♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
– “The Impossible Quiz 2.”
– I didn’t know they made a sequel.
– Oh my god. Again?
It’s very frustrating to play.
– If this was The Impossible Quiz 1,
I’d be all over this.
I can do The Impossible Quiz 1.
I’ve never done The Impossible Quiz 2.
– We’re gonna be here for a while,
’cause I’m playing until we win.
– “Go go go.” Where’s my mouse?
(buzzer sounds)
– “Where does the general
keep his armies?”
– “In the bin.”
I have four more tries. Here we go.
(tsks) That was not correct.
Of course, the last one I picked.
– This could mean an actual army,
or this could mean his arms
as in his arms. I’m gonna
go “up his sleeve.”
– “Up his sleeves”?
– “Up his sleevies.”
(snickers) It’s the trolliest quiz ever.
– “Which of the following
do you need to build a green house?”
– “Bricks, paint, glass, vodka.”
Definitely vodka.
Well, that seemed like
the right answer to me.
– “Glass,” a greenhouse.
– “Bricks.”
It has to be paint then.
Okay, wait? What, now, what?
That’s so dumb!
– I’m gonna guess “vodka.”
Okay. “Paint.”
– Do they mean a– okay,
’cause there’s a space.
“Greenhouse” is just one word,
and then “green house.”
Okay, “paint.”
Oh, okay.
– “Which is the largest?”
– I’ll go with the galaxy.
– It’s obviously the galaxy.
But knowing this, it’s
the stupid answer. Okay.
I’m just gonna go for
the smart one for once.
There we go.
– They’re thinking of
the candy bar. “Galaxy.”
Mars is bigger than the Earth, I think.
(screeching, crashing)
Okay. “Up his sleeves.”
Has to be “Earth.” I still
don’t know why it’s the Earth.
– Might be font size,
and Earth is the biggest font.
Oh, I’m–
Yes! I knew it!
– “Earth”? “Milky Way”?
It is not– okay, I don’t get that pun.
– “What is this?”
“Can can, happy tin,
Christmas spirit, American.”
I don’t know.
“Christmas spirit.” “Can can”?
Nope. All right, here we go.
– “A merry can.” Oh.
I’m gonna go for
“Christmas spirit,” though.
He’s wearing a Santa hat.
That was quick.
Okay. I feel like this
is gonna go on forever.
– I’m gonna go with “happy tin.” Okay.
– The silliest pun would be “American.”
– “A merry can.”
– “Frank says, press C.”
I don’t trust Frank.
Can I click somewhere?
No, okay. I’m gonna trust you, Frank.
(taps key)
Okay. “Press A.”
– Now we have some
keyboard stuff going on.
– “Carrot.”
(cymbals clash)
– I’m scared right now.
(cymbals clash)
– “Press A.”
“R.” “S.” “E.”
– Is that– that was it? Okay.
– “How many letters in this sentence?”
– This is the obvious choice right here.
How many are in here? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
…27, 28.
Okay, but does the question mark count?
No, it’s not a letter. Okay. So tw–
– …26, 27, 28.
29? Does that count?
What? Oh no.
– I don’t want to count.
I’m just gonna say 29, 28.
Shit. Dang.
Oh, how many lives
are there? There’s a lot.
Why not?
Okay, eight, I guess.
– “Sentence” has eight letters.
I’ll go for that first.
– “Use the right key.”
– Do I right-click?
Is it like a right-angle key?
No. [Bleep] shit.
I died. I don’t know
what the right key is.
– No.
Okay, okay. Let’s do this again.
It’s really annoying, and I wish
there were checkpoints.
– The yellow one. It matches him.
Never mind.
– Golden one? Nope.
– Okay, where am I supposed to click?
I clicked all of the keys.
“Use the right key.”
Oh, like a key on a keyboard.
Enter. Shift.
Wait, that was left.
Okay. That took me too long.
– “Use the right key.”
Son of a bitch!
It was literally the right key,
like the arrow pointing to the right.
– Is it like–
(scoffs) Okay.
(chuckling) I really
didn’t miss this game.
– “Where does the Great
Wall of China start?”
– “Hull,” “the Ch–“
I don’t know what “hull” is.
Okay. “Over there.” Nope, it’s not that.
– Not “10 letters in.”
“Over there.”
“The Chinese border”?
Is it “10 letters in”? Of course it is.
– I think it’s also a letter thing,
so I’m just gonna count them.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
“10 letters in.”
(scoffs in amusement)
– “Evolve.”
(record scratch)
(metallic ding)
A skip.
(record scratch)
(metallic ding)
– Okay. I got a skip.
