in any other dungeon crawler but what happens when you get to your door and this here is a door is you go to the tiles that you have these tokens that say map and you will shuffle all of them up and the mission tells you which tiles you might possibly be using and then you draw the top one so I have drawn 3a and I’m going to go ahead and just move these aside and so I would go to all of my tiles and I would look for 3a and that is right here and I would take that and I would connect it to my door then you have to populate the room and to do that you have these tokens here and these represent everything that could possibly be in any given room and you draw two of them so if I draw these two here there are enemies in the room and there is treasure number two in the room other things that I could have drawn would be a surprise event which would be specific to the room that I’m in there could be a trap or there could be doors now the doors are important because if you don’t have any doors you actually have to reveal another tile and put things in there but for the sake of this playthrough here I’m not gonna add anything because you only really need one room to demonstrate so what I’m gonna do is I am just going to assume that it was enemies number five and a trap were the two things that I found now before I do that let me show you what you would do had you pulled one of these so for treasure number two what I would do is I take this and I would put it somewhere in the room and I do that by using these two dice you’ll see this room is a six one two three four five six by eight one two three four five six seven eight and so I roll them both and for my reference this is one one right here and you’ll see I got a four and a five so I would count up five one two three four five and over four one two three four and so right there is where that treasure would go at any time one of my characters walks over the treasure I would get whatever happens to be inside when I would go to the mission guide and I would take a look and see what treasure number to it and in this case treasure number two is two dollars and orange juice and so what I would do is I would collect two dollars now this prototype did not come with any dollars because you use those in between missions and then I would go to the items deck here and I would simply go through until I found my orange juice and what that does there is it would allow me to roll a dark yellow dye and gain hit points to self or an adjacent family member this is actually Type O the orange juice restores what are called family points and I’ll talk about that in a minute that’s something that will clearly be fixed for the final version now but for the moment I’m going to put that aside and as I said they could also have gotten this special encounter so for that I would flip that over and immediately I would resolve it and I look I’m in room 3 a and I go to my story guide and I would look here and it would tell me that a drawer opens and its contents slowly rise to large steel serving spoons spin through the air towards a family draw to target tokens that indicate who are attacked by the possessed silverware one of the targets players choices saves the last second byte unseen force the other family member is hit and gains bleed one and light-headed one and those are two status effects and I’m not gonna get into what those do what you can probably get a decent idea now it also mentioned targeting tokens and I will explain that in just one minute now the next thing is my trap and I place the trap out there just like you would a treasure chest so I take my dice I roll my dice and I got a one and A six one two three four five six and so there is a trap right there next to the wall and traps are set off only if you get pushed into them the conceit in the game is that there’s a big ol rat trap on the ground you can step around it if you’re stepping into it but if you could pushed into it or you trip into it it will go off now the real core of the game is of course the combat so I take my bad guy token here number five and each token each mission has different bad guys that you might wind up facing number five is rabid ferrets times two and rolling-pin lady times one so very simple I go and I grab my rolling pin lady here and I would place her I roll my dice and I have four four and then I take my two rabid ferrets here and both of these would be on the same standee number so I put it here and I take both my rabbit ferrets and I will place them and the next thing that you do is you get the bad guy cards for those two enemies and we look through there’s guard dogs and there’s cousin Eustace Bennett’s it’s a better Lackey but those aren’t the ones that we’re facing we’re facing the rolling pin lady and the rabid ferrets now let’s look at the anatomy of their cards over here this is their offensive values that means if they are attacking they’re rolling a blue dye a light green dye it says turquoise dice but the turquoise guys have all been changed to light blue dice and a light yellow dye they can move for they have an agility of one and then you look down here and you see their special abilities if when they attack they roll two little diamond symbols they do a Bop on the head which is another one damage and a stun of one up here it tells you their defensive die which is a dark brown dye here it tells you that she has eight hit points she’s worth six experience and if you take her out you will get two bucks and then over here we have our rabid ferrets they have a blue die and they roll a light blue died not a turquoise died on their attack