oh hey guys I won the lottery what is this? where I am? but didnt I won the lottery to this new episode of the heaven show
today we are with Tessie hot cheese a woman that got killed when she won the
lottery on her local village we heard that you won the lottery and that cue
and also then the three is like the three of the day yeah it’s kind of a
tradition I don’t know they thank you like everyone that get the value oh so
it does why do you think it’s okay yeah my husband I have to forget they believe
in you in the contest so I got chosen oh that makes more sense now but what
could we give that against for you not to boost happily let’s break it oh man where am I mmm you already heaven
to your right is your ex-wife unto your left he’s God that’s good our first question for you bill is what
does it lottery means too many places have creditors for me this is doing the
tradition and that is very that is a very complete and my second question
movie you did you have something to do with your wife thing nothing I guess she
was like what for a doctor I know so why does pass he says you ripped up the
contest and may her dwindle it adultery of death I don’t know what she said and
now it’s the trouble mrs. Thomas so I would win the lottery and what do
you think that bill does ourselves like do you think it not notice you I
too towards me do you think I can like receive your hearts you cut from your
mail and the people you organize the consciousness and your friends this is
get me sir it’s good can you tell me some more details about what bill I’m
sorry my guy but you’re against the rules you
have to talk and with the truth because God will be helping you with the wrong
things I think you should be you know your bad
guys heaven and nothing bad no you don’t know stop I can show you one I can show
you I think we didn’t give him enough time to answer why he did it
God please send him back what are we here again I think we didn’t
give you time enough to injure the person so this is exaggerating she’s
just a dealing printed paper I wanted and that’s right excuse I mean I tried
society and this time thank you very sexy distance and I’ve been drunk a kill
that is true but that is not an excuse I thought I did but the rotary Senate
tradition thank you can you do anything about it
you cannot change with all your to answer is are barely wrong unfortunately
I think you both should go to hell what do you leave about you or remove
both of you you won’t need to go to hell yes
bye-bye one minute all right nice so thank you for watching
or tonight we’ll have a show and see you next time

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