– I’m supposed to click
on my thing, but I’m scared.
Okay. Okay.
– Do I just keep clicking it?
– Am I splitting him?
Oh man. This is inhumane.
– Click it! He’s evolving!
It’s a tadpole! He’s so cute!
(ding, gunshot)
Oh no! No-ho-ho! I was clicking too fast!
– Uh-huh. Okay.
I don’t get what happened there.
– “What happens if you
P-P-P pick up a penguin?”
I like this answer.
Apparently they didn’t.
“Penguin goo.”
– “It pecks your face off.”
That’s what all birds do.
– Does it do nothing?
No. (snickers) Okay.
– Don’t tell me it’s one
of the keyboard things.
(tapping key)
– I chose all of the answers.
– I’m just thinking if this
is a trick question,
but I don’t know what it could be.
– So it’s none of these answers.
Oh. Okay, so this is clickable
for some reason.
Oh, you find– oh,
you pick up the “penguin.”
There we go.
– Oh. Oh.
Gosh, should have seen this.
– Oh my god.
“You find the answer. Go.”
– Got to be smarter than
the game! Come on!
– “Put the mouse on here.”
It’s gonna make me go somewhere.
Okay. “Don’t touch the blue.”
– “And don’t try to cheat.”
I don’t know if I touched it
or if I had to do something else.
Did I touch it? I touched it.
(bangs table) Mm!
– “Put the mouse here.”
Son of a–
You gotta go slow. The sensitivity.
– These games stress me out.
I think these were on Club Penguin.
– Oh shoot.
I shouldn’t have cheated.
Okay, I’m gonna do this the right way.
– Seems simple enough.
– Holy crap. This is not
much room for mistakes.
(key and lock click)
(relieved) Okay.
I didn’t breathe during that time.
(key and lock click)
– All right.
(key and lock click)
– Is it bad that that was
the most exciting part of my week?
– “Answer this question upside-down.”
– I’m gonna say “K.”
I’m gonna go with a random one then.
– The second answer doesn’t make sense,
’cause it’s not all upside-down.
– Okay.
“Fine.” Okay.
– I just want to hit “fine.” (chuckles)
Oh, well, it is, ’cause
the question is upside-down.
So it’s “fine.”
– I have to do it the normal way,
because it’s upside-down for the question.
That one was stupid.
– “What do Germans
water their gardens with?”
– Definitely “urine.”
– “Urine”?
No, okay. That was too challenging.
– I want to go “urine.”
Is it– I feel like it’s this one.
Knew it.
– “Lederhosen.”
All right.
– “Lederhosen.”
I don’t know what that is.
– I’m not sure what to do with this one.
– Oh god, I have no idea
what’s going on here.
Okay. Blue, green, and pink are clickable.
– How do you even figure this level out?
(gasps) There’s words.
Is this– what is this?
– What the? Oh, you got to move it.
You got to form letters.
What the heck?
– This looks like ancient
dwelling paintings.
– What do– what? How am
I supposed to get anywhere with this?
I don’t even have any skips either,
so I’m not sure what to do with this one.
– Please don’t tell me this
is supposed to spell out something
and I’m supposed to figure it out.
– It’s got to be one that it fits into.
Or I’m just completely doing this wrong.
Ooh, it made something. I see.
– “Number”?
I have to make a message.
– “Click question…”
– “Click the question number twice.”
– “Click the number.”
– “What is God?”
“A large man with a really nice beard.”
“A backwards dog,” ’cause G-O-D, D-O-G?
– “A backwards dog.”
– “A backwards dog.”
(ding, gunshot)
Oh wait, no. That was accidental. Oh!
“What is the name of
The Impossible Quiz cat?”
Who knows?
– I like this name, “Sedgewick.”
I didn’t know The
Impossible Quiz had a cat.
– “Corporal Arse,” ’cause
originally they made me spell “arse.”
NO! Dang it, it’s not!
– I think I’m gonna go with “Glenn.”
I only have one life left.
Nope. It’s not Glenn.
I’m starting to get a little annoyed.
– “Sedgewick”?
“Corporal arse.” “Glenn.”
Is it Chris?
Who would name a cat Chris?
– Just gonna– just gonna skip that one.
– Chris?
– “Chris”?
Chris Brown. Oh my gosh.
I’m supposed to–
Was I supposed to pop the brown one?
– What do you want from me?
Okay. I see now.
– Brown.
(ding, gunshot)
What the f– I didn’t double-click that!
(ding, gunshot)
Okay, I was just supposed
to go over it, not click on it.
“What is Spider-Man’s favorite
food?” Oh, I like this one.
Spider-Man represent.
– “Fly sandwiches,” ’cause he’s a spider?
– I’m gonna assume
it has to do with flies,
’cause he shoots webs
and spiders eat flies?
That was a stupid one.
– I’m gonna guess “fly–”
but it’s probably wrong,
’cause it’s too obvious.
Oh, no, it’s not.
– “What is this?”
A bomb-blaster, a purple bastard,
a fusestopper, one of those.
– I’m gonna go with “purple bastard.”
(sighs deeply) Okay.
– I don’t know.
No, it’s not that. All right.
– It is one of those.
No, it’s not. Shoot.
– “One of those.”
No, it was not one of those.
“Purple bastard.”
– It’s not this one.
I think it’s “bomb-blaster.”
Oh, it’s not?
– Oh. Wait.
What am I supposed to do?
What? What am I supposed to do?
(zits squishing)
Ew. Ew! Ew! Ew!
(zits squishing)
– Pop his pimples!
– I don’t like these, because
I have to be super quick.
I’m not gonna make it.
– Oh my god, pop all his pimples.
Oh my god, that’s disgusting.
– Oh, this is disgusting.
Why are we doing this?
(screeching, crashing)
This game, man.
That’s the way this game works,
is you get less careful as it goes on.
(key and lock click)
I got to pop pimples.
(zits squishing)
(wicked laughter)
He’s a fusestopper! Click him!
(fusestopper shrieks)
– Yes!! Yes!
(zits squishing)
(kissy sound)
– You’re welcome.
(zits squishing)
(kissy sound)
– (whispers) Okay.
That scared me. It was ticking down.
– I hate that my first instinct
was to pop his pimples.
– “How many questions does
the very first Impossible Quiz have?”
I feel like I should know this.
Was it not 110?
– I think it’s like 110.
[Bleep]. 46 million.
It was like 100 or 110.
Let’s just do 46 mill–
I’m not giving up.
– I’ll say 100.
Okay, I’m gonna say 30.
It’s 30.
– 30? No, it didn’t.
– It wasn’t– okay.
– 30? What is this crap?
– “What is candy floss made out of?”
I honestly don’t know.
I didn’t even know
candy floss was a thing.
– Here’s where I die: question 22.
(unfazed) Okay.
I am done. No more.
– “Sugar”?
“Cotton.” Okay.
– Let’s go. “Up his sleevies.” “Paint.”
“Earth.” “Chris–“
Oh. Dang it! “American.”
(zits squishing)
Pop… those… pimples.
Let’s… go.
(fusestopper laughs wickedly)
I found a secret one.
I said “cotton” last time.
Let’s go with sugar.
Dang it.
– Candy floss is cotton candy, so…
Of course not.
– I did “cotton” and “sugar,” so “fluff.”
Pink clouds, okay.
It has to be this one.
Why is it “pink clouds”?!
– “Win.” Oh. As O or as X?
(tapping keys)
I want to figure it out,
because I want to save my skip for later.
– Oh, do I got to move
an X down or something? “Win.”
Okay. Hit X. Hit O.
– Nothing’s clickable.
Oh, no. Wait. I think–
Okay, there we go. Okay.
– Oh! This there.
Screw you, game!
– Oh, the number. Okay.
There we go.
– “Which of the following can
be found ♪ under the sea?” ♪
– Crabs, obviously.
But that’s not the answer,
so I shouldn’t click it.
Maybe? Maybe?
Yeah, too obvious.
No. (snickers)
It’s not “nipples.” It’s not “crabs.”
So it’s either “space” or “China.”
– Wait, “under the sea.”
Space under the sea.
– Space?
It’s under the– okay. The word, I guess.
– Oh! I only have one life!
Yes! I was right!
– “When is a door not a door?”
“When it’s a pig, when it’s a knob,
when it’s a jar, when it’s a cheesecake.”
– (sighs deeply)
– Maybe if I click the knob one,
then it’ll be a door or something.
I should’ve used my skip.
– “When it’s a jar.”
‘Cause you can see
through a jar? I don’t know.
– “When it’s a jar.”
I don’t get that.
– “When it’s a jar”?
“When it’s ajar”!
Oh my! How could I be so stupid?
– “When it’s ajar,” like it’s–
oh. When it’s open.
– “A flock of seagulls
approach you. What do you do?”
– “Punch their tiny kidneys.”
A lot of times, I just go with the answer
that makes me laugh the most.
And it doesn’t work.
– I would try the kidneys,
’cause it’s ridiculous.
Okay. Maybe that.
– Okay.
– “You run.”
“Quick, press one.”
One, one, one, one.
(groans in disappointment)
“Quick, press one.”
– Green.
I give up. Can I click
“give up”? I give up.
♪ (theme music) ♪
Shut up, game.
– “Quick, press one”? (stammers)
– “Press one!” One.
– “Press one”?
I’m just expecting to pick
something like that.
– “What is this?” This is–
Oh man, my geography sucks.
– (gruffly) “This is Sparta!”
– (Spartan) THIS IS SPARTA!
– (laughs) Yes.
– “This is Sparta.”
– (Spartan) THIS IS SPARTA!
♪ (epic music) ♪
– Oh shoot, search, search.
No, no. Okay.
No. Oh my gosh, this is annoying.
– Search for what? Search for what?
(erratically) Search for what?!
All right, let’s go, team.
I believe in us.
This is my last round.
I’m being extra careful.
(exhales sharply) I feel like a surgeon,
or I’m playing Operation.
All right, “search.”
Okay, what do I got to search for?
Don’t search for that one.
That’s lamé. Very lamé.
Eff this game, man.
(water pouring)
– Aah.
What am I looking for?
I have no idea what just happened.
I’m just really not looking forward
to popping that guy’s
pimples for the fourth time.
No, I don’t want to do this again!
– (sighs deeply)
– (Spartan) THIS IS SPARTA!
– Okay.
(loud belch)
I don’t know what I’m looking for.
Okay. I’m fine with that. I give up.
(record scratch)
I’m done.
(water pouring)
– Ooh. A diamond.
– Search. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god.
– “How many holes in a rolo?”
Oh my god, this is a bomb.
Four… two…
Hold up. Four, two, three, one.
(groans) [Bleep].
Oh my god. I hate the sound
when the bomb goes off. I’m done.
– I don’t know. Two?
No, three.
Yeah. Oh, four.
One. I’m so screwed.
I’m so screwed. I’m gonna skip for now.
Wow, that was like
a last-second skip right there.
You see that? (chuckles)
“How do you get two whales in a car?”
“One in the front, one in the back.”
Yeah, it’s not that one.
Uh, it was…one?
What was it?
Yeah, zero.
Now I know it at least.
“How do you get two whales in a car?”
Uh, I did that one, I think.
“Drive down the M4.”
“Pick nose.”
Oh, pick.
“The answer looks like
a pair of bare arses.”
This guy’s British, right? ‘Cause
we don’t say that in America.
I think walnuts do.
I don’t remember her forehead
looking like that. “Norway”?
No, it’s not Norway.
Why would it be Norway?
“Up his sleevies,” “paint.”
Wow, I get–
I got a different one this time.
Since the game knows.
It’s like, “It’s your last one.
I’m gonna try to screw you over
as much as possible.”
It wasn’t “walnuts.” It wasn’t
“Norway.” So it’s either this.
Oh. Ha-ha. Okay.
“Press this to kill you
before the bomb does”?
Why would I want to kill me? Okay.
“How do you play darts with a baby?”
“Very carefully, you don’t,
aim for the face.”
“Why did the Mexican
throw his wife off a cliff?”
Uh, “tequila,” like
“to kill her.” “Tequila.”
“You require one elephant.” One elephant.
Uh… do I draw one?
Oh, I remember this one
from the other one.
(elephant trumpets and splats)
“Mash-O-Meter.” Oh, (frantically) oh, oh.
(mashing keys rapidly)
Come on, come on, come on!
(breathes heavily) Okay, that was close.
Oh man.
“You’re invisible now”? Oh my god.
♪ (happy pop music) ♪
That is ridiculous! Are you serious?
Can I cheat?
Here I go.
Oh, why’d I click? I’m such an idiot.
I should’ve click the skip
on that one. Dang it.
39. Aw, I didn’t get to 40.
– (FBE) So what did you think
of The Impossible Quiz 2?
– Frustrating. Very, very frustrating.
– Really worked up.
I debated flipping the table.
– I know I didn’t get as far
as last time, but it’s okay.
I don’t really– I’m not gonna
beat myself up for it.
– It was fun at the start, and then
it became super annoying.
And I will not play it ever again.
– Thanks for watching
this episode of Gaming
on the React channel.
– How far did you get in
The Impossible Quiz 2?
Let us know in the comments.
– Subscribe. New Gaming
episodes every Sunday.
– All right, that’s it! I am
never playing this again!
Never, never ever. Nope, nope. Never.
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  1. it was american because A-MERRY-CAN and it said green house not greenhouse and the earth is the biggest because of the fount size those were the ones I understood

  2. They didn't understand any of the questions because it's a British game and it's funny watching them because I'm British myself 😂🇬🇧

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