they have this piercing bite each hit the explosion means hit they succeed gets one damage ignoring a targis defense and agility and other things there and then over here to hit points for two XP no bucks the agility that I’ve been talking about that’s how many hits you need to get on your dice to actually hit them so if their majority of one you need to roll one success if they have an agility of three you have to roll three successes pretty simple the only other thing here is this beastly weapon that means eat the ferrets have it some sort of beastly weapon and the rolling pin lady has a human ish weapon so let me put those two down and you would go to your weapon Dec and you shuffle it up and I’ll draw a beastly weapon for my ferrets and my ferrets happen to have eye-watering stank breath and what this will tell us is that they’re actually going to be attacking at a range and they add a green dye to their attack and just so you kind of get an idea some of the other things that they could have they could have a foaming mouth which gives another green dye and gives them some extra abilities down there and I’ll just give that to them for the moment it doesn’t really matter and my rolling pin lady gets one of these Shuman ish weapons and for the for her we have a or rusted butcher knife which will give her an additional light blue dye and it means biz if she gets two successes a character will bleed for one and that goes there on her then the next thing that you do is you give them their health and I apologize I made a mistake when I put both of the ferrets on number one they should have different numbers because that is how you track how much damage each one happens to have and hopefully I have put that ferret back in the right place now that we are engaged in combat let’s talk about how that works when you’re in combat you are able to do two actions period and you cannot do the same action twice and there are for the most part for things that you can do you can either prepare to fight take one of your actions which means you can go into an offensive stance or defensive stance and what that means is you track that over here and if you are in an offensive stance you would put your token up one here and I’m not doing it because I’m holding it which means you would get one more light blue dye on your attack or a defensive stance which means you would get one more tan dye on your first attack you can move and that as I’ve already told you is up to your speed value you can attack or you can use one of your family abilities and each family member starts with their own ability Maddox here can create fireworks and in order to do that he uses one family point and the scenario guide tells you how many family points you start without health you start with Bill is over protective which means he can use one family point and give people some extra defense Joan she’s the nurse of life she can’t do a little bit of healing on people and I cost one family point and then Adeline is the teen rager which means she can use one family point and do some extra damage now I mentioned earlier there are the targeting tokens and what those are these tokens here and each one has a different family member on them and each monster would select one at random so I’ll just grab randomly here and my first ferret he wants to go after Bill and so I’d put that next to that one’s health there so I know that’s who is preferred target is second ferret wants to go after a Volyn and the rolling pin lady wants to go after Maddox and now we are ready to start the fight at the very beginning of the fight and only the first round of the fight each family member can make one action and usually what you do is you wind up going into an offensive or defensive stance solely based on whether or not you think that you are going to be attacked and you know who each monsters trying to get to let’s just say for sake of argument gonna run in and she’s gonna try to hit this bear this ferret number two which is trying to bite her daughter Evelyn and we would go and look at Jones character board and you can see that Joan has a speed of five it takes one hit to actually hit her when she fights she gets a light green dye for defense she gets a tan die and then the last thing is at the beginning of the scenario you get told what each character’s strength and accuracy is and so you take one of these tokens here and you put it on top and so Jones starts with a strength of 2 which means she gets a dark yellow die and if she’s doing a ranged attack see as an accuracy of two which means it’s a dark yellow die and then the next thing that you look at is what is her weapon and so for sake of argument we will say that Joan is using the broken plastic snow shovel which means she gets a green die so that means for everyone paying attention at home is she gets a light green dye for just being her she gets a dark yellow dye cuz she has a strength of – she gets a green dye because she’s using a snow shovel and we will assume that she had entered an offensive stance that makes she will get another light green dye so that means her attack would be all of this right here and let’s talk about the anatomy of these dice the strength dice and the accuracy dice that’s actually how much damage you’re going to do and you’ll see that this dark yellow dye has ones – 0 & 3 on it and then these other dice are your hits the exploding here that’s a hit diamonds are how you activate special abilities and each one is different and in general the darker the color the better the dye so that would be that pool and then I would look at what I’m attacking and I’m attacking this ferret and I look it has 8 and I for its defense and so I would grab 8 and I and the anatomy of these dice are if you roll this one it will immediately switch its target and it’ll switches target whoever’s attacking it so it’s no longer and try to run away and get to a Volyn it would try to take on Joan this one here lets you ignore one damage and this one here lets you dodge one hit so if you have an agility of 1 and you roll this then you in effect have an agility of 2 and the person attacking you has to roll two hits in order to hit you now that was a lot of chatter just for me to show you how this works so as I said Jones gonna move one two three four and staying right in front of it and she’s going to attack so I’ve gathered my dice pool here which represents my offensive dice and the ferrets defensive diet and I take it and I roll now unfortunately for me I did not do anything because I missed however had I rolled that I would have gotten one success which is exactly what I need to hit and I would have done two damage to the ferret and it would have been killed had I rolled this then I would have missed because this basically increases the agility by one but perhaps I rolled that so then I would still hit for to damage and I would get to activate the ability on the snow shovel what you’ll see is wounded too so I could wound the creature for two and I’d go and check out what that does I made a mistake here and I’d missed that the snow shovel has reach so I could have attacked from one space over and that would actually that 2 damage would kill this ferret so I would take it off and I would put this token on Joan’s car to represent a trophy at the end of the game every single character would then get the experience and use experience at the end of the mission so everyone get to experience for that kill but because Joan actually made the killing blow she would get an extra to experience and like any other dungeon crawler you use experience in between to get stronger gain better abilities and so on now the other thing that I need to tell you about is what happens if you get to attack someone in the back and so I will set Joan up there and let’s say that a rolling-pin lady who was over here and attacking poor Maddox there and it came to Joan’s turn no I’ve already said that because of her setup and I’ll show you again she gets a green die for her snow shovel she has a light green die because she’s awesome and she gets a dark yellow die as her strength die and we take a look at our bad guy here and we’ll see that she has a dark brown dies her defensive die so that means that my dice pool for this attack would normally be this however because I’m attacking from directly behind I get to upgrade my streak die so instead of using this dark yellow die I get to use a light orange die instead which you’ll see is just a little bit stronger so I would take that and I would roll those dice and you would see that I would switch targets and I did nothing because I missed and did not get any hits and so you get the idea of how combat works if you’ve played a lot of dungeon crawls you are pretty familiar with this to me this is the most similar to the way combat works in descent whereas you get two different dice pools there’s the chance that you just completely miss and your pool varies dramatically based on the gear you have what you’re fighting and so on and so forth as you play through the game though it’s not just go to a room open and see what’s there if I open the room see what’s there fight you’re going through various different objectives and what you’ll see here is I’ll show you the first one objective number one find the door to the basement during the drawing phase draw the locked door tile and that is one of these will have a symbol of a locked door and this isn’t it but it’s pretty clear and so once you’ve found that tile then you go to the next part during the spawning phase on the map tile for which the token was drawn ad lock door stand e to a wall without a doorway and so that lets you not wind up get yourself trapped there’s always a suddenly another door and that’s gonna let you continue on then you complete the spawning phase or fighting phase if applicable so you do whatever happens next and once you’ve done that you flip it over and then you get to the very next part of the objective and it tells you what happens sometimes there might be combat there you might find treasure who knows and then you discard this and you read objective 2 which is another card and so what that does it kind of mixes up what’s going on just a little bit now again that was a super super super super fast rundown of how combat works and I apologize I almost almost forgot that when you destroy all of the creatures spawned so if I destroy both air ferrets you get something from the drop deck and that’s your own little deck of cards here and each thing or various things you could find do I find more bucks you might find lutes you might find in this case chocolates you found two chocolate bars distribute to family members as you choose one recovers one family point one recover one health now as I said that was a super super fast explanation of how this game works because it is a dungeon crawler and I just wanted to kind of give you the idea of the combat system now what do I like about this game first off I like that as a dungeon crawler obviously but secondly I really like the artwork I think it’s just so evocative it’s so cool it has that 90s vibe I don’t know how many of you were alive in the 90s but this is pretty 90s here it has this creepy horror feel to it and I really enjoy that I also really enjoy that Dustin has put a ton of time into his story there is a lot a lot of story to it now I’ve already shown you you have just for the first mission you have these five different objective cards each one has story on it each one sends you on to the mission guide for another blurb of story there’s a blurb of story at the beginning and even beyond that and even more than that you have this whole explanation of what’s going on to start I mean like I said it is a lot of story and you even have this little additional news article to kind of help set the scene you’ll see this happens in 1989 which is before our story takes place again our story takes place in October in 1993 so I just love how much Dustin’s put into the story it is so in-depth it is so detailed it’s just lovely even down to some of the flavor text on the cards you know this what happened to your dog well it’s a ferret but you know just fun little things that kind of set the mood set the tone of the game so I really enjoy all that I’ll also say as far as the story goes I really like that these are not heroes they’re not warriors this is a different kind of game and you feel like that as you’re starting to play in the first mission you’re missing about as often as you hit now you’re not missing for the most part so much that it’s frustrating you want to flip the table but you’re missing enough so you feel like no these are just normal people that are out there trying to do something extraordinary and they’re going to have to grow as the game goes on I really like that I also am totally in love with the way you equip your characters to start the game and I mentioned it before and I said the wrong thing but you started with a up to a hundred and twenty seconds so quickly you could find any of these things for 15 seconds there’s stuff stored away it takes you 30 seconds and you can only take two you have like the cricket bat and the knife or the baseball bat you have stuff in the candy drawer little pick-me-ups stuff from the fridge stuff you can grab on the way out the door and then also stuff that you’re just going to kind of pick up as you go I think that is so flavor so thematic if you can’t tell I really really love the story and the thought and the care that went into that I also like the way the exploration works I like that there’s not a predetermined map so you’re not sitting there trying to build the map and it kind of takes forever rather it just tells you which map tokens that you might need for the quest you’re on you take them you shuffle them up boom you draw it you find it and you go and with that I really enjoy these tiles here I love that every single room is not a fight and I can’t express that enough because that can really make a dungeon crawler bog down instead you might find something good in there maybe you get lucky and you just find two treasures maybe there’s some traps in there which is kind of add to this wow that’s really creepy they got huge rat traps here nothing else so I like that again that’s very cool now moving on to the core of the game is the combat and I’m putting this squarely in the middle of I like it and well on these little work and I’m doing that because while I enjoy there are a lot of people that like simpler dice and this is not a simple game of dice combat and I say that because let me show you just what came with the prototype that is a lot of dice it is a lot of different colors and every time you’re fighting you are going to be doing a lot of looking at character Borge and say okay wait Joan okay she has this die and right now this is how strong she is so she gets that color strength die and oh wait wait wait in my inner stance oh yes I’m gonna stand so I get another die there okay hold on wait let me double check I got to check my weapon okay my weapon oh there it is okay I get a green die for that and oh wait oh my gosh I’m directly behind the thing oh I can move directly behind it so that means I don’t have a dark yellow die that means I’m gonna have an orange die and wait now I got to go check and I got to check the bad guy was a bad guy have the Bekaa has this one has a brown die and then you check wait do they have some kind of equipment that’s gonna give them a defensive bonus okay no this one does it and then you’re going there and you’re gathering you’re getting all of these dice and it’s great and it’s exciting and you’re finally ready to do your attack and you have all the dice and you go and you roll it and you didn’t roll any hits and as I said it’s thematic and it’s fun but for some people that might be eternal so for me the combat is squarely in the middle I enjoy it I think it’s thematic and fun but it can be frustrating if you have a really bad luck because in theory you could just miss miss miss miss miss and just stand there bogged down for an hour now moving into some of the things that are things to think about the first thing that is something that needs to really that you need to think about is this game takes up a lot of space let me just show you how many tiles in the first quest there are so all of these could come up and when I played I actually got all of them there’s that one there’s another hallway there’s a bathroom there’s a den there’s a little nasty living room there’s a basement there’s a little study with some stairs going up there’s a gross bedroom as a sitting room and all of these tiles take up a bunch of space but on top of that you have to play all four characters and these are large tiles and Maddox has this bonus tile that goes with it now I will say right now Dustin’s already told me that these are going to shrink for the production version of it but even if they do shrink it’s still going to take up a lot of table space so that is something to think about something to keep in mind and then looking at the next thing that I’ll say is there is a lot going on with this and game there are a lot of tokens and so it can get a little bit fiddly now for those of us that like a crunchy dungeon crawler that’s okay but it’s something to think about so here we have health tokens family points all these different strengths that are gonna be changing for your stances and your accuracy and your strengths you have all of those you saw just a few of the map tiles and the room expiration tokens but we got all of those and all these are gonna be out there too you have all these different conditions you got Maddux’s fireworks you got the targeting tokens you’ve got these four decks of cards up here that you’re always gonna be dealing with you have all attack dice that you’re dealing with and they’ll probably be less than this in the end the production cover but that’s a lot of dice there you got your your monster placement dice so it’s a lot of stuff it’s a lot of cool stuff there’s a lot of fun stuff but it is a lot and it’s not going to fit easily on what my friend Bernie Lin from Dead Alive games calls a human sized table you need a big table to play this now the last thing that I’m going to comment on is as the game is produced right now the game is not color friendly as you can so you have all these different colors and Dustin has told me that this is something they are that they are going to change so Sooners colorblind can easily play the game but even to the point I’m not colorblind and the first time I played I did not realize the difference between these two dice turquoise and light blue and I was using turquoise dice which are the worst offensive dice in the game instead of light blue dice which are actually pretty significant and it made the first time I played I was hitting maybe 10 20 percent of the time I was attacking and I was extremely frustrated I sent Dustin the message it’s like what is going on I can’t hit anything and I showed him a picture of the dice I was using and he told me you’re using turquoise dice you don’t aren’t supposed to use those any times this turquoise dye use a light green dye and it says light blue you use the other one when I made that shift the game picked up now again I’m gonna reiterate Dustin’s that he is fixing that that will not be a problem and so but I have to talk about what is this that I have in front of me and I haven’t seen what the fix is going to be so there you have it folks that that is the ghost betwixt it is a fantastic story it is a fresh feeling take on a dungeon Carl I have not played a dungeon crawler that is themed like this before and I love it I love the family focus and I have to point out here that this family is diverse and it’s a family that and Dustin talked to me about it that yes this is a family that has adopted some children and I think that is awesome and as you read through the story they’re never referred to as their adopted kids they are their children and I think that is just a beautiful wonderful thing and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate that that’s something that Dustin has put into the game I think if you like dungeon crawlers looking for something that’s not another fantasy theme this is your game if you like dungeon crawlers where the combat and the dice is actually its own little little minigame because maybe you don’t quite beat the agility but oh wait you have this thing that you can play that you can add or you’re going to look at the combat and you’re gonna stop waiting oh if I put myself in the right stance I’m gonna get a bonus die and if I move to this position I’ll be able to get a stronger damaged eye and it’s its own little mini game and that’s really fun and really attractive you if you like that kind of thing this is your game if you just like a really cool art this is your game and so there’s just so very much to like about it and the things that I look at as things that can be improved upon most of them are easily to fix and are going to be fixed and I say that this has a lot of tokens a lot of things there but you’re also talking to a guy that has a copy of gloom Haven upstairs which has 57 bazillion pieces so if you put it in perspective towards something like that that’s really not that much and then the last thing I’ll say I’ve gotten to know Dustin a little bit through messenger and email I did an interview with him about how this game came to be and he is just a lovely human being this is a fun medium heavy dungeon crawler with a unique theme as always if I made any mistakes in the gameplay and you are familiar with it please let me know with a timestamp so I can make sure to get the Klingons subtitle in there as quickly as I can if there’s anything that you think I could have done better please let me know in the comments and I’ll do my very best in the future to make that happen this game is going to be coming back to Kickstarter around Halloween so do keep your eye out and again I did not do any kind of playthrough I just gave you an idea of how the combat works you can go and check out a full playthrough of the first mission at meet me at the table at Barents channel it’s a really good play through gives you a really complete picture of how the in place as always thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful wonderful day